Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix K-Drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 7. Hee-Do places the gift on the table. She tells Min-Chae to open it, revealing it was given by her father. Min-Chae opens the gift and finds the ballet dress.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 7 Recap

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 7.

Min-Chae blames Hee-Do for not telling her father that she doesn’t want to do ballet. But Hee-Do thinks Min-Chae should tell it to her father in person. Min-Chae helps Hee-Do paint. Hee-Do praises Min-Chae for her learning. Min-Chae complains that she’s not good at ballet no matter how she tried hard on it. Hee-Do tells Min-Chae not to give up ballet if she likes it very much. She reveals the tip was taught by her father.

It flashes back. Hee-Do’s father takes Hee-Do to the gym to find something she likes. He tells her the tip when she holds the sword. She wears the helmet. The coach leaves after he taught Hee-Do fencing. Hee-Do wants to do fencing after she returns to Korea. Hee-Do’s father agrees to it. He tells her that she will get the gold medal if she tries hard on it.

Hee-Do brings the gold medal to her father, asking him to watch her fencing game with her. He promises it but he passes away. Hee-Do stars at her father’s photo at the funeral. Hee-Do’s grandmother cries to hug Hee-Do. Hee-Do is defeated by the player. The coach tells Hee-Do to give up. She rejects it.

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Hee-Do breaks Yu-Rim’s sword. Jung-Hyuk thinks Yu-Rim’s confidence was ruined. Hee-Do smiles after she defeated Yu-Rim. But Yu-Rim thinks she’s the winner. She argues with the referee. Yi-Jin interviews Hee-Do. She thinks her father would happy if he saw it.

Hee-Do shows up at the news conference. But she’s questioned by the reporters. She leaves the gold medal on the table. She walks away. Yu-Rim finds Hee-Do in the room. She tells her that she was faster than her. But Hee-Do thinks Yu-Rim stole her gold medal.

Hee-Do walks on the street. She finds out that she left her phone at the pharmacy. She calls the pharmacy and finds out that the one who talks with her is Yi-Jin. He finds her and tells her that running away cannot resolve the problem.

Hee-Do takes back her phone and walks away. Yi-Jin follows her and thinks she’s a victim even if the referee’s decision was a bad call. She turns around and tells him that it wasn’t a bad call. She takes out the sword from her bag. She walks to him and hands over the sword to him.

Hee-Do tells Yi-Jin that she’s faster than Yu-Rim. She asks him to go to explain it to people. But she doesn’t want to get back with him. She tries to take the swords to walk away. But he stops her and mentions she owed him a wish. He tells her to go back with him.

Yi-Jin finds the referee from the hotel. He asks him to go to explain it for Hee-Do. But the referee rejects it and he takes the cab to leave. The coach scolds Hee-Do and Yu-Rim for bringing the trouble. He tells them that they’re going to get punished for what they did.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 7 Ending

Hee-Do walks into the roof shed. She lies on the floor when she listens to Yi-Jin’s tape. But the guard locks the door from outside. Hee-Do calls Yi-Jin. He mistakes that she wants to thank him for helping her. But she tells him that she got locked from the roof shed.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Episode 7 stars Kim Tae-Ri, Nam Joo-Hyuk and Bona.

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