Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 31 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 31. Feng Lanxi tells You King that he wants to bring the peace to the world because he thinks people will get benefits from it. You King takes Feng Lanxi and other young masters to the Go Room.

Does Feng Lanxi Kiss Bai Fengxi?

Who Rules The World

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 31.

Hua Chunran smiles when she sees Feng Lanxi off. You King tells the young masters that they need to play the Go Game Tai Yin and Tian Ji left. He adds that the winner will be his son-in-law. The two young masters gave up because they cannot play Go.

Huang Chao invites Feng Lanxi to play the Go with him. Feng Lanxi accepts Huang Chao’s challenge. The bodyguard brings the food to Bai Jiande. He tells him that Feng Lanxi will come to save him. Feng Jun tells the killers to pretend to be Feng Lanxi’s followers to save the people of Tianshuang Sect.

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The killers break into the jail to save the people of Tianshuang Sect. Bai Jiande tells Bai Langhua to leave first. He invites the sculptor to leave with him. But the sculptor rejects it because he worries that he will get punished by Yong King.

The follower reports to Feng Ju that Bai Jiande left the jail. Feng Ju tells the follower to inform Zhang Zhongge about it. Bai Jiande wants to leave the city. But the killer tells Bai Jiande to wait for a while. Feng Chang shows up and catches the killer.

Feng Chang tells Bai Jiande that the killer is Feng Ju’s follower. He tells him to return to the jail. Zhong Li thanks Feng Chang for help Bai Jiande. Feng Chang asks Zhong Li to send a message to Feng Lanxi that he’s waiting for him to play Go.

Mr. Jia reports to Feng Ju that the killers they sent got arrested by Feng Chang. Feng Ju decides to leave Yong City. Feng Lanxi thinks people won’t get pain if Huang Chao can understand that the world belongs people. He gives up the Go Game. He walks away. Hua Chunran is confused. You King announces that the winner is Huang Chao.

Zhang Zhongge reports to Yong King that the people of Tianshuang Sect are in the jail. Yong King wants to see what Feng Lanxi will do in You State. Feng Lanxi meets with Bai Fengxi. He tells her that the Go ended. He believes that Yong King will release Bai Jiande soon.

Feng Lanxi holds Bai Fengxi’s hand. He gets on knees to her. He confesses his feelings to her. She asks for the engagement present. He smiles to stand up, kissing her. Wu Yuyuan tells the follower that he plans to rule the world after Huang Chao gets married with Hua Chunran.

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 31 Ending

Yong King tries to Baili Empress’s palace. She asks him for staying in her palace. He points out that she got what she wanted to get. She sees him off. Bai Jiande meets with Yu Wuyuan. He’s surprised that he came to see him. He takes out the jade pendant. He asks him about it.

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 31 stars Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi.

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