Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 2. Hei Fengxi tries to feed Bai Fengxi the medicine. But she rejects it because she doesn’t need him to pretend to care for her. It makes him think that she fears bitterness.

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

Who Rules The World

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 2.

Bai Fengxi visits Yan Yingzhou’s grave. She promises to complete the task he asked her to do. Hei Fengxi shows up. He asks Bai Fengxi if she’s going to guard the grave there. She tells him not to pretend to be a good guy. She adds that she knows what she did in Xuan Mountain.

Hei Fengxi learns that he cannot cover the secret from Hei Fengxi. She tells him that she knows he’s a bad guy. But she doesn’t expect that he saw Yan Yingzhou dying without saving him. She tries to leave. But he stops her. He tells her that she needs to go to Han family for the medicine to cure her poison. He thinks she will know Ji Prince’s avarice killed Yan Yingzhou.

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The killers sneak into Han family. They kill the people. Bai Fengxi runs into the guys who want to take revenge Han family. They tell her that they knew she killed all of people of Han family and burned their house. She tells them that the case wasn’t related to her. But they don’t believe what she said. They pull out their swords.

Hei Fengxi shows up. He tells the guys that Bai Fengxi has stayed with her. Bai Fengxi tells the guys to give her some days to look into it. They leave. Bai Fengxi asks Hei Fengxi why he followed her. He claims that he just wants to get an answer.

Hei Fengxi finds out that there’s no survivor after he checked the dead bodies. He thinks the killers wanted to kill all of people in Han family. Bai Fengxi points out that the bad thing was done by Duanhun Sect. She believes that they did it for the medicine.

Bai Fengxi asks Hei Fengxi is he saw the dead body of a kid. He thinks what she meant is the young son of Han family Han Pu. He denies. She thinks Han Xuanling concealed his son. She tells Hei Fengxi to look for the boy with her.

Who is the Survivor in Han Family?

Bai Fengxi finds Han Pu from the secret room. But he’s startled to tell her to stay away from him. She stuns him before he flees. Hei Fengxi picks up the medical book. He hands over the book to Bai Fengxi. But she thinks he came to Fan family for the book.

Hei Fengxi tells Bai Fengxi that the men of Duanhun Sect will come to see her if she tells them that she has the medical book. But he worries that she will be hurt. She tells him that she doesn’t need his help. She carries Han Pu away.

Han Pu wakes up. Bai Fengxi brings the porridge to him. But he doesn’t intend to drink it. She comforts him that Hei Fengxi buried his families. She adds that she’s going to protect him. Han Pu takes over the porridge from Bai Fengxi. He drinks it after he tested the porridge with the needle.

Bai Fengxi tells Han Pu that she will look into the case of Han family. She remembers what Hei Fengxi said that she will find Duanhun Sect if she sends the message to the world. But she doesn’t want to make Han Pu get pain.

Why the Killers Attack Hei Fengxi?

Hei Fengxi stops the carriage. He tells the killers to show up because he believes it’s the best chance for them. The killers show up. The chief killer tells Hei Fengxi to give the medical book to him. Hei Fengxi learns that Bai Fengxi tricks him.

Hei Fengxi refuses to give the medical book to the killers. The killers attack him. Hei Fengxi kills the killers. Zhong Li finds the stuff from the dead body of the killer. He hands the stuff over to Hei Fengxi. Hei Fengxi thinks he cannot go home. He tries to leave. Ren Chuanyu stops Hei Fengxi. He worries that he will get hurt if people find out that he’s not at the house.

Hei Fengxi comforts Ren Chuanyu that he will come back soon. He leaves. Hei Fengxi helps Han Pu fall asleep after he treated him. He blames Bai Fengxi for tricking him. But she points out that it’s his plan. He tells her to find the medicine to cure herself.

But Bai Fengxi claims that she needs to get the kid’s permission. Hei Fengxi wonders why she didn’t think so when she stole the medicine. She points out that she did it for saving people. She asks him what he found since Duanhun Sect visited him.

What Hei Fengxi Finds from the Dead Body of the Killer?

Hei Fengxi hands over the silver leaf to Bai Fengxi. He tells her that he found it from the dead body of the killer. Bai Fengxi sees the name “Shang” from the silver leaf. She wonders where it came from. Hei Fengxi leaks that the silver leaf belongs to Shang family of Yu city.

Bai Fengxi wonders why Shang family worked with Duanhun Sect. Hei Fengxi thinks they need to ask Shang family about it. Bai Fengxi eats the snack in the carriage. Hei Fengxi tells her to pour tea for him. He points out that she took Zhong Li’s seat. He adds that pouring tea is Zhong Li’s job.

Bai Fengxi pours tea for Hei Fengxi. He’s surprised that she’s good at pouring tea. He tells her to pour tea for him each day. She rejects it and tells him what he gets will be her fists. He tells her that he has feelings for Feng Xiyun. She thinks he didn’t see the beauty.

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Mr. Qi tells Hei Fengxi that he wants to buy his horse. But Hei Fengxi rejects it. Mr. Qi gets Zhao Qinghou to attack Hei Fengxi. Zhong Li fights with Zhao Qinghou. He gets defeated. Hei Fengxi tells Bai Fengxi to fight with Zhao Qinghou.

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 2 stars Zhao Lusi and Yang Yang.

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