Tower of Babel Korean Drama Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Tower of Babel Korean Drama Episode 1, Woo-Hyuk wants to catch Chairman Tae, so he is close to his daughter Yoo-Ra. But Chairman Tae has the accident and passes out. He sees his daughter-in-law Jung-Won tearing up. He wipes the beautiful woman’s tears and kisses her. But it’s seen by her husband Min-Ho.

Tower of Babel Korean Drama Recap: Episode 1

Tower of Babel

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Tower of Babel Korean Drama Episode 1.

A group of securities are patrolling the building, and finds out the door isn’t closed. So they goes to close it, but a man rushes from inside. They enter the room, and one of the securities touches, and someone dies.

7 days ago.

The man sits in the train, and the old man informs him that the seat is for elderly. But the man tells him to bug off because he paid for his fare, and gets up to fight with the old man.

The guy Woo-Hyuk stops the man as he cannot sleep because of him, and treats him with blood. So the man hits him, and Woo-Hyuk thinks it’s mutual assault. So he beats the man until people stop him.

The man cries in the police station, and claims he is the victim. But the polices tells him that it’s mutual if they throw punches at each other. Another police doesn’t want to see Woo-Hyuk, but bows to him as he is a prosecutor.

Woo-Hyuk needs some rest, so the police asks his colleague to get the blanket for Woo-Hyuk. The colleague takes Woo-Hyuk into the jail, and threatens the culprits not to make noise.

The next day, Woo-Hyuk wakes up in the police station, and the polices treat him like their chief. He even gets the socks from from Team Leader Jang’s drawer. Team Leader Jang cannot stands it, and goes to get his socks back. Woo-Hyuk explains that he lives in a monthly rent place, but Team Leader Jang has a car. He lets the polices judge who is more pitiful, and one of the polices thinks Woo-Hyuk wins.

Woo-Hyuk adds that he is hungry, and wants to eat sundae stew. But nobody replies him. Reporter Yoon rushes in and thinks Woo-Hyuk slept in the police station, and offers the A case to him. Team Leader Jang tells Reporter Yoon that Woo-Hyuk was a reporter, and he never worked his mouth. Woo-Hyuk thinks Reporter Yoon mets a wrong trainer Reporter Go, and asks her to treat the polices the sundae stew. But Reporter Go stops them from bullying the girl.

Reporter Go gives a photo to Woo-Hyuk in the restaurant, and shares that the person didn’t show up over 30 years. But Woo-Hyuk points out that the guy drifted to Hawaii chased by the gambling debt, so he’ll grasp onto a rotten rope in desperation. But Reporter Go doubts Ricky’s evidence can catch Chairman Tae. Woo-Hyuk thinks he can know it when he sees Ricky.

Jung-Won is lost when cooking food. Her friend walks in and reminds her the food is burnt. The woman thinks Piperade suffers a lot at the wrong place, and it’ll be better even if she makes it with her feet. So Jung-Won takes her friend’s foot, and is intention to cook it. They fights with the flour, and Jung-Won takes off her ring when her friend goes to wash herself.

The employee disagrees Min-Ho to be the president when he knows nothing about the business, but another employee is envious that Min-Ho lives with top actress Jung-Won. The girls think Min-Ho is handsome when he gets in the elevator.

He is confident and tell them to speak it loudly. He walks in his office and holds the meeting. Soo-Ho doesn’t like to see Min-Ho gets promoted, and wants to rest in his office for a while. But the secretary thinks Chairman Tae might visit Soo-Ho, but Soo-Ho yells at him and tells him not to let everyone in.

Yoo-Ra walks in the office and throws the paper on the table. She blames her colleagues for turning the witness into a culprit to make the client innocent, and announces to drop the case. But the man reminds her that the trial is in five days, and their client’d be totally shit. Yoo-Ra points out it is his third sex crime, but he has never been punished.

She calls Woo-Hyuk and asks to have dinner with her family. He agrees and stares at Chairman Tae’s photo. Chief Prosecutor walks in and asks Woo-Hyuk how much money he got from Geosan Group to be the team leader of the law team. He thinks he will be sucked dry and be thrown away. But Woo-Hyuk explains that he will go and pave the road for Chief Prosecutor. Chief Prosecutor smiles.

The female Prosecutor is upset about Woo-Hyuk’s quitting when she is bugging. The male Prosecutor claims that he told her not to develop feelings for him because Woo-Hyuk is like a wind. His subordinate says, “If your feelings can be controlled than it’s not feeling.”

The boy Seung Cheol hits Hyun-Sook by mistake in the hall, and his mother scolds him. But Hyun-Sook doesn’t mind and wants to buy the kid an ice cream when touching his face. The waitress tells the mom that she will get the ice cream to the kid if they wait in the lobby, and reveals the lady is the wife of Chairman Tae.

When Hyun-Sook gets in the room, her son Soo-Ho takes off her coat for her. She tells him not to show his disappointment. But he asks her if he needs to get her instruction on his facial expression, and swears to end it. She slaps him and asks him to get his head straight. She says that she will help him get the company, and asks him to hold it in.

Woo-Hyuk joins them with Yoo-Ra, and Soo-Ho blames his sister for bringing anyone to the family gathering. Yoo-Ra explains that Woo-Hyuk is a prominent prosecutor, and hints that Soo-Ho is a crap. Soo-Ho threatens to attack her with the fork. Hyun-Sook stops her son and thinks Yoo-Ra gets her father’s permission. She asks about Young-Eun, so Soo-Ho texts his wife and asks for her whereabouts. Young-Eun thinks he is stupid.

Min-Ho walks Chairman Tae in the lobby, and Jung-Won greets her father-in-law. He thinks she is especially prettier, and asks her if she is happy that her husband became the president. She smiles and grabs Chairman Tae’s hand.

Min-Ho walks Chairman Tae in the cell, and recognizes Woo-Hyuk. Min-Ho notices his wife doesn’t wear ring when they sit. Woo-Hyuk gets a call from Ricky, and explains to Chairman Tae that it’s from the office. When he is in the restroom, Ricky says that he will see him in 10 hours.

Woo-Hyuk returns the seat, Soo-Ho places his fork on the table and questions Chairman Tae why Min-Ho gets promoted. Chairman Tae puts the steak into Soo-Ho’s mouth, and blames him for messing up the company. He asks him to eat all of them, but Soo-Ho vomits when the steak is too big. Chairman Tae repeats his order, but Yoo-Ra reminds his father that they have a guest.

Chairman Tae asks everyone to get out, except Woo-Hyuk. Hyun-Sook leaves her son, and asks Min-Ho if he is feeling better. Min-Ho is silent. Yoo-Ra tells Jung-Won to comfort Min-Ho. Chairman Tae tells Woo-Hyuk that he doesn’t like his eyes’ glare, and thinks it’s an animal’s glare. He questions him the reason to become a Geosan’s lawyer. Woo-Hyuk explains that he wants to get power to make him not lose to anyone. Chairman Tae points out that Woo-Hyuk will come in under his shadow. But Woo-Hyuk claims he will create the way just like him.

Chairman Tae laughs and thinks his daughter taking after him so she has a good eye for people. He asks Woo-Hyuk to revise his will.

Woo-Hyuk walks to Driver Kim, and asks him to get off the work. He reminds him that it’s his daughter’s birthday, and gives him the letter with cashes. He asks Jung-Won to find the ring and puts it on when they’re in the car. He congratulates her for being the president’s wife, but thanks her with anger.

Jung-Won walks Woo-Hyuk at street and asks about his father. He says that he was warm, and reveals he passed away. Yoo-Ra feels sorry and asks what he said. Woo-Hyuk reveals he said only about business. He thinks it was like them.

Woo-Hyuk picks up Ricky at the airport, and wants to shake hands. But Ricky asks Woo-Hyuk to take his luggage, and wants to eat Kimchi stew. He thinks Woo-Hyuk’s walking style takes after his father, and he feels like he went back to 30 years ago.

When Woo-Hyuk gets a call from Reporter Go, Ricky is kidnapped. So Woo-Hyuk drives to chase the kidnapper, but gets hit by a truck. When he gets off his car with blood on his head, the kidnapper takes away the luggage.

Reporter Go visits Woo-Hyuk in the hospital, and complains that he hasn’t finished his loan payment on the car. He suspects Chairman Tae did it, but Woo-Hyuk thinks he would get rid of him if Woo-Hyuk knew it. He asks to distribute Ricky’s pictures.

Ricky wakes up in the room, and kidnapper asks for evidence which can catch Chairman Tae. But Ricky rejects his offer. So the kidnapper is intention to get rid of Ricky. The woman walks to Ricky when he asks him who is his boss.

Jung-Won adds water into vacuum flask, and puts the vacuum flask into her bag. Chairman Tae is furious when he knows Soo-Ho didn’t return home last night. He blames his wife for overprotecting his son. Min-Ho explains that his brother treated the buyer last night. But he mocks at his stepmother before he gets in the car with Chairman Tae.

Young-Eun thinks Jung-Won is luck to live with a considerate, but she glares at her. The captain has dry eyes, so he drops the medicine into his eye when they’re in the helicopter. Min-Ho thinks it’s pretty windy, but Chairman Tae thinks his son is the man of small caliber. They get in the helicopter, and Min-Ho takes out the vacuum flask and asks his father to drink the tea when Chairman Tae is cough.

Jung-Won’s friend gets the wine to Jung-Won, and plays the music of the magic flute by Mozart. But Jung-Won pauses it when she hears the song. Chairman Tae shares the tea to captain when his throat isn’t comfortable. But captain passes out after drinking it, and makes the helicopter fall into the sea. Woo-Hyuk sees the news and knows Chairman Tae is under the operation.

Soo-Ho is sleeping with his mistress in the house, and someone keeps ringing the bell. The mistress opens the door, and Young-Eun pours water to her husband. Soo-Ho wakes up and sees his wife. She tells him that his father and brother-in-law got an accident, and yells, “The helicopter cashed down.”

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Woo-Hyuk wants to see Chairman Tae, but the security blocks him. Yoo-Ra shows up and asks him to follow her. Hyun-Sook passes out when she is informed that Min-Ho isn’t impossible to survive. Hyun-Sook lies in bed and tells Jung-Won that Min-Ho will survive. But she laughs after Jung-Won left. She asks Hyeon-Cheol to summon the board members, even if he thinks Min-Ho might be alive.

Young-Eun gets a call from her father, and reveals Chairman Tae is still in the middle of surgery. Her father laughs and thinks Soo-Ho will be the heir to succeed. Soo-Ho thinks it’s a dog-like family, but Young-Eun mocks at her husband that he manages composing his face well. The doctor steps out and reveals a fractured rib penetrated the liver, so they operated removing 40% of the liver.

Yoo-Ra is in tears and asks Chairman Tae to open his eyes when he is sent out. Woo-Hyuk remembers he said the same words to his father when he died. He tells Yoo-Ra that her father will wake up for everyone’s sake.

The Chief Prosecutor tells Woo-Hyuk that he is to take charge of the helicoptor case, and Woo-Hyuk visits the bodies, asking the forensic service to determine the cause of death. When Hyun-Sook is going to attend the meeting, Min-Ho walks in. She asks him how he is alive, he laughs and reveals it’s not the first time he has returned from the dead.

Jung-Won is surprised to see his husband, and tears up on the stairs. Woo-Hyuk wipes her tears and kisses her. Min-Ho sees their kissing.

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