Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 1. Do Ha kills the general of Gaya in the battlefield. He tells his followers to go to catch the general’s family. The soldiers visit the general’s house. They ask the people in the house to open the gate.

What Happens In Moon in the Day Episode 1?

Moon in the Day

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Moon in the Day K-Drama: Episode 1.

Ri-Ta cries to ask her mother to flee. But her mother lets her hide in a room. Her mother is taken away. Do Ha shows the general’s family to the Gaya people. He pulls out his sword. He tells the people that it’s the last pride of Gaya.

Ri-Ta tears up when she looks at Do Ha. He cuts off the rope. He kills her mother and her sister. He tells the people that he will forgive them if they don’t fight with them. Ri-Ta sneaks into Do Ha’s room. She tries to kill him when he falls asleep.

He catches her and asks her who sent her to kill him. She reveals he killed her parents. He points his sword at her. He asks her if she wishes to join her parents. She kills him and she flees. But she’s chased by the soldiers. She jumps into the water.

Young-Hwa wakes up from the nightmare. The guy thinks she just cried. But she doesn’t remember it. She goes to the restroom to wash her face. She thinks it was just a dream. There’s a fire. She goes to the burning building to save lives with the firefighter.

The old lady reports to the firefighter that there was a guy in the building. The firefighter tells the firefighters who are in the building to look for the guy. Young-Hwa lifts a hammer to break the lock. She finds the guy.

The guy is sent to the ambulance. Young-Hwa saves his dog. She brings his dog to him. It makes him tear up. She comforts him that she will take care of his dog. The reporter covers Young-Hwa’s story. He introduces her as the lady who doesn’t give up any life. The firefighters praise Young-Hwa. But she stops them.

She opens the locker. She sees the photo of her father. She thinks her father helped her. She strokes her father’s photo. She’s on the subway. The madam leaves the seat to her. Young-Hwa leans her head on the monk’s shoulder when she falls asleep.

She leaves the subway station. She finds out that she forgot to take her phone. The monk returns the photo to her. He thinks they met before. She thinks he was mistaken because she was on TV. He sees her on the TV. He apologizes to her. She leaves. He sees the spirit. He’s startled.

The monk went to see the chief monk. Chief Monk realized that the monk saw the poltergeist. He told him to avoid the poltergeist. Moon in the Day returns to the subway station. The monk opens his eyes. He finds out that the poltergeist disappeared.

Joon-O is on the set. He acts a firefighter to save the kid. He complains to the kid that he’s too heavy. It makes the kid cry. Joon-O throws a fit to the director. He tells him not to push him. The director gets angry. He tries to beat Joon-O. But he’s stopped by his manager.

The manager apologizes to the director. He explains to him that Joon-O has been busy. But the director doesn’t feel any sincere from Joon-O. Joon-O’s coffee trucks show up. The manager walks into Joon-O’s room when he’s taking off his coat. He scolds him.

But Joon-O throws his coat to the manager. He tells him that he doesn’t like the concept he arranged. The manager explains to Jong-O that he wanted to show the miracle Young-Hwa made. Joon-O points at Young-Hwa’s photo. He wonders why the manager asked him to carry a kid since Young-Hwa carried a dog.

The manager thinks Joon-O isn’t a man because a man could carry a kid. Joon-O talks back that a man should use his brain. The manager reminds Joon-O that he did it for cover his rumor. Joon-O intends to tell people that he’s dating Yi-Seul.

The manager stops Joon-O. He asks him to film the movie with honor. Joon-O rejects it because he needs to date Yi-Seul. He gets a call from Yi-Seul. He goes to see her. He finds out that she’s waiting for him. He gives her a kiss. He tells her to get in the car because the manager Yoon-Je is chasing him.

Why Joon-O Wishes to Film A Drama with Yi-Seul?

He closes the car door before Yoon-Je catches him. He drives away. Joon-O buys Yi-Seul chocolate cream. He walks out of the cafe. She notes that the people saw them. She’s furious to tell him to get in the car. She drives away. She thinks he should be careful because some people saw them.

He tells her to tell people that they’re in love. She asks him if he knows why she had feelings for him. He thinks she did that because he’s very handsome. But she tells him that she likes him because he’s a super star. Yoon-Je reports to the president that Joon-O and Yi-Seul were seen by some people.

The president asks his employees to do something to help Joon-O. Joon-O shows up in the mall after he went shopping. He sees his poster. He intends to have a party with Yi-Seul. But Yoon-Je reminds Joon-O that he has a shooting.

Joon-O asks Yoon-Je to carry his bags. He takes out his phone to take a selfie. But he sees the guy who gets off the elevator. He thinks he met the guy before. He tells him not to dance because he thinks he has no talent. The guy tries to beat Joon-O.

But Yoon-Je stops the guy Tae-Ju. He tells Joon-O to leave because he thinks he did too much to Tae-Ju. Tae-Ju tells Joon-O not to tangle Yi-Seul. He reveals he’s filming a new drama with the beauty. Joon-O gets angry after he found out that his girlfriend concealed something from him.

Yoon-Je is happy to tell Joon-O that Yi-Seul intends to break up with him. He mentions Yi-Seul changed a new boyfriend after she filmed a new drama. Joon-O decides to film a new drama. He meets with the president. He tells him that he wishes to take Tae-Ju’s role.

Joon-O reveals he wishes to film the drama because Yi-Seul changed her boyfriend after she filmed a new drama. The president tells Joon-O to focus on the shooting. Joon-O complains to the president that he hates the shooting. He asks him to let him film the drama with Yi-Seul. But the president rejects it.

Joon-O is furious to leave President Han’s house. Lawyer Ko shows up. He comforts President Han that Joon-O won’t do something bad. President Han asks Lawyer Ko about Chul-Hwan’s whereabouts. Lawyer Ko doesn’t know it. Chul-Hwan visits Young-Hwa. He takes over the dog from her. The dog barks at her when he leaves.

Episode 1 of Moon in the Day ends with Young-Hwa having a nightmare when she lies in the bed. Joon-O wakes her up. He reveals he worried about her. He hugs her and he confesses his feelings to her. He grabs the knife and he’s going to kill her. Ri-Ta confessed her feelings to Do Ha before she killed him.

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