A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 4. Ha-Ri wears a mask so that Tae-Mu doesn’t recognize her. But he tells Sung-Hun to do the tasting event. He tastes the food Min-Woo cooked. He thinks it’s delicious.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap

A Business Proposal

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 4.

Min-Woo reveals Ha-Ri helped him a lot. But the girl isn’t there. Ha-Ri decides to leave the restroom since Tae-Mu left. She hears the girl praising the dish. She meets with Min-Woo at his restaurant. She decides to begin the plan since everyone likes his dish.

Min-Woo asks Ha-Ri about the concert. She tells him that she went to the concert with a guy. He’s interested in the guy and he wants to see him. But she tells him to take care of his girlfriend. Tae-Mu visits Min-Woo and wants to taste his dish. Min-Woo tells Tae-Mu that Ha-Ri is at the restaurant. But he finds out that she’s missing.

Min-Woo calls Ha-Ri. Tae-Mu hears the ringtone which he heard from the concert. She explains to Min-Woo that she has a business with Young-Seo. She sees Young-Seo waving to her in the car. Young-Seo tells Ha-Ri that Sung-Hun is her neighbor.

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Ha-Ri tells Young-Seo not to leak her identity. Young-Seo feels sad after she heard what Ha-Ri said. She reveals Sung-Hun rejected her because of the blind date. She adds that the guy liked her before. She realizes that Tae-Mu made Sung-Hun hate her.

Ha-Ri doesn’t believe it. Because Tae-Mu is a considerate guy in her mind. Young-Seo is told that Ha-Ri went to the concert with Tae-Mu. She thinks she has feelings for him. But Ha-Ri denies it. Min-Woo leaks that he and Ha-Ri has been friends for seven years. Tae-Mu asks Min-Woo why he didn’t have feelings for Ha-Ri during the seven years.

Tae-Mu remembers Geum-Hui told him that she doesn’t regret for loving Min-Woo. Sung-Hun reveals Ha-Ri loved Min-Woo as well. Sung-Hun runs into Young-Seo at the elevator. But he walks away. She stops him and blames him for avoiding her. He shows the trash to her.

Young-Seo tells Sung-Hun that the blind date wasn’t related to him at all. She tells him to have the relationship which they can greet each other. But he rejects it and runs away. She wonders why he likes Tae-Mu so much. She’s furious to yell at his back.

Sung-Hun walks into the room and sees the group photos of him, Tae-Mu and Da-Koo. He takes a look at another group photo that he stays with the sister in front of the orphanage. Tae-Mu shows up and tells Sung-Hun to live with them. But Sung-Hun rejects it.

Da-Koo tells Tae-Mu that he wishes to get a daughter-in-law like Ha-Ri. He complains that he always eats alone, asking Tae-Mu to eat with him. Tae-Mu tells Sung-Hun to check his schedule. Da-Koo takes away the tablet from Sung-Hun. He shows the date to Tae-Mu, asking him about it. But Tae-Mu cannot answer the question.

Da-Koo blames Tae-Mu for forgetting the anniversary of him and Geum-Hui when Tae-Mu walks. He tries to slap him but Tae-Mu avoids it and he returns the tablet to Sung-Hun. Da-Koo tells Tae-Mu to change his schedule. Tae-Mu agrees to it.

Kevin applies the makeup on his face. He leaks that they’re going to get filmed. Hye-Ji worries about it because she doesn’t wear makeup. Ui-Joo comforts Hye-Ji that the photographer will only film the chefs. The follower takes Da-Koo to see the views. He tells him to turn the land into the resort.

Da-Koo is against it because he knows the follower wants to get rich from the project. Kevin throws the vegetable to Ha-Ri when they’re filmed. She jumps to catch it. Da-Koo spots it and praises Ha-Ri. She recognizes him and she’s scared to cover her face with the vegetable.

Ha-Ri wears a eye mask. She worries that Da-Koo will recognize her after she took a look at him. Da-Koo takes the phone. He wants to know the owner of the phone. Ui-Joo tells Ha-Ri to walk to her when she’s talking with Da-Koo. Da-Koo tries to return the phone to Ha-Ri but Tae-Mu calls her at that time.

Ha-Ri is scared to take the phone to run away. She gets into the bathroom and calls Tae-Mu back. He asks her for a meeting up because it’s their anniversary. But she rejects it because she’s on a business trip. Da-Koo wants to use bathroom after he drank. Kevin takes Da-Koo to the bathroom.

But the door is locked. Kevin knocks at the door and tells Ha-Ri to come out. He leaves after she promised it. Ha-Ri opens the door. But she’s scared to close the door after she saw Da-Koo. Da-Koo tells Ha-Ri to open the door. But she doesn’t reply him. He tries to open the door with his power.

Ha-Ri opens the door at that time. It makes Da-Koo fall. She tries to help him. But she gives up the mind when he tries to take off her eye mask. He trips in the basin and his clothes is wet. Kevin gives his clothes to Da-Koo. Ui-Joo bows to Da-Koo and she apologizes to him. He tells her that he’s fine. But he gets angry when he sees Ha-Ri.

Young-Seo sees the guy putting the mail into her mailbox. She stops him and he apologizes to her. She mentions Sung-Hun doesn’t apologize when she sees him. Da-Koo cries when the doctor treats him. He blames Tae-Mu for not caring for him.

Da-Koo complains that Ha-Ri didn’t help him when he tripped. Tae-Mu thinks Ha-Ri didn’t intend to do that. Tae-Mu calls Ha-Ri and tells her that he’s outside. He asks her for a meeting up because he needs to give something to her.

Ha-Ri shows up when she wears a doll. Tae-Mu gives the medicine to Ha-Ri, telling her that Da-Koo went to the hospital. She gives the chicken to him. She rides the scooter away. Tae-Mu picks Ha-Ri up. He tells her that he’s going to take her to a good place.

Gwang-Bok takes Geum-Hui to the clothing store. He blames her for not telling people that she’s his woman. He throws the cash to the seller. Joong-Hae watches the Korean drama. He feels happy after he found out that Gwang-Bok bought Geum-Hui a shirt which he bought Mi-Mo. But Mi-Mo thinks the shirt is too cheap. She reveals the man who loved her became a president.

Joong-Hae feels sorry for not bringing the life which Mi-Mo wants to get to her. Ha-Min notes that Ha-Ri left. He thinks she’s seeing a guy. Mi-Mo doesn’t believe it. She thinks her daughter is staying with Young-Seo. Tae-Mu takes Ha-Ri to a clothing store. He tells the seller that he wants to buy all of the dresses.

Ha-Ri laughs because she thinks the scene is like a Korean drama. Tae-Mu tells her that it’s Da-Koo’s plan. He’s lost when he sees Ha-Ri wearing the dress. He tells the seller that he wants to buy the dress. But Ha-Ri thinks the dress is too tight.

Tae-Mu takes Ha-Ri to the restaurant. She tastes the dish and thinks it’s delicious. He reveals the dish was cooked by him. Young-Seo runs into Sung-Hun in the gym. He greets her. But she mentions he told her not to greet. He walks away.

Ha-Ri returns her seat from the restroom. But her bag falls. Tae-Mu picks up the bag for her and he has an eye contact with her. She’s startled when the people walk to her. But she finds out that they came to give her the flowers.

Tae-Mu and Ha-Ri blow out the candle. They’re taken a photo. She walks out of the restaurant and trips. He picks up the shoe for her and gets on knees to her when he wears the shoe for her. She’s moved and she takes a look at the sky. She sees the fireworks.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Tae-Mu is on the way home. But he sees the wallet Geum-Hui left. He gets back to see her because she doesn’t pick up his phone. He spots Ha-Ri talking with Min-Woo. He opens the wallet and finds out that Ha-Ri is Geum-Hui. He calls Geum-Hui and he sees Ha-Ri picking up his phone.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 4 stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim Se-Jeong, Kim Min-Kyu and Seol In-A.

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