Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 13 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 13. Go-Jin tells Soo-Young that he doesn’t lose his memories. She cries to hug him. But he pushes her away. She explains to him that she didn’t give up him. But he tells her that they’re over.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 13 Recap

Crazy Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 13.

But Soo-Young doesn’t believe that Go-Jin doesn’t have feelings for her. She asks him why he pretended not to know her. He reveals he didn’t have feelings for her when he fell for Shin-A. She tears up. Go-Jin holds the umbrella to walk in the rain. He sighs before he gets in his car.

Go-Jin gets a call from Shin-A. He asks for a meeting up. He drives to her house, telling her that he misses her. She laughs and leaks that she worried about him. She takes over the phone from him. She takes a photo of her with the phone. She returns the phone to him. She tells him to look at her photo when he misses her. He hugs her.

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Soo-Young tears up when she remembers Go-Jin told her that he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore. She tells herself that Go-Jin is still in anger. Shin-A makes the heart shape food for Go-Jin. Ok-Hee notes it. She teases Shin-A and thinks she loves Go-Jin deeply.

Ok-Hee tries to touch the food. Shin-A stops Ok-Hee. Ok-Hee is furious to walk away. Shin-A brings the breakfast to Go-Jin. He gets her to feed him the food. He tries to kiss her. Beom-Gyu breaks into the office. She sees the two kissing. Beom-Gyu leaves.

Se-Gi runs into Eun-Jeong. He texts her and asks for a meeting up. She meets him at the cafe. He gives her the paper. Shin-A gets a call from Soo-Young who asks for a meeting up. She goes to see her at the bar. Ok-Hee walks into the bar with Soo-Ho. She sees Shin-A. She’s startled to take Soo-Ho away because she worried that they will be caught by Shin-A.

Soo-Ho thinks Soo-Young is very beautiful. It makes Ok-Hee get angry. He kisses her and runs away. She chases him. Soo-Young learns that Shin-A will support her. She tells her that her first love is Go-Jin. She asks her to break up with Go-Jin.

Does Shin-A Give Up Go-Jin?

Shin-A takes a look at her ring. She remembers Soo-Young told her that Go-Jin loves her. Go-Jin goes to pick up Shin-A. But Soo-Ho tells Go-Jin that Shin-A left. He reveals his sister drank with a beauty. Shin-A goes to see Soo-Young. She tells her that she chooses to stay with Go-Jin.

Soo-Young tells Shin-A that she will give the money and the teacher position to her if she leaves Go-Jin. Shin-A rejects it. She tries to leave. Soo-Young stops Shin-A. She reminds her that she will be hurt if she chooses to be her enemy.

Soo-Young returns her office. She’s surprised to see Go-Jin. She mistakes that Shin-A told him that they had a meeting up. He tells her not to hurt Shin-A. He tries to leave. She holds his arm to keep him. She blames him for telling her that he has feelings for another woman after she protected him for many years.

Soo-Young thinks Go-Jin did it for revenge. He denies it and he tells her that he worries about Shin-A. But she points out that she’s the one who gets hurt. He thinks she will be fine. He leaves her office and runs into Secretary Jo. Secretary Jo takes a look at Go-Jin when he walks away.

Why Shin-A Takes Off Her Engagement Ring?

Go-Jin returns to his office. He sees Shin-A. He tells her that he doesn’t want to work today. He takes her to walk along the river. He notes that he took off her engagement ring. He asks her why she did that. She explains that she did that because it’s not the real engagement ring.

Shin-A takes off Go-Jin’s engagement ring as well. He asks her if she met with Soo-Young. She admits it. He asks her why she didn’t get angry after he didn’t told her about him and Soo-Young’s past. Shin-A tells Go-Jin that she wanted to give him some time to confess it to her.

Go-Jin is moved to hug Shin-A. She tells him that it’s fine because she didn’t tell him about her first love as well. She walks away. He follows her and holds her hand when he asks her who’s the guy. Michelle Lee gets bumped by Eun-Jeong. She picks up the business card. She finds out that she borrowed money from the loan shark.

Why Shin-A Doesn’t Pick Up Go-Jin’s Phone?

Eun-Jeong denies it. Michelle Lee smiles at Eun-Jeong. She tells her to tell it to her when she needs money. She tries to get in the elevator. Eun-Jeong stops Michelle Lee. She scolds her and reminds her that she’s her senior. Yang-Tae remembers what Se-Gi told him to defeat Go-Jin with him.

Yang-Tae laughs. He asks the follower if he saw Secretary Jo before. The follower denies it. Go-Jin drives Shin-A home. He wants to go to greet Soo-Ho. But she’s against it. She tells him to leave. She practices the lecture. She doesn’t pick up Go-Jin’s phone.

Go-Jin wonders why Shin-A didn’t pick up his phone. He finds out that she dozes off during the work. He mistakes that she’s seeing another guy. She denies it. So he asks for a date. But she rejects it. Soo-Ho visits Go-Jin. Go-Jin gives the clothes to Soo-Ho after he found that that he likes them.

Soo-Ho is moved to hug Go-Jin. He tells him that he trusts him. Go-Jin smiles. Shin-A remembers what Hee-Cheol said that he hid his face to do lecture when he was shy. She breaks into Ok-Hee’s room. She gets a mask from the drawer. Ok-Hee gets a call from Soo-Ho who tells her that he’s at Go-Jin’s house.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 13 Ending

Shin-A walks into Go-Jin’s office. He notes that she worries about him even if she denied it. He touches her hair to comfort her that he’s going to win. He asks her for a kiss. She smiles to kiss his cheek. She cheers him up. He walks into the meeting room.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 13 stars Kim Jae-Wook, Krystal, Ha-Joon and Yu In-Young.

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