A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 5. Tae-Moo sees Ha-Ri walking into her family restaurant. He holds her wallet tightly. Mi-Mo feels happy after she saw the dishes he prepared. She tells him that she wishes him to be her son-in-law.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap

A Business Proposal

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 5.

But Ha-Min tells Mi-Mo that Min-Woo got together with his ex-girlfriend. He hands over the wallet he found to Ha-Ri. Tae-Moo returns home and takes a look at Ha-Ri’s resume. He realizes that he dated an employee. He’s furious to hit the desk with his fist. He takes a look at the girl couple. He throws it away.

Ha-Ri gets a message from Tae-Moo who asks her for a meeting up. She goes to see him at the cafe. She explains that she had a meeting when she takes off her coat. He asks her about her Chinese name. She says that her Chinese name is “Happiness”. But he knows it was a lie. He walks out of the cafe and calls Sung-Hoon. He tells him to arrange a meeting.

Ha-Ri hears what Tae-Moo said. She runs to the office. She sees Tae-Moo having meeting with her colleagues. She doesn’t want to walk into the office because she worries that Tae-Moo will recognize her. But Hye-Ji informs Tae-Moo about Ha-Ri’s coming.

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Ha-Ri has to walk into the office. Tae-Moo asks her to redo the dish. She’s against it. But he forces her to obey him with his president power. Sung-Hoon asks Tae-Moo why he gave Ha-Ri a hard time. Tae-Moo tells Sung-Hoon that Ha-Ri is his girlfriend Geum-Hui. He leaks that he intends to take revenge.

Ha-Ri redoes the dish and she tries to let Tae-Moo taste it. But he tells her to redo it again without seeing it. She’s furious to force him to give her a reason why he doesn’t like the food she cooked. But he walks away. Da-Koo shows at the cafeteria. He notes the new dish. But Tae-Moo tells Da-Koo that there’s a problem on the dish when he sees Ha-Ri and Min-Woo’s group photo.

Ha-Ri walks into the cafeteria with Min-Woo. She turns around and finds out that Tae-Moo is glaring at her. She takes Min-Woo to leave. Da-Koo tells Tae-Moo that he wants to see Geum-Hui. Tae-Moo promises to arrange it. He meets with Geum-Hui and tells her that he wants her to attend his company ceremony.

Geum-Hui rejects it because she needs to work overtime. Tae-Moo asks her for the compensation. Young-Seo hands over the cash to Ha-Ri. But the cash isn’t enough for the compensation. Ha-Ri worries that the colleagues will recognize her if she attends the ceremony as Geum-Hui. Young-Seo comforts Ha-Ri that it won’t happen.

Tae-Moo takes Young-Seo’s package. Sung-Hoon tries to take it back. But he fails and confesses that Young-Seo is his new neighbor. Ha-Ri follows Young-Seo to go to her house. She worries that Sung-Hoon will recognize her. Young-Seo reminds Ha-Ri that she’s Geum-Hui now.

Sung-Hoon places the package in front of Young-Seo’s door. He sees the two girls. Ha-Ri runs away. Sung-Hoon hands over the package to Young-Seo. He tries to return to his house. But he sees Tae-Moo. He closes the door and throws a fit to Young-Seo when she tries to hand over the apple to him.

Sung-Hoon tells Tae-Moo to forgive Ha-Ri. But Tae-Moo rejects it. He tells Sung-Hoon that he wants to make Ha-Ri get on her knees to him. Ha-Ri is told that she’s going to get an award. She feels happy but she realizes that she needs to take the award from Tae-Moo.

Ha-Ri comes up with a plan to avoid the ceremony. She’s happy to dance leaving the office. Tae-Moo sees her off. He calls Sung-Hoon and asks him for preparing something for him. Ha-Ri returns home. She’s told that her families got invited to the party. She has a nightmare that her mom recognizes her at the party.

Tae-Moo wakes Ha-Ri up. He asks her about the dish she prepared. She’s burned when she touches the soup. He tells her to cook the soup again. He walks away. Tae-Moo takes a look at the girl doll. He wonders why he cares for Ha-Ri.

Young-Seo lines up. She gets invited to walk into the restaurant. But she’s arranged to sit with Sung-Hoon. She tries to leave. But she changes her mind for the food. She draws a line and tells Sung-Hoon not to cross it. Ha-Ri drinks with Kevin. She tells him that she wants to leave the award to him. It makes him cry. She cries after she saw him crying.

Ha-Ri is drunk to call Tae-Moo. She trips when she stops the student smoking. He goes to look for her after she didn’t pick up his phone. He finds her at the park. He wakes her up and tries to take her home. But she leans her head on his shoulder. She mistakes it as a dream, confessing that she’s Geum-Hui.

Tae-Moo walks aside when Ha-Min is looking for Ha-Ri. He sees him taking her away. Mi-Mo wakes Ha-Ri up. Ha-Ri gets a message from Tae-Moo. He calls him to ask him about the message. He tells her that she was fired as Geum-Hui. She feels happy because her problem was resolved.

Tae-Moo goes on a business trip to forget Geum-Hui. But he sees Geum-Hui anywhere. Mi-Mo takes a look at the photos of the ceremony. She finds out that she doesn’t see Tae-Moo. Young-Seo reveals Tae-Moo bullied Ha-Ri at the company.

Ha-Ri gets a call from Da-Koo who asks for a meeting up. Young-Seo takes a shower and bugs Sung-Hoon’s room. She doesn’t hear anything and she knocks over the table lamp. She finds the camera inside the table lamp. She walks out of the building, trying to give the evidence to the police.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 5 Ending

But Jung-U stops Young-Seo. The table lamp drops. Jung-U picks up the table lamp. He wants to take it away. She has a fight with him. Sung-Hoon shows up and stops Jung-U. Jung-U pushes Young-Seo over and takes the table lamp to run away.

Young-Seo points at Jung-U. She tells Sung-Hoon that the guy filmed her with the table lamp. Sung-Hoon catches Jung-U and takes him to the police station. He reports it to Tae-Moo when he goes to see Da-Koo. Tae-Moo sees Ha-Ri. He tries to take her away when he calls her Ha-Ri. She’s shocked to take off his hand.

A Business Proposal K-Drama: Episode 5 stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim Se-Jeong, Kim Min-Kyu and Seol In-A.

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