Yang Mi Gets Wet in the Rain for 9 Hours While Making “The Witness”

It’s the first time for Yang Mi to act a blind girl. In order to know the inside of the blind girl. Yang Mi does a lot of hard work including watch blind’s life and try to walk in the dark. She has to get wet in the rain for 9 hours for making a fighting scene.

Yang Mi

In “The Witness”, Yang Mi acts Lu Xiao Xing who was a cool girl studying in a cop school. She was blind after accident. The girl gets a new talent which can notice some details which is ignored by others. Because of the accident, she lost her hope and didn’t want to live in the world, even could not get rid of devil from her mind. Although Yang Mi cried, “It was too Hard!” Fortunately, she did it.

“The Witness” will be released in China October this year.

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