Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 32 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 32. Yu Wuyuan explains to Bai Jiande that he lost the jade pendant when the thief burned his house. Bai Jiande tells Yu Wuyuan that the jade pendant is related to the death of his old friend.

Who Kills Bai Jiande?

Who Rules The World

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 32.

Bai Jiande asks Yu Wuyuan if he knows Badge Protector. He admits that he’s one of the Badge Protectors. He reveals he found the jade pendant when he looked into Xuanxi Badge. Yu Wuyuan promises to look into the case. He tells Bai Jiande to keep the jade pendant. He decides to kill Bai Jiande since he has known his secret.

Bai Jiande summons Bai Fengxi. He tells her that he decides to resign. He asks her who’s suitable for the chief of Tianshuang Sect. She recommends Bai Langhua. But he thinks Bai Langhua is too childish. She offers to let Xiu Jiurong help Bai Langhua. He agrees to her plan.

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Bai Jiande asks Bai Fengxi if she wants to return to Qing State. She reveals she wants to follow Feng Lanxi. He tells her that he treats her as his daughter. He wishes her to find her happiness. She leaves. Bai Langhua is furious to point her sword at Bai Fengxi. She thinks Bai Fengxi killed her father.

Feng Lanxi comforts Bai Langhua that he will look into her father’s death. But she thinks he killed her father with Bai Fengxi. Bai Fengxi tears up. She tells Bai Langhua that she wants to take a look at her master. But Bai Langhua thinks Bai Fengxi isn’t qualified.

The guy thinks Bai Fengxi did it for the chief position. Bai Fengxi asks Bai Langhua how she will trust her. The guy offers to let Bai Fengxi lock Hei Fengxi up. Hei Fengxi tries to take Bai Fengxi away. He fights with the guys. Bai Langhua catches the chance to stab Bai Fengxi from her back.

Hei Fengxi hugs Bai Fengxi before she falls. She tells him not to hurt those people. He carries her away. Hua Chunran takes a look at Hei Fengxi’s portrait. She thinks he didn’t want to get married with her. She tells him that she knows he wants to rule the world. She points out that only her husband can rule the world. She tells the maid to burn the portrait.

How Hei Fengxi Gets His Martial Arts?

Hei Fengxi takes Bai Fengxi to the temple. He tells her that he sent someone to look for doctors. She tells him to live well. It makes him tear up. He hugs her tightly. She passes out. He remembers the flower which was given by Tai Yin.

Hei Fengxi takes out the flower. He eats the petal. He finds out that his martial art is back. He drops the petals into the water. He drinks the petal water and feeds Bai Fengxi with his mouth. Bai Fengxi wakes up. He sees Hei Fengxi who falls asleep. She holds his hand to wake him up.

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 32 Ending

Mr. Tie is surprised that the man who sits in front of him is Hei Fengxi. He takes out the drawing. Bai Fengxi takes away the drawing. She tells Mr. Tie that the guy is actually Hei Fengxi. Hei Fengxi takes a look at the drawing. He laughs.

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 32 stars Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi.

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