Plastic Surgery Family in Taiwan

A plastic surgery company revealed a family photograph regarding plastic surgery which was shot 3 years ago. On the photograph, the wife is beautiful, the husband is handsome, however their children were ugly. Apparently, the family got plastic surgeries.

Now the photograph goes viral, the mother Ye Wan Chen as a Taiwan model worries about it.

Plastic Surgery

She held a press conference blaming the Hong Kong company use the photo without her permission and asked people to stop spread her photos. She lost her job in the Japanese beauty agency. Because the agency doesn’t want a plastic surgery woman to promote their products. But she did it. They think the model is dishonesty.

I have to say, plastic surgery is widely used in most Asian countries such as Korea, Japan and China. Women love beauty, they always try their best to improve their appearances. Plastic surgery is a ideal option. However, you can not blame the Hong Kong agency, because they just stated a truth. You are dishonesty, so the Japanese agency fired you.

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