The Matchmakers K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for The Matchmakers K-Drama: Episode 2. Jung-Woo writes a letter to the king. He reveals he asks to marry the princess because he wants to do something for the nation. He plays the flute in front of the people.

What Happens In The Matchmakers Episode 2?

The Matchmakers

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Matchmakers K-Drama: Episode 2.

The master laughs after he found out that Jung-Woo mastered his skill. But Jung-Woo thinks the master isn’t his rival. He leaves because he can learn nothing from him. He goes to the mountain to learn painting skill from another master.

The master looks at Jung-Woo’s painting. He finds out that his painting is lively. Jung-Woo tells the master not to stay at home. He leaves his house. The doctor is treating the patient. Jung-Woo volunteers to treat the patient. The patient wakes up after Jung-Woo gave him the treatment. The doctors are shocked.

Jung-Woo walks out of the house with Doctor Yoo. Doctor Yoo is furious to scold the couple when they flirt with each other. He blames his student for dating a girl since he didn’t master his skill. Jung-Woo thinks dating is for those guys who are lowly and foolish. Doctor Yoo wonders why Jung-Woo learned medicine. He asks him if he found a way to treat his illness. Jung-Woo denies it. He reveals he found nobody who can treat his chest pains.

The king visits Jung-Woo in the jail. He asks his follower to feed Jung-Woo the poison. Jung-Woo cries when he thinks it’s not fair. The king stops his follower. He decides to give Jung-Woo another chance. He asks him for the way to let Crown Prince get married.

Jung-Woo thinks the task is very easy. Because they only need to get rid of the spinsters who are against the marriage. But the king scolds Jung-Woo because he needs to resolve the trouble which previous king didn’t resolve. Jung-Woo reminds the king that nobody will be against Crown Prince’s marriage if he lets the spinsters marry the scholars.

The chancellor remembers Sang-Chun’s three daughters are spinsters. He reminds the king the Sang-Chun was his playmate. The king remembers Sang-Chun has passed away. He wonders why his daughters don’t get married. Jung-Woo thinks the king has a reason to help those ladies because their father was his friend.

The king asks Jung-Woo to marry off the ladies within two months. He tells him that he needs to drink up the poison if he fails. Jung-Woo walks out of the jail. O-Bong cries to ask him who treated him as a traitor. Jung-Woo reveals he found his path.

O-Bong mistakes that the king agreed to Jung-Woo’s appeal. Jung-Woo denies it. He thinks he’s going to reach his goal. But the king doesn’t intend to let Jung-Woo get what he wants because he thinks his daughter is very poor. The lady meets with the guy in the house. She leans her head on his shoulder.

She tells him if she feels bad when she thinks about that she cannot see him anymore once she gets married. He thinks they cannot stay together forever. He takes out the medicine. He tells her to die with him. She agrees to it.

But Soon-Deok is against it. She thinks something bad happened if she wasn’t there. The lady Du-Ri recognizes Soon-Deok. She asks her not to tell it to her mother. Soon-Deok thinks Du-Ri doesn’t have to fear her mother since she has decided to leave the world.

She looks at the guy. She thinks he’s not a noble. She recognizes him. She mentions the guy Kim-Ho is the son of the chief royal secretary. Yeojoo-Daek wonders how did Soon-Deok know the guy’s identity. Soon-Deok reveals she saw the tag the guy dropped.

Yeojoo-Daek thinks Kim-Ho is match for Du-Ri since his father is the chief royal secretary. Soon-Deok points out that Kim-Ho’s father is against the marriage. But she doesn’t intend to give up the couple. Because she wishes the lady to marry the guy she likes.

Jung-Woo mentions marriage is the business of two families. He thinks he doesn’t have to meet with the daughters of Sang-Chun because the matchmakers can do the job. He meets with the matchmakers at the restaurant. The matchmakers touch his hand because they think he’s good looking.

Does Du-Ri Take Shi-Yeol’s Litter?

O-Bong scolds the matchmakers. Jung-Woo reveals he wishes to matchmakers to marry the three ladies off within two months. The matchmakers are interested in the job after O-Bong promised to pay them. They laugh after they knew Jung-Woo wished them to marry the daughters of Sang-Chun off. Because they don’t arrange marriages for old ladies.

Jung-Woo blames the matchmakers for rejecting him. The matchmaker explains to him that they cannot do so. Yeojoo-Daek reveals the second daughter of the family beat the guy when she arranged a marriage for her. She wonders why the first daughter of the family didn’t get married since she’s a beauty.

The matchmaker reveals the first daughter is very slow. Another matchmaker leaks that the girl was possessed by a ghost. The guy watched the beauty when she took bath. He was eaten by the ghost. Jung-Woo and O-Bong are scared after they heard the story.

Yeojoo-Daek asks the matchmakers about the third daughter of the family. The matchmaker reveals the third daughter likes to dress up to be a man. Yeojoo-Daek thinks the third daughter is the man-woman. It makes the matchmakers laugh.

Jung-Woo learns that the matchmakers aren’t interested in the job. The matchmaker thinks Soon-Deok will accept the task. Because Soon-Deok is the one who will try her best to do the job. Soon-Deok meets with Kim-Ho. She tells him to be a monk if he wants to marry his lover.

Kim-Ho walks out of his house after he shaved his head. He tells his parents that he’s going to be a monk if they don’t allow him to marry his lover. His mother passes out after she heard his decision. Soon-Deok praises Kim-Ho for what he did.

She wears the matchmaker clothes. She tells Kim-Ho’s parents that she’s going to arrange a marriage for their son. O-Bong thinks Soon-Deok is the matchmaker who has a mole under her eye. The matchmaker admits it. She reveals she didn’t let Soon-Deok join them because of the mole.

Soon-Deok is happy to return home after she completed the task. Yeojoo-Daek mentions the mama’s boy Shi-Yeol. Soon-Deok reveals she thinks there’s a beauty who’s match for Shi-Yeol. She thinks the lady is the second daughter of Sang-Chun.

She thinks the mama’s boy will be strong because he’s very warm. Du-Ri walks on the street. Shi-Yeol follows her. She’s furious to throw a fit to him. He mentions she hurt her ankle after he mistook her as a thief. He asks her to take the litter.

But she rejects it because he was the one who thought she was a thief. He tries to grab her hand. But she hurts his hand. Jung-Woo shows up. He blames the two for touching each other’s hand. He asks them about his families. Du-Ri thinks Jung-Woo is a old fossil. Shi-Yeol persuades her to use his litter. She takes his litter after she found out that he actually cares for her.

Episode 2 of The Matchmakers ends with Sam-Soon telling Soon-Deok that she worries that she will be alone all her life. Soon-Deok comforts Sam-Soon that she will arrange a marriage for her. Sam-Soon is very happy. Jung-Woo worries that Soon-Deok will refuse him. O-Bong persuades Jung-Woo to apologize to Soon-Deok.

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