The World of the Married: Episode 1 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Korean Drama The World of the Married: Episode 1. Sun-Woo hangs the family photo on the wall, and thinks her family is perfect. Her husband Tae-Oh returns home in wet, and the couple has a happy night.

The World of the Married: Episode 1 Recap & Review

The World of the Married: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Korean Drama The World of the Married: Episode 1.

The next day, Sun-Woo finds a lipstick in Tae-Oh’s pocket. He explains that he bought one for himself because planes are so dry.

The son Joon-Young complains to Tae-Oh that Sun-Woo is getting him a math tutor. Sun-Woo tells his son not to control Tae-Oh.

Sun-Woo hugs Tae-Oh and asks him if she looks old. He thinks she get prettier as she ages. Tae-Oh wears his scarf for Sun-Woo and worries that she will catch a cold. He gives her a kiss. The World of the Married: Episode 1 is pretty good.

Sun-Woo arrives at the hospital and sees a police car parking outside. So she asks Myung-Sook about it. Myung-Sook reveals Gang-Seok strangled someone at a bar.

The World of the Married: The Perfect Family

Sun-Woo tells the police that Gang-Seok just gave the person the best first aid, and they misunderstood him. The police leaves.

Sun-Woo thinks they should do something to Gang-Seok otherwise he will he will bring bigger trouble. Myung-Sook guesses Tae-Oh’s back as she sees the oxytocin in Sun-Woo’s body.

Sun-Woo finds a hair on the scarf Tae-Oh gave her, and Hyun-Seo asks for sleeping pills. But Sun-Woo rejects it as it’s against her ethics.

Sun-Woo picks up Joon-Young, and she runs into Tae-Oh’s secretary Mi-Yun who tells her that Tae-Oh always leaves work at 5pm. The World of the Married: Episode 1 is worth of watching.

Tae-Oh returns home and messes up the kitchen when he eats the ribs. Sun-Woo has to clean the the kitchen, and she knows that Mi-Yun drank with her husband.

Sun-Woo brings the braised short ribs to Ye-Rim, and asks about her hair color. Ye-Rim reveals many women dyed the Miss Korea hair like her, and she takes out the lipstick. Sun-Woo recognizes the lipstick.

Je-Hyuk returns home and thinks he doesn’t have a competent wife like Tae-Oh, but Ye-Rim talks back that Tae-Oh’s very considerate to women. Je-Hyuk agrees that Tae-Oh’s good at wooing women.

Sun-Woo returns home and sees a message from Tae-Oh that someone asks to meet him again at the the restaurant Huiwon. She tells it to Myung-Sook, but Myung-Sook tells Sun-Woo not to be oversensitive.

The World of the Married: The Husband Looks Suspicious

Sun-Woo tracks Tae-Oh and arrives at the hospital where his mom lives. The mother-in-law is surprised to see Sun-Woo, and Sun-Woo goes out to put the flowers in water.

Tae-Oh tells Sun-Woo that his mother gets worse so that he visits her each day. Sun-Woo tears up and thinks she shouldn’t suspect her husband. But the nurse tells Sun-Woo that Tae-Oh didn’t come at all since the Lunar New Year.

Joon-Young tells Sun-Woo that No-Eul’s mom Mi-Yun has a boyfriend, and thinks he’d feel betrayed and angry if it happened to him. Tae-Oh tells Sun-Woo that he is going to attend an exhibition, and she wants to attend it as well as she got invited. The World of the Married: Episode 1 is amazing.

The two arrive at the exhibition. Tae-Oh tells Sun-Woo not to make any mistake in front of Byeong-Kyu, and he wants to repay her for all the hard work she’ve done.

Tae-Oh greets the president Byeong-Kyu, but Byeong-Kyu ignores Tae-Oh. Sun-Woo greets Byeong-Kyu, and Hyo-Jung tells Byeong-Kyu that she was the doctor who helped her. Sun-Woo catches the chance to introduce Tae-Oh as her husband.

The World of the Married: the Rival in Love shows up.

Hyo-Jung thinks Sun-Woo’s husband is very handsome, and Sun-Woo sees the wine Tae-Oh brought home in the party. Hyo-Jung introduces her daughter Da-Kyung to Sun-Woo.

Hyo-Jung tells Sun-Woo that she wants to be her friend, and Sun-Woo invites Hyo-Jung and her husband to Tae-Oh birthday party.

Sun-Woo sees Hyun-Seo and feels sorry for not helping her. Hyun-Seo explains that the person who bullied is her boyfriend, and Sun-Woo reveals that she is scared because her husband is cheating on her.

Hyun-Seo tells Sun-Woo to find the evidence and kicks Tae-Oh out. But Sun-Woo doesn’t want to get Joon-Young involved. Hyun-Seo thinks Sun-Woo is no different from her even if she is so successful. The World of the Married: Episode 1 makes me tear up.

Sun-Woo promises to give the prescription to Hyun-Seo so that she can buy the sleeping pills. Hyun-Seo follows Tae-Oh and sees him hugging a woman, but she cannot see the woman’s face. Hyun-Seo reports it to Sun-Woo, and Sun-Woo tears up when she sees the birthday cake his son designed for them.

Sun-Woo picks up Joon-Young, and she gives the prescription to Hyun-Seo. Hyun-Seo tells Sun-Woo to check Tae-Oh’s trunk, and Sun-Woo recognizes the car Byeong-Kyu drives from the photo Hyun-Seo sent to her.

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Sun-Woo asks Tae-Oh for the car key, and she lies to take photo with the camera. Sun-Woo finds a phone in the trunk, and a woman’s photo is pop up. It’s Hyo-Jung’s daughter Da-Kyung. Sun-Woo finds out that her friends betrayed her, and she laughs in tears. She hides a scissors on her back and she walks to Tae-Oh. She stares at him.

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