A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 3. Ha-Ri apologizes to Tae-Mu after she kissed him. But she stuns him when her father comes back. He gets her to sign the contract, telling her to remember his profile.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap

A Business Proposal

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 3.

Ha-Ri meets with Young-Seo at the restaurant. She tells her that she needs to remember Tae-Mu’s profile for the money. She adds that she knows Tae-Mu’s parents died when he was a kid. Young-Seo reveals Tae-Mu’s parents were killed by one of his relatives.

Tae-Mu calls Ha-Ri and takes her to the hotel. She tells him that he ran into her in the rainy day. He’s against her plan because he doesn’t like rain at all. He rides her a ride. She falls asleep in the car and leans her head to his should. But he pushes her away and makes her get hit. She wakes up and gets off his car. Sung-Hun sees Ha-Ri off. He thinks she’s very cute.

Young-Seo’s father tells her to go on a blind date. She rejects it and tells him that she’s like her mom. So he tells her to leave the house. She agrees to it and she walks out of the house with her luggage. He stops her and asks her to return the credit card. She’s furious to walk away, thinking he did a great job.

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Tae-Mu is looking for a chef. Ui-Joo wants to recommend Min-Woo to Tae-Mu even if Kevin thinks Min-Woo is a womanizer. Ha-Ri feels happy. Da-Koo tells Tae-Mu that he likes Geum-Hui because she has same name to the role of the drama he’s watching.

Tae-Mu remembers that Ha-Ri kissed him. He tells Da-Koo not to watch the drama. He’s furious to walk away. Da-Koo thinks Tae-Mu knows nothing about the drama. Young-Seo takes the dish away when Ha-Ri is taking photos of the dishes. She explains that she didn’t eat anything when she looked for the house.

Young-Seo brags that she has paychecks even if her father took away his money. Ha-Ri tells Min-Woo that she likes his food. She gets him to go to take the dish. Young-Seo teases Ha-Ri when she plays her cheek. She says that she likes Min-Woo with the tone of Ha-Ri. Ha-Ri plays Young-Seo’s cheek back. She asks her if she wants to sleep on the street.

Ha-Ri hands over Min-Woo’s profile to Ui-Joo. She tells her that Min-Woo is a great chef. Ui-Joo asks Ha-Ri to give the presentation. Ha-Ri wears a mask because she worries that Tae-Mu will recognize her. Young-Seo finds the apartment she looks for. She gets in the elevator to leave. Sung-Hun gets off from another elevator.

Ha-Ri goes to the restaurant and she wants to tell the good news to Min-Woo. But she sees him kissing Yoo-Ra. She runs to the bus stop and gets a message from Min-Woo who tells her that he and Yoo-Ra got together again. Ha-Ri realizes that Min-Woo only loves Yoo-Ra even if she didn’t many things for him.

Ha-Ri tries to get on the bus. But she gets bumped by someone. The phone falls into the sewer. Tae-Mu calls Ha-Ri and hears her crying. He picks her up and tells her that he heard nothing when he called her. She worries that Da-Koo will get angry if he finds out that they fool him because she heard that he’s a scary person. Tae-Mu tells Ha-Ri that there won’t be any problem if she loves him for real. She’s surprised.

Da-Koo mistakes the secretary as Ha-Ri and welcomes her. He feels embarrassed after Ha-Ri showed up. She tells him that Tae-Mu ran to see her in the rainy day. Tae-Mu scolds Ha-Ri for saying it to Da-Koo when she thinks it proves that he loves her very much. But he reminds her that their love relationship isn’t real.

Da-Koo takes Ha-Ri to eat steamed buns. Her bag drops when she drinks. He sees the concert tickets. Tae-Mu tells Da-Koo that he needs to leave for a business. Da-Koo thinks Tae-Mu doesn’t care for Ha-Ri. He tells him to go to the concert with Ha-Ri.

Young-Seo feels happy after she moved in the apartment. But she sees a cockroach. She screams to run out of her apartment, jumping on Sung-Hun and hugging him. She recognizes him and gets him to kill the cockroach for her. She wants to be his friend after he completed the task. But he rejects it because she hurt Tae-Mu.

Da-Koo gives Tae-Mu and Ha-Ri a ride to the concert. He sees them off and he doesn’t leave because he knows Tae-Mu will flee. Ha-Ri tears up when she listens to the music. She’s sad to walk out of the concert. Tae-Mu drags Ha-Ri aside before she gets bumped by the couple.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 3 Ending

Ha-Ri tells Tae-Mu that she had loved Min-Woo for many years until Yoo-Ra came back. She adds that she doesn’t regret for what she did. She thinks he cannot understand her feelings when she walks. He comforts her. She feels sorry for telling Da-Koo that he ran to see her in the rainy day.

Ha-Ri is hungry. She takes Tae-Mu to eat when she sees the restaurant. But she gets hit by the ball. Tae-Mu brings the ice to her. She treats her wound with the ice. She tells him not to waste the time on her, persuading him to find a real girlfriend. She gives the gift which she got from the concert to him. She gets in the cab.

Tae-Mu returns home and opens the gift. He finds the couple dolls. Ha-Ri screams after she woke up. She shows her bruise to her families. She arrives at the company and tries to cover the bruise. But she runs into Tae-Mu at the elevator. She’s shocked when she sees him.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 3 stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim Se-Jeong, Kim Min-Kyu and Seol In-A.

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