Le Coup de Foudre Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 5

This is the recap of Le Coup de Foudre Chinese Drama Episode 5, Guan Chao tells Qiao Yi that Chief Fei took care of Wei Min, and Wei Min accepted the stabbing for Chief Fei. He tells her to cherish it with her life when she meets the real friend.

Le Coup de Foudre Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 5

Le Coup de Foudre

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Le Coup de Foudre Chinese Drama Episode 5.

I have a quirk to read book when going to the toilet. Yan Mo thinks my educated place has changed from school to toilet after graduation.

Qiao Yi asks Yan Mo to set up a bookshelf in the toilet, he rejects it. She comes with an idea to be both. He guesses she wants to set up a toilet in the study. Wu Yi drinks with Qiao Yi and asks her if she asked for leave with her man. Qiao Yi says that it’s called informing, and misses the days of single.

Wu Yi agrees and wonders why she got married. Qiao Yi mentions Wu Yi went on blind date. Wu Yi says that she found the man was a fool. Qiao Yi laughs and reveals she feared that Yan Mo found out she was a fool, so she married him. Wu Yi asks Qiao Yi if Yan Mo found it or not. She says that she blackmailed successfully.


Qiao Yi stops Yan Mo and thinks he looks weird. He says that he did a brain experiment. She is relieved to leave but trips. He grabs her hand but spots student staring at him. So he lets her go. Teacher Gao asks students to get first in the Mathematical Olympiad competition. Guan Chao is surprised that Yan Mo stares at him, and thinks he fell for him.

Yan Mo asks Gao Chao how to apologize to girls. Guan Chao thinks Yan Mo did something wrong. Teacher Gao asks Yan Mo for the answer of the fifth question. Guan Chao asks Yan Mo who he is. Yan Mo says that he is one of his friend. Teach Gao asks Guan Chao for the answer of the seventh question. Guan Chao tells Teacher Gao the answer, and spots his decimal point is wrong.

Yan Mo tells Guan Chao that the girl is adorable. Guan Chao realizes that the girl is silly, and tells Yan Mo to take the girl to watch movie. He offers to ask Qiao Yi as she is such kind of girl. Yan Mo rejects it. Da Xiong plays video game with Wu Yi and wants to pick up her at the gate of school. She rejects it as Qiao Yi almost spotted them.

He asks her why she fears Qiao Yi. She says that she didn’t tell Qiao Yi about their relationship, and she fears Qiao Yi to get angry. Da Xiong is angry to leave. Miao Miao tells Wu Yi that Qiao Yi will get back luck if they stay together. Wu Yi worries about it, and Qiao Yi comforts Wu Yi that she is fine. But Qiao Yi gets hit by ball soon.

She spots Wu Yi praying her safe in the classroom with holy things. Qiao Yi is moved but thinks it’s too excessive. Wu Yi asks Qiao Yi to team up with her in the PE. But Qiao Yi says that nobody helps Miao Miao, and tells Wu Yi to team up with Fang Fang.

Wu Yi says that Qiao Yi isn’t good at lying, and she can see it when she lies, but she never gets angry.

Qiao Yi walks Miao Miao and asks her not to tell someone about it. Wu Yi shows up behind and asks who Miao Miao doesn’t want to tell. Miao Miao says that she doesn’t want to tell Wu Yi, and claims it’s a secret of She and Qiao Yi. Wu Yi asks Qiao Yi what they were talking about, and Qiao Yi wants to do homework at Wu Yi’s home.

But Wu Yi says that she needs to visit her grandmother. Qiao Yi wonders why Wu Yi always visits grandmother. Wu Yi says that she just misses grandmother. Mother tells Yan Mo to take Lord to walk over the phone, and she cannot return because she needs to replace the injured dancer. She tells him to invite his classmate to watch movie in his birthday.

He remembers Mother brought Lord to him and wanted Lord to accompany Yan Mo. But she left soon. Yan Mo wants to give the movie tickets to Qiao Yi, but Da Chuan takes them and invites Qiao Yi to watch movie. Yan Mo glares at Da Chuan, and Qiao Yi asks Yan Mo if he is sick. Yan Mo feels wronged. Qiao Yi asks Yan Mo to borrow his class notes to her. But he rejects it.

She mentions he borrowed it to her yesterday. But he tells her that today is no, and smiles. Qiao Yi says that she will be in the big trouble when Yan Mo smiles. She asks him if she offended him, he denies. Da Chuan intents to take Qiao Yi away, and tells Yan Mo not to wait for him to eat. Yan Mo rejects it and claims there is entrance guard in his house.

Da Chuan thinks it’s fine and reveals he will return to his own house. Qiao Yi leaves with him. Yan Mo almost cries out. Da Chuan feels good when watching movie with Qiao Yi. But Da Xiong puts his legs on Da Chuan’s seat. Da Chuan is furious to argue with Da Xiong. Qiao Yi is surprised that Wu Yi didn’t visit grandmother. Da Chuan puts his arm on Wu Yi’s shoulder and thinks Qiao Yi is blind. Da Chuan hits Da Xiong.

Wei Min orders the police to arrest Da Chuan and Da Xiong. Da Chuan asks Wei Ming if he can release him if he confesses. Wei Min thinks it’s possible when his dad is chief of the police station. Chief Fei appears, and Wei Min is surprised that Da Chuan calls Chief Fei dad. Qiao Yi and Wu Yi spot Da Chuan being taken away, and think he will be sent to prison.

But Wei Min tells them that the one guy was transferred into family contradiction, and another guy will released when he writes down his sin. Qiao Yi ignores Wu Yi and walks home alone. Yan Mo asks Da Chuan to get out when it’s 10 pm. Da Chuan is solicitous to get Yan Mo water, and tells him that he had a fight with Da Xiong because of Wu Yi.

Yan Mo is surprised that Da Xiong and Wu Yi stays together. Da Chuan says that Wu Yi concealed it to Qiao Yi, and Qiao Yi was upset. Yan Mo asks Lord if his kidney stone is cured, and thinks he should exercise. Qiao Yi is surprised that Yan Mo visits her with Lord. He tells her not to care because friends alway have problem.

Teacher Gao tells students to wear blue school uniforms because the leader will visit. Wu Yi is late and peeks at Qiao Yi. Miao Miao asks Qiao Yi why she didn’t talk with Wu Yi recently, and thinks they have some problems. Qiao Yi denies, and Wu Yi tells Qiao Yi that she feared that Qiao Yi didn’t like Da Xiong. Qiao Yi thought Wu Yi shouldn’t conceal her.

Wu Yi talks back that Qiao Yi concealed her with Miao Miao. Qiao Yi is furious to fight with Wu Yi, and they decide to cut off their friendship. Teacher Gao asks them to write down each other’s pros and cons. But they only want to write cons. Teacher Gao is awkward and tells them not to tell others that he is their teacher.

Guan Chao takes Qiao Yi to send food to Wei Ming. Wei Ming asks Chief Fei if he wants to eat something. Chief Fei says that he is busy, so Wei Yi throw away the written request for leave. Guan Chao tells Qiao Yi that Chief Fei took care of Wei Min, and Wei Min accepted the stabbing for Chief Fei. He tells her to cherish it with her life when she meets the real friend.

Qiao Yi wonders why she never hears about it. Guan Chao admits that he made up the story, and Wei Min’s injury is because he stole persimmon on the tree. Qiao Yi tears up Wu Yi’s cons, and begins to write down his pros. She says that Wu Yi always praises her and gives her self-confidence, and she always protects her without condition, and she always remembers her birthday.

The headmaster catches Wu Yi for wearing red school uniform and asks her where she put honor of school. Qiao Yi wears Yan Mo’s blue uniform and joins Wu Yi. Wu Yi tears up when seeing Qiao Yi. Miao Miao gives red rope to Wu Yi and tells her the bad luck will be gone when she wears it. Wu Yi hugs Qiao Yi to turn around.

Wu Yi and Qiao Yi are hand in hand with smiling when headmaster scolds them at the playground. Chief Fei returns the written request for leave to Wei Min, and approves it. Mother walks out with birthday cake, and Yan Mo thought she wouldn’t return. She says that she wanted to surprise him, and puts cream on his face. He says it’s dirty but smiles.

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