Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 39 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 39. Dong Shufang walks Yu Wuyuan. He complains to him that they cannot defeat Ji Army and Yong Army. Yu Wuyuan comforts Dong Shufang that he has a plan. He shows the divinity army to him.

Why Jin Yang Invites Feng Lanxi and Huang Chao to Join the King Realm Battle?

Who Rules The World

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 39.

Yu Wuyuan tells Dong Shufang to test his divinity army. Dong Shufang lets his troops to attack the divinity army. He’s shocked that his troops were killed. He apologizes to Yu Wuyuan for misunderstanding him. Yu Wuyuan tells Dong Shufang to protect Big East Empire with him.

Yu Wuyuan tells the follower that he intends to watch Huang Chao and Feng Lanxi fight. He adds that he wants to kill Huang Chao because he knows Huang Chao won’t forgive him if he knows he betrayed him. The princess Huang Yu eavesdrops on their conversation. She runs away.

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Jing Yan invites Feng Lanxi to join the battle of King Realm. Feng Xiyun tells Feng Lanxi to be careful because Yu Wuyuan is behind Jing Yan. Fang Lanxi tells Feng Xiyun to go to King Realm when he’s fighting with Huang Chao. Huang Chao knows Feng Lanxi will fight with him in Dongdan if he goes to King Realm.

Huang Chao asks Xiao Xuekong if Huang Yu came back. Xiao Xuekong denies it. Huang Chao intends to look for his sister after he gets into King Realm. Ren Rusong reports to Feng Lanxi that the people in the city are missing. He wonders what Jing Yan wants to do. Feng Lanxi points out that it was Yu Wuyuan.

Ren Chuanyu reports to Ren Chuanyun that they’re lack of food. Ren Chuanyun tells Ren Chuanyu to send a letter to Feng Xiyun asking for food. Feng Xiyun reads the letter. She tells the general to give food to Moyu Army. Lin Ji complains that Moyu Army asked for food since they have many men to carry food.

Feng Xiyun points out that she and Feng Lanxi are families. She thinks she shouldn’t be selfish. Han Pu reports to Feng Xiyun that Dong Shufang reached Juan City. Lin Ji wants to call the two general back. Feng Xiyun rejects it because she wants to meet with Dong Shufang.

Han Pu worries about the food if they stay in Juan City. Feng Yiyun tells Han Pu that she’s going to welcome Dong Shufang because he’s her senior. She tells Lin Ji to inform Feng Lanxi about Dong Shufang’s coming. Han Pu tells Feng Xiyun that the enemies recovered very soon. He thinks they used his family’s medicine.

Feng Xiyun reveals the one who killed Han Pu’s family was Yu Wuyuan. Han Pu wants to take revenge. Feng Xiyun agrees to what he said. But she reminds him that they need to win the battle first. She wishes to get peace after the battle.

Feng Xiyun tells Han Pu that she wants to be a peasant woman. He points out that she cannot be a peasant woman because she’s very lazy. She beats him and asks him what he wants to do after the battle. He tells her that he wants to be a doctor to save people.

Feng Lanxi wonders why there’s no any message since Dong Shufang isn’t Feng Xiyun’s rival. Lin Ji shows up. He tells Feng Lanxi to go to Luoying Mountain to save Feng Xiyun. Feng Lanxi leaves the tent. Ren Rusong tells Zhong Li to go to see Huang Chao with the sincerity.

Zhong Li visits Huang Chao. He tells him that Feng Lanxi wants to deal with enemies with him. He gives the land of Dongdan to him as their sincerity. The followers reports to Huang Chao that Yong Army retreated. Huang Chao worries about the person who’s behind the divinity army. But he thinks it’s a good chance. He tells Xiao Xuekong to gather troops to go to Empire City.

The follower reports to Yu Wuyuan that Huang Chao is taking his army to come to Empire City. He thinks they’re not Huang Chao’s rival. Yu Wuyuan tells the follower to use the people in the city to deal with Huang Chao. Yu Wuyuan visits Jing Yan. He tells him that he will get the throne after Feng Lanxi and Feng Xiyun get killed.

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 39 Ending

Dong Shufang tells the archers to shoot Feng Xiyun. The bodyguards try to use their bodies to block the arrows for Feng Xiyun. Feng Xiyun stops them and tells them to fight with the enemies with her.

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama: Episode 39 stars Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi.

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