Way Back Into Love: Episode 6 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Way Back Into Love: Episode 6. Lu Jia tells Shan Ni that she doesn’t want to go. Shan Ni wants to take revenge, but she is told that the person is Jia Xiu. She asks her what he did to her.

Way Back Into Love: Episode 6 Recap & Review

Way Back Into Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Way Back Into Love: Episode 6.

Lu Jia wonders why the people rise their lives for Jia Xiu. Shan Ni hints Lu Jia that it’s because of money. Lu Jia asks when Woya is going to grow up since Jia Xiu gave up the big project intimate tree. She asks Shan Ni if they created the project for love.

Shan Ni tells Lu Jia that intimate tree project was just played out, and they don’t expect it to earn money. But she asks how to earn money with it. Lu Jia gives the business proposal to Shan Ni, but Shan Ni cannot understand it.

Lu Jia tells Shan Ni that they’re going to be rich. Shan Ni decides to help Lu Jia, and tells her to feed the cat first. She tells her that she has to take care of the cat if she wants to convince Jia Xiu. Lu Jia asks Shan Ni how they can make Jia Xiu agree to make money with intimate tree.

Shan Ni tells Lu Jia that Jia Xiu is just with good memories, so he can remember it if they make mistakes. She tells her that the boss is a nice guy, and he gives the spaces to employees. Intimate tree came out from it. Lu Jia points out that it’s not against money.

Shan Ni reveals Wang Di stepped into intimate tree. Lu Jia offers to get Wang Di to persuade Jia Xiu. But Shan Ni rejects it and thinks they can only rely on themselves. She tells her to be soft to deal with Jia Xiu.

Lu Jia tells herself that she can do it, and she walks in the room and tells Jia Xiu that she came to pick him up. But she sees Ang Yang who is packing stuff for Jia Xiu.

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