A Journey to Love: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for A Journey to Love: Episode 6. Su Lang wakes Du Changshi up with the tea. Yuan Lu asks Sun Lang who drugged them. Du Changshi remembers Yang Ying. Yang Ying falls asleep in the bed when she’s tied up.

Does Ning Yuanzhou Break His Promise?

A Journey to Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Journey to Love: Episode 6.

Ren Ruyi comforts Ning Yuanzhou that Yang Ying isn’t dead. He ignores her and he unties Yang Ying. Ren Ruyi wonders when Ning Yuanzhou will get the antidote. He tells her not to talk about the case in front of Yang Ying. She points out that he won’t talk about it outside.

She uses the medicine to let Yang Ying fall asleep. Ning Yuanzhou tells Ren Ruyi that he regrets for what he promised her. He tries to leave. But she fights with him. He reminds her that she cannot defeat him because she doesn’t have internal force.

She plays the flute. It makes him feel painful. She mentions there’s nobody bearing the pain of butterfly. She asks him to bed her. Yu Shisan walks Qian Zhao. He blames him for touching him when he fell asleep. He hears the argument of Ren Ruyi and Ning Yuanzhou.

He walks into the room when Ren Ruyi forces Ning Yuanzhou to lie on the floor. He tries to leave. But Ning Yuanzhou asks Yu Shisan to help him. Yu Shisan has a fight with Ren Ruyi. He points the crossbow at her. Ren Ruyi thinks Ning Yuanzhou cannot flee forever.

She reveals she can make him feel painful anytime when the butterfly is in his body. He uses his internal force to take out the butterfly. Yu Shisan tells Ning Yuanzhou to use the wine to kill the butterfly. Ning Yuanzhou asks Yu Shisan to release Ren Ruyi. Ren Ruyi thinks Ning Yuanzhou will regret before she leaves.

Ning Yuanzhou tells Yu Shisan that Ren Ruyi wished to give birth with him because she thought he’s very handsome. Yu Shisan is shocked. He thinks Ning Yuanzhou isn’t a man. Ning Yuanzhou comforts the bodyguards that Yang Ying is fine.

Du Changshi grabs Ning Yuanzhou’s arm. He asks him if Yang Ying drugged them. He’s surprised that Yang Ying doesn’t wish to save Emperor Wu. Ning Yuanzhou tells Du Changshi not to worry about it. Du Changshi returns to his room. Yuan Lu wonders if Yang Ying doesn’t wish to go to An Kingdom.

Ning Yuanzhou thinks Yang Ying is just scared. He mentions the bodyguards were scared when they did the task. Yuan Lu asks Yu Shisan what happened in Yang Ying’s room. But Yu Shisan tells Yuan Lu not to ask him about it because he thinks he’s a kid.

Will Ren Ruyi Give Birth with Yu Shisan?

Ren Ruyi drinks in her room alone. She’s furious to tell Ning Yuanzhou that she’s going to take revenge. She adds that she will get his child. Yu Shisan breaks into her room. He reminds her that there’re many good men except Ning Yuanzhou.

He tells her that he’s the best candidate of her child’s father. But she pulls out the hairpin from his hair. She points the hairpin at him. She tells him to get lost. He reveals he wishes her to kill him so that she will remember him all her life.

He lets her do it to him. He claims that he can bear it. But she pushes him away. Qian Zhao takes Yu Shisan away. He reveals he was outside. Ning Yuanzhou has a nightmare that Ren Ruyi kills him when he refuses to give birth with her.

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Episode 6 of A Journey to Love ends with Ren Ruyi asking Yang Ying about the reason why she wanted to go to An Kingdom. Yang Ying reveals there was a bodyguard Zheng Qingyun. Ren Ruyi learns that Yang Ying dressed up as a man for Zheng Qingyun.

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