Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 1. The guy cuts the line. The women blame him for doing so. He takes off his cap and tells them that he’s Go-Jin. They rush to him. But they’re blocked by the guards.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap

Crazy Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 1.

The sniper targets Go-Jin. Go-Jin notes it. The sniper pulls the trigger. Shin-A buys Go-Jin breakfast. But someone bumps her in the hall. The bag drops. Shin-A picks the bag up. She stares at the poster of Go-Jin. She has an illusion that he talks with her like a giant.

Shin-A chooses the stairs because there’re many people at the elevator. She takes a look at her watch. Go-Jin arrives. He gets off his car and walks into the building. Shin-A greets Go-Jin and brings the breakfast to him. She’s confident because she took care of each detail of the breakfast.

But Go-Jin takes the bread to walk to Shin-A. He asks her to explain why there’re onions inside the bread. He throws the bread into the trash can. He scolds her for not doing the job well after she got salaries from him. She returns to her seat. Kang Min recognizes her. He’s surprised that she’s there after she worked for Go-Jin for there months. He praises her and mentions other girls left.

Go-Jin fires Kang Min because he’s the top teacher anymore. Kang Min is furious and he tries to kill Go-Jin. But he’s taken away by the guards. Shin-A walks into the office. She’s surprised to see it. Go-Jin tells her to clean up the mess Kang Min did.

Go-Jin has a meeting with the colleagues. He leaks why he fired Kang Min, telling them to work hard. The colleagues are easy when they see Se-Gi. Shin-A cleans up the office. She finds a package. She places the package on Go-Jin’s desk. She tries to leave. Go-Jin shows up. She tells him that she placed the package on the desk. Se-Gi greets her before she leaves.

Go-Jin tells Se-Gi that he wants to buy him a meal. Se-Gi rejects it. He reveals he has an appointment. He leaves Go-Jin’s office. Go-Jin blames Se-Gi for forgetting his birthday. He tries to leave his office. But Se-Gi opens the door with Shin-A when he holds the birthday cake.

Go-Jin feels happy after he tasted the birthday cake. Se-Gi catches the chance to ask Go-Jin to forgive Kang Min. But Go-Jin rejects it. Go-Jin opens the package and finds a dead rat inside. He tells Se-Gi that he’s going to vacation with his girlfriend.

Shin-A hands over the bread to Eun-Jung. Eun-Jung points out that Shin-A didn’t buy her the beef she asked for. She tells her to leave the company. But Shin-A doesn’t want to leave the company after she took a look at the calendar. The previous secretaries gather to put the bloodied poster into the doll. They’re startled to throw away the doll, running away when the guard walks to them.

Shin-A runs into Se-Gi at the elevator. He takes her to his office, giving the flowers to her. He adds that Go-Jin prepared the flowers. He gives her the vacation fund, telling her not to give up her dream to be a teacher. Shin-A is happy to return home with flowers.

Ok-Hee notes it. She asks Shin-A about it. She’s lost after knowing the flowers were given by Go-Jin. Shin-A feels happy because Go-Jin remembered she worked for him for one year. But Ok-Hee thinks Go-Jin wants to use Shin-A more as his follower. Shin-A is furious to drive Ok-Hee out of her room. She takes a photo of the flowers.

Yang-Tae gets off his car. He laughs to shake hands with his friends. Yang-Tae’s smile is frozen when he sees Go-Jin. Go-Jin tells the guy that he doesn’t want to walk with Yang-Tae because he’s number two. He walks the red carpet the follower prepared.

Yang-Tae reminds Go-Jin that he’s a cleaner if he doesn’t help him. Go-Jin agrees to it. He brings up that Yang-Tae is number two again. Yang-Tae is furious. He tries to beat Go-Jin. But the follower stops him. Yang-Tae tells the follower to replace Go-Jin’s water. But Go-Jin gets Yang-Tae to drink the water. Yang-Tae goes to the restroom.

Eun-Jung reports to Go-Jin that Shin-A didn’t bring the file to him. He tells Shin-A that she won’t become a teacher when she shows up. It makes her tear up. Shin-A returns to the office to work. She gets a message from the nurse.

Shin-A goes to the hospital to get the physical examination. She returns to the office. She finds out that everyone is missing except the cleaner. She asks the cleaner about it. The cleaner leaks that they went to another place for the meeting.

Shin-A gets a message from the nurse again. She goes to the hospital to see the doctor. The doctor tells Shin-A that she has a brain tumor. She walks on the street, realizing that she’s going to die. It snows. She goes to the bus stop and sits on the bench. She stares at the old couple who hold each other’s hands. She cries.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Go-Jin enjoys the music at home when he drinks the wine. He goes to take a shower. A woman sneaks into his house. Go-Jin is startled when he sees the woman. He asks her who she is. She takes off her cap and unties her hair. She opens her eyes. He recognizes her. Shin-A walks to Go-Jin. She lifts a hammer.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 1 stars Kim Jae-Wook, Krystal, Ha-Joon and Yu In-Young.

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