A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 2. Ha-Ri runs into Tae-Mu’s car for avoiding Min-Woo. She takes holds Tae-Mu’s tie and makes him be close to her. He asks her what she wants to do since she claimed that she doesn’t want to see him.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap

A Business Proposal

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 2.

Ha-Ri releases Tae-Mu and tells him that she doesn’t change her mind. But he tells her that he wants to marry her. He asks her why she rejected him. She tells him that she doesn’t like his face. She runs away. Young-Seo laughs after knowing what Ha-Ri did to Tae-Mu.

Young-Seo thinks Tae-Mu has feelings for Ha-Ri. But Ha-Ri doesn’t believe it. She asks Young-Seo to tell Tae-Mu the truth. Young-Seo promises it but she tells Ha-Ri to drink with her. Mi-Mo is furious to wake Young-Seo up. Young-Seo is surprised that she slept over at Ha-Ri’s house.

It flashes back. Young-Seo is drunk to get into Mi-Mo’s restaurant with Ha-Ri. She asks the cop to help her find the guy she loves. Ha-Ri stops Young-Seo. She’s drunk to lie on the floor with her. Mi-Mo is furious to yell at the two girls.

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Da-Koo tells Tae-Mu that he wants to prepare the wedding. Tae-Mu gets a message from Young-Seo who asks for a meeting up. Ha-Ri tells Young-Seo not to leak her identity. Hye-Ji gets a message from Min-Woo. She is excited to leave the office.

Ha-Ri follows Hye-Ji to the restaurant. She finds out that Hye-Ji meets with Min-Woo. Ha-Ri sees Tae-Mu. She’s scared to flee. But she throws her slipper to his face by mistake. He’s furious to chase her. He catches her in the elevator.

Ha-Ri explains to Tae-Mu that she didn’t intend to throw the slipper at him. He returns the slipper to her, praising her for her proposal. It makes her happy. Kevin laughs to tell Ui-Joo that Tae-Mu was hit by a slipper. He asks Hye-Ji if she saw it.

Hye-Ji denies. She reveals she was rejected by Min-Woo after she gave a gift to him. Young-Seo hits Sung-Hun’s car. She recognizes him and hands over her business card to him. He’s surprised that she’s Young-Seo. Tae-Mu shows up and walks into the cafe with Young-Seo.

Young-Seo tells Tae-Mu that the girl he saw was the agent she hired. She claims that she knows nothing about the girl. But he asks her why she knows the bag the girl took. He tells her that he’s going to tell what she did to their parents if she doesn’t bring the girl to him.

Tae-Mu cleans up the house and cooks for Sung-Hun. Sung-Hun thinks Tae-Mu and Ha-Ri’s relationship ended since she’s not the real Young-Seo. But Tae-Mu gets angry when he thinks about what the girl did to him. He wants to take revenge.

Young-Seo tells Ha-Ri that Tae-Mu didn’t get angry after she confessed. She helps her get changed, taking her to the restaurant. She tells her that Tae-Mu is going to come. She leaves. Ha-Ri tries to flee. But she’s caught by Tae-Mu.

Tae-Mu learns that Ha-Ri tricked him for the money. He gets angry because she wasted his time. He tells her that he will visit her if she doesn’t pick up his phone. He asks her about her name. She cannot tell her real name to him so that she tells him that her name is Geum-Hui.

Da-Koo watches the Korean drama. He finds out that Kwang-Bok’s families meet with his in-laws at the restaurant. He wishes to meet with his in-laws at the restaurant. Tae-Mu returns home and tells Da-Koo that he doesn’t want to marry Young-Seo. Da-Koo sees Kwang-Bok standing up and telling people that he’s against the marriage because he loves Geum-Hui.

Ha-Ri sees Young-Seo. She’s furious to run to her and beat her. Young-Seo feels sorry for betraying Ha-Ri when she gets on knees to her. Ha-Ri tells Young-Seo that Tae-Mu knows her family restaurant. She’s furious to grab Young-Seo’s collar.

Mi-Mo sees what Ha-Ri doing to Young-Seo. She beats Ha-Ri. Ha-Ri feels wronged and tries to have a fight with Mi-Mo. Young-Seo stops them. Tae-Mu calls Ha-Ri and wakes her up when she’s sleeping. It makes her not sleep well. He meets with her at the cafe, asking her to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Ha-Ri is against it after she walked out of the cafe. Tae-Mu tells her that she’s the best person because she has stunning acting skills. He promises to repay the debts for her. But she still hesitates because she worries that he will know her identity. She rejects it after he drove her home. He mentions she promised to help him. He asks her to help him this time.

Ha-Ri into the restaurant. She sees Geum-Hui getting slapped by the woman. The customer thinks the in-law didn’t accept Geum-Hui because her family runs a restaurant. Mi-Mo is furious to scold the customer. Da-Koo watches the drama as well. He thinks rich people aren’t bad.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Da-Koo sees Tae-Mu. He asks him to let him see his girlfriend. Tae-Mu agrees to it. Ha-Ri gets a call from Tae-Mu who asks her to come out when he’s outside. She’s startled to pull back the curtains. She sees him in the car. She has to come out after he told her that he’s going to get into her house.

Tae-Mu tries to hand over the contract to Ha-Ri after she got into his car. She rejects to take a look at the contract. She gets off his car and tries to leave. But he follows her and stops her. She tells him that she has a reason to reject him.

Ha-Ri sees Ha-Min. She worries that Ha-Min will see Tae-Mu. So she pushes Tae-Mu away. But she makes him trip. She falls with him when she tries to help him. The two kiss.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 2 stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim Se-Jeong, Kim Min-Kyu and Seol In-A.

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