Twinkling Watermelon K-Drama: Episode 14 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Twinkling Watermelon K-Drama: Episode 14. Eun-Gyeol and Eun-Yu learn that they’re each other’s helpers. Yi-Chan shows up. He sees their phones. They conceal their phone. Yi-Chan tries to take a look at Eun-Gyeol’s phone.

Twinkling Watermelon: Episode 14 Recap

Twinkling Watermelon

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Twinkling Watermelon K-Drama: Episode 14.

But Eun-Gyeol takes Eun-Yu to get off the train. Yi-Chan yells at the two. The band members see the two running. The train leaves. Eun-Gyeol and Eun-Yu know each other’s identity. Yi-Chan calls Eun-Gyeol. He tells him to wait for him.

Eun-Yu learns that Eun-Gyeol hit on her mother. She asks him why he did so to her mother. Ma-Joo tells Yi-Chan to cheer up when he walks him. But Yi-Chan gets angry when he sees the boys hitting on Chung-A. Eun-Gyeol confesses to Eun-Gyeol that he helped Yi-Chan and Chung-A get together because she came back.

He mentions she was nice to Yi-Chan suddenly. He thinks he won’t be born if she chose Yi-Chan. He wonders why she acted to be her mother. She reveals she did it because he told her that Yi-Chan is her mother’s first love. She thought she won’t born if her mother marries Yi-Chan.

Yi-Chan arrives at the house. He talks with someone over the phone. He asks him to go to pick up Eun-Gyeol and Eun-Yu. Eun-Yu doesn’t believe that Yi-Chan is Eun-Gyeol’s father because Yi-Chan can sing. Eun-Gyeol reveals the accident caused his father to be a deaf. He adds that he stopped the accident.

Eun-Yu thinks she’s related to Eun-Gyeol. Choi Hyun comes to pick them up. Eun-Yu thinks Choi Hyun knows her because he called her name. But he denies it. He gives her and Eun-Gyeol a ride. He keeps looking at her when he drives.

He takes them to the house. He avoids Eun-Yu’s eyes when she turns around. Eun-Yu and Eun-Gyeol walk into the house. Chung-A reports to the two that Yi-Chan is in anger. Yi-Chan takes Eun-Gyeol to leave the house. Eun-Yu explains to the band members that Eun-Gyeol got off the train for noodles.

Chung-A gets angry because she mistakes that her boyfriend still has feelings for Eun-Yu. She leaves the house. Eun-Yu feels sorry for Eun-Gyeol’s mother. Yi-Chan finds the phone from Eun-Gyeol’s pocket. Eun-Gyeol tells a lie to his father that it’s just a voice recorder.

He sings a song when he uses the recorder. They run into the house. They find out that Eun-Yu came up with a song. Eun-Gyeol covers Eun-Yu’s mouth before she sings. He takes her to leave the house. She’s excited when she thinks about that she’s going to sing a future song. She asks him to chase her.

Si-Guk asks Chung-A to bike with him. But she rejects it. She goes to look for Yi-Chan. She runs into him who carries a cat. He hands over the cat to her. She laughs after she found out that the cat has a mole on his face just like him.

She tells Yi-Chan that his voice is very beautiful. She tries to leave. He stops her and he kisses her. He returns to the house. He begins to write song. Eun-Yu takes a look at Chung-A’s drawing. She finds out that she’s good at drawing.

She reveals she learned sign language from her deaf friend. She thinks Eun-Gyeol is more handsome than her friend. She wonders if the boys can write the song within one night. She takes a look at them. Eun-Gyeol wakes up. He finds out that Yi-Chan didn’t sleep last night. Yi-Chan gives the song he just wrote to Eun-Gyeol.

Twinkling Watermelon: Episode 14 Ending Explained

Episode 14 of Twinkling Watermelon ends with Ma-Joo revealing Choi Hyun had a baby with the actress A-Young. Eun-Yu visits Choi Hyun. She tells him that she wishes to know her mother A-Young. She walks on the street. She leaves a message to Eun-Gyeol. She tells him that she misses her mother.

Eun-Gyeol finds Eun-Yu at the restaurant. He tells her that he’s going to take her to enjoy his grandma’s food. He reaches out his hand to her. She leaves the restaurant with him. She learns that he took his mother to his grandma’s place.

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He asks her what happened to her. She thinks it’s nothing. She’s envy of him because he lives with all of his family. But he points out that his brother isn’t there. He tells his brother’s name to her. She’s shocked because his brother was the one who taught her sign language. She reveals his father’s accident doesn’t happen when Yi-Chan smiles to show up.

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