A Good Day to Be a Dog: Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for A Good Day to Be a Dog: Episode 4. Seo-Won asks Hae-Na if she intends to take Bo-Gyeom’s car. He reveals Bo-Gyeom is often late. She decides to take his car because she doesn’t wish to be late to the wedding.

What Happens In A Good Day to Be a Dog Episode 4?

A Good Day to Be a Dog

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Good Day to Be a Dog: Episode 4.

Choi Yool finds out that Seo-Won is looking for directions at home in episode 3. He’s surprised because he thought the school would prepare a bus for the teachers. Seo-Won reveals he’s going to drive to the wedding. Choi Yool points out that Seo-Won is a terrible driver. He reminds him that he only has one life.

Yu-Na combs Hae-Na’s hair. She learns that her sister is going to take Seo-Won’s car. She asks her about Bo-Gyeom. Hae-Na explains to Yu-Na that Seo-Won invited her first. She thinks she should keep the promise because she’s a teacher.

Yu-Na thinks Hae-Na will feed the guy rice cake if she has feelings for him. She’s happy to remind her that it’s a perfect chance when Seo-Won drives. But Hae-Na tells her sister that she doesn’t like rice cake. It makes Yu-Na believe that Hae-Na likes the math teacher.

Hae-Na denies it. She thinks Yu-Na is like Woo-Taek. Yu-Na is furious to have a fight with Hae-Na. Seo-Won watches the footage. The guy teaches him how to win the woman’s heart when he drives. Seo-Won gets changed. He leaves his house.

He picks up Hae-Na and he gives her a ride. She wishes to listen to the music. So he turns on the music. But he plays the driving teacher’s recording. It makes her laugh after knowing he tried to learn how to act cool. She asks Seo-Won if the driving teacher told him how to act manly.

Seo-Won gets a call from Choi Yool. Hae-Na greets Choi Yool. He learns that she’s staying with his uncle. He persuades her to leave the car. He reveals his uncle is a terrible driver. Seo-Won hangs up. Hae-Na is nervous. They arrive at the wedding place.

Seo-Won apologizes to Hae-Na. He holds her hand to run because he thinks they’re late. But they find out that they’re not late. Bo-Gyeom tells the guests to welcome the bride and the groom. Hae-Na is happy to take photos of the bride and the groom. She looks around.

She takes a look at the bride Yoon-Ji. She thinks she’s very beautiful. She is envy of her. Song-Yi persuades Hae-Na to get married with a guy. But Hae-Na worries that there’s no man liking her. Seo-Won shows up. He sings a song for the bride and the groom.

Chae-A takes a cab to arrive at the wedding place. She finds out that wedding is over. Song-Yi thinks Seo-Won is a good singer when she takes food with him. But he thinks he was nervous. Chae-A comforts Seo-Won that he wasn’t nervous at all. Song-Yi points out that Chae-A didn’t listen to Seo-Won’s singing because she was late.

Yoon-Ji and the groom Min-Sik show up. Song-Yi congratulates the couple. Yoon-Ji thinks there will be another couple from the teachers. She tells the teachers to go to see the sea. Min-Sik asks Seo-Won to put his stuff in his car after knowing he drove to the wedding.

Seo-Won tries to walk to his car. Chae-A stops him. She asks him to give her a ride. He takes a look at Hae-Na who’s talking with Bo-Gyeom. He agrees to give Chae-A a ride. He leaves with her. Song-Yi sees the two off. She joins Bo-Gyeom. He asks her about Seo-Won.

She reveals Seo-Won just left with Chae-A. Seo-Won and Chae-A are in the car. They’re blocked by Yoon-Ji’s poster. Bo-Gyeom calls Seo-Won. He reveals he has known he left with Chae-A. He tells him that Hae-Na will take his car. Chae-A is happy to tell Seo-Won that the next bus won’t leave.

He mentions what she told him that it was urgent. He decides to go to Seoul. It makes her laugh. She’s startled when he drives. Bo-Gyeom and Hae-Na sit on the beach to enjoy the sea. They decide to return to Seoul. Bo-Gyeom takes a look at Hae-Na when she walks. He believes that she’s going to leave Seo-Won. Hae-Na cried after Seo-Won passed away in front of her in their past.

Seo-Won arrives at the place. He asks Chae-A if she’s fine. She admits it and she asks him to have dinner with her. But he claims that his stomach is upset. She has to get off his car. He texts Hae-Na when she’s looking at his photo. He explains to her that he gave Chae-A a ride because something urgent.

Does Hae-Na Lift Her Family Curse After She Kissed Seo-Won?

Yu-Na shows up. She persuades Hae-Na to let Choi Yool help her. She thinks she can kiss Seo-Won when he falls asleep. But Hae-Na doesn’t want to tell her student that she wants to kiss his uncle. Yu-Na is furious to tell her sister to live as a dog all her life.

Yu-Na and Woo-Taek show up behind Choi Yool when he’s ordering the hamburger. Yu-Na tells Choi Yool about their family curse. Woo-Taek stops her when she tries to tell the boy about the kiss. Choi Yool thinks Yu-Na is very cute. It makes her happy. But Woo-Taek points out that the boy thought she’s a dog.

Hae-Na watches Choi Yool in the classroom. He waves at her. She meets with him in the room. She confesses to him that she kissed his uncle. He realizes that the two fooled him. He thinks there was something happening between her and his uncle.

But she denies it. He scolds her because she had a reason to kiss Seo-Won. She explains to him that it was a mistake. She reveals she needs to kiss his uncle for lifting the curse. She asks him to help her. He agrees to it. But he asks her to date his uncle.

But she thinks there’s nobody who will like her. But Choi Yool tells Hae-Na that he thinks she’s very cute. Seo-Won works in his room. Choi Yool yells at Seo-Won. He tells him to go to the bed. He texts Hae-Na. He tells her to wait.

Hae-Na has turned into a dog. Yu-Na carries the dog to show up. Choi Yool is happy to see Hae-Na. He tries to be close to Hae-Na. But Yu-Na stops the boy. She reminds him their goal. He reveals his uncle has fallen asleep. He takes her and Woo-Taek to sneak into Seo-Won’s room.

Yu-Na puts Hae-Na on Seo-Won’s bed. She leaves. Hae-Na kisses Seo-Won. But she doesn’t turn into a human. He’s startled when he sees the dog. He screams. Choi Yool breaks into the room. Hae-Na catches the chance to flee. Seo-Won tells Choi Yool that there’s a dog. Choi Yool comforts his uncle that it was just a dream. He leaves his room. Yu-Na carries Hae-Na out of Seo-Won’s house. She learns that they failed. She strokes Hae-Na’s fur. She comforts her that they will do it again.

Episode 4 of A Good Day to Be a Dog ends with Hae-Na walking Seo-Won in the park. Seo-Won thinks the dog wants to bite him when he barks at him. Hae-Na reveals the dog just fears Seo-Won. She’s close to the dog. She touches him. She takes Seo-Won to see many dogs. She thinks he’s like her student.

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