Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix K-Drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 8. Min-Chae watches Yi-Jin’s covering. She feels happy that he took Hee-Do’s side. Jae-Kyung hears what Min-Chae said. She asks her about it. It startles her.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 8 Recap

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 8.

Min-Chae tells Jae-Kyung that she knows she was sad when she covered Hee-Do’s gold medal case. Jae-Kyung laughs. She tells Min-Chae that she felt regret for what she did. She touches her hair, telling her that she loves her.

Hee-Do hears Yi-Jin confesses his feelings to another girl from the recorder. She takes a look at him and she walks to the restroom. She washes her face. He shows up behind her and startles her. But he tells her that the restroom belongs to men. She walks out of the restroom.

Yi-Jin stops Hee-Do and hands over the handkerchief to her. She wipes her face with the handkerchief. She thanks him for helping her. But she worries that he will get hurt. Seung-Wan locks up the rooftop shed. She goes downstairs with Ji-Woong. He tells her that there’s a ghost in the restroom. He grabs her arm when he irradiates his face with the flashlight.

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Seung-Wan takes off Ji-Woong’s hand. She tells him that his story doesn’t work for her. He takes a look at his watch, reminding her that it’s midnight. She screams to run. He follows her. Yi-Jin sees the two running to him. He holds Hee-Do’s hand.

Hee-Do goes to the library to check the photo album. She tries to find out who is the girl Yi-Jin loved. But the girl face is covered by her hair. Hee-Do is upset when she thinks about Yi-Jin confessing his feelings to the girl. She turns off the light and goes to the bed to sleep when Jae-Kyung opens the door. Jae-Kyung takes a look at Hee-Do. She leaves.

Yi-Jin repays the man. The man tells Yi-Jin to be happy. Yi-Jin brings the beef to Yu-Rim’s mother. She slaps his arm, thinking he shouldn’t buy them such an expensive food. Yu-Rim shows up. She tells her mom that she doesn’t want to see Yi-Jin. But she smiles after he threw the candy to her.

Yu-Rim tells Yi-Jin that she complained to the referee because she thought she was faster than Hee-Do. But she didn’t expect that her fans attacked Hee-Do. She adds that she didn’t want to see that. He reminds her that she’s a star now. He reveals he’s going to move back to Seung-Wan’s house.

Seung-Wan gets angry after knowing her mom allowed Yi-Jin to move back. She tells Ji-Woong to ask Yu-Rim out because people are talking about they living together. But he worries that he will get rejected. She complains about the moving.

Hee-Do hands over the breads to Ji-Woong and Seung-Wan. She tells them to return the wrappers to her after they eat them. Ji-Woong thinks Hee-Do wants to get the stickers. Seung-Wan doesn’t believe it until she finds the sticker from the wrapper.

Seung-Wan wants to flee from Yi-Jin’s moving day. But Hee-Do wants to help Yi-Jin. Seung-Wan agrees to her plan. Seung-Wan welcomes Yi-Jin with a gift when he visits. He learns that she and Ji-Woong don’t want to help him after he saw Hee-Do.

Yu-Rim shows up. She tells Ji-Woong that she came to help Yi-Jin. Hee-Do finds Yi-Jin and the girl’s love photo when she helps him move. Seung-Wan takes a look at the photo. She thinks the girl is Da-Eun. But Yu-Rim points out that the girl is Yi-Jin’s another girlfriend.

Hee-Do walks out of the house, seeing Yi-Jin talking with the old ladies. She thinks he’s welcomed by women. She’s furious to walk away. Jae-Kyung runs into Jung-Hyuk who tells her that he sent Yi-Jin to another city because he’s a troublemaker.

Hee-Do asks Yu-Rim to hand over the scissors to her. But Yu-Rim ignores Hee-Do and goes to help Seung-Wan. Seung-Wan tells one of them to leave the room. Ji-Woong plays the arm strength machine. But he finds out that he cannot handle it.

Hee-Do takes the arm strength machine away from Ji-Woong. She shows her strength to him, proving she’s an athlete. But she blushes when she sees Yi-Jin. She cannot control her strength. The arm strength machine flies to the window, breaking it.

Yi-Jin yells at Hee-Do. He tells her that he didn’t ask her for a help. She apologizes to him and she wants to clean the floor. But he stops her and carries her aside. Ji-Woong asks Yi-Jin to carry him like he did to Hee-Do. But Yi-Jin ignores Ji-Woong.

Seung-Wan’s mother shows up. She’s shocked when she sees the broken window. Seung-Wan tells Yi-Jin that the window is going to get fixed. But he sighs when he sees the beauty on the window. She explains that the paper was the only one she can find.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 8 Ending

Hee-Do buys the yellow rose from the flower shop. Yu-Rim holds the yellow rose to wait for her friend at the park with Yi-Jin. She spots Hee-Do taking the yellow rose to look for someone. She rushes to Yi-Jin, giving the yellow rose to him. She runs away.

Hee-Do sees Yi-Jin holding the yellow rose. She’s shocked. She walks to him and tells him that she wants to get him.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 8 stars Kim Tae-Ri, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Bona, Choi Hyun-Wook and Lee Joo-Myoung.

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