A Journey to Love: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for A Journey to Love: Episode 7. Ning Yuanzhou watches Ren Ruyi when she trains the princess. Yu Shisan teases Ning Yuanzhou. The follower hands over the letter to Ning Yuanzhou. Ning Yuanzhou reads the letter. He tells the follower to go to look for a hotel.

Why the Bodyguards Show Their Strengths to Ren Ruyi?

A Journey to Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Journey to Love: Episode 7.

The guy hands over the bread to Ning Yuanzhou. But Ning Yuanzhou rejects it because he’s not hungry. Yu Shisan asks the guy about what Ren Ruyi said to Ning Yuanzhou because he noted that Ning Yuanzhou’s facial expression changed. The guy avoids Yu Shisan.

Yu Shisan promises to let the guy drink his peach blossom brew if he leaks it. The guy reveals Ren Ruyi wished to give birth with Ning Yuanzhou. Yu Shisan is excited to tell the good news to Qian Zhao. Yuan Lu hands over the letter to Ning Yuanzhou.

Ning Yuanzhou learns that Danyang Prince is going to block them. He reveals he let Sun Lang look for a hotel because he worried that Danyang Prince will do something bad to them. Yuan Lu mentions they’re the men of the palace.

He’s surprised that Danyang Prince dared to kill them. Ning Yuanzhou believes that Danyang Prince will kill them and wrong Red Dress Guards. He remembers Zhou Jian is a powerful general. He tells Yu Shisan to go to look into Zhou Jian.

Yu Shisan leaves the meeting room. He sees the bodyguards who are lifting the wood. He praises them. Ren Ruyi shows up. The bodyguard shows his strength to her. She wonders if he’s cold. She walks away. The princess is scared to flee when she sees those men.

Qian Zhao asks the bodyguards to wear their clothes. But the bodyguard rejects it because they wish to give birth with Ren Ruyi. But Qian Zhao tells the bodyguards that Ren Ruyi doesn’t have feelings for them. He lets Ding Hui tell the bodyguards about what Ren Ruyi did to Lou Qingqiang.

Ding Hui reveals Ren Ruyi killed Lou Qingqiang with just one hit. Qian Zhao tells the bodyguards to know their positions if they want to show their strengths to Ren Ruyi. He reports to Ning Yuanzhou that he has resolved it. He asks him to understand the men who haven been single for a long time.

Does Ning Yuanzhou Trust Ren Ruyi?

Qian Zhao mentions his cousin is a beauty. But Ning Yuanzhou tells Qian Zhao that Ren Ruyi isn’t his cousin. Qian Zhao wonders why Ning Yuanzhou didn’t give birth with Ren Ruyi. He runs away. Ning Yuanzhou visits Ren Ruyi. He apologizes to her for the bodyguards showing the strengths in front of her.

She wonders if he worries that she will give up him if she chooses the bodyguards. But he tells her that she thinks it too much. He reveals he worries that she will kill those bodyguards. He mentions there’re less people to go to An Kingdom with him.

He asks Ren Ruyi to live with the princess because there’re killers. But she asks for the pearl bird. He reveals he has prepare it for her. He asks her to talk about the plan with them. She asks him if he trusts her. He admits it because she’s his partner.

He reminds her that they can only deal with Danyang Prince if they work together. But she closes the door. It makes the bodyguards laugh. Ning Yuanzhou tells the bodyguards to respect Ren Ruyi. Yu Shisan returns to the hotel. He has a meeting with Ning Yuanzhou.

He reports to him that Zhou Jian intended to kill them at Tu Mountain Pass. Yuan Lu offers to choose the path in the mountain. But Ning Yuanzhou rejects it. Because he thinks the princess’s carriage cannot go through the path. He adds that Zhou Jian will note it if they carry the gold.

Will Ning Yuanzhou Convince Zhou Jian?

Qian Zhao wants to break through the pass. But Yu Shisan reveals Zhou Jian prepared many bodyguards at the pass. Ren Ruyi decides to kill Zhou Jian. She thinks the bodyguards won’t be a problem if Zhou Jian is dead. But Ning Yuanzhou is against it because Zhou Jian is a martial arts general.

Ren Ruyi believes that she will kill Zhou Jian if she loses one of her arms. Ning Yuanzhou points out that they need to break through the pass even if they kill Zhou Jian. She thinks they should risk their lives because it’s their duties.

Ning Yuanzhou asks Yu Shisan if Zhou Jian actually doesn’t know they’re escorting the princess. Ren Ruyi tells the two to talk about it. She leaves the meeting room. Yuan Lu worries that Ren Ruyi got angry. Ning Yuanzhou denies it. He thinks Ren Ruyi isn’t used to talk about the case with so many people because she’s a killer.

Ren Ruyi teaches the princess the methods to deal with the killers. She tells her that she will be killed if she cannot learn the skills. But he princess knows Ren Yuyi just wants to scare her like Ning Yuanzhou. But Ren Ruyi tells the princess that Ning Yuanzhou will kill her. She puts the knife on her belly. She asks her not to trust anyone.

The princess and Ren Ruyi walk out of the hotel. Yuan Lu reports to thee princess that Ning Yuanzhou and Yu Shisan went to persuade Zhou Jian. The princess wonders if Zhou Jian will listen to Ning Yuanzhou because Zhou Jian is Danyang Prince’s man. Yuan Lu tells the princess and Ren Ruyi to wait for the good news.

Zhou Jian wonders when the people will get into Tu Mountain Village. But Ning Yuanzhou stuns the bodyguard in front of Zhou Jian. He greets him and introduces himself to him. He explains to him that he stunned Mr. Zhang because he wants to share a secret to him.

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Episode 7 of A Journey to Love ends with Ning Yuanzhou receiving the letter from the pigeon. He reads the letter. He finds out that Zhou Jian is chasing them after Zhou Jian found out that he was fooled. Ning Yuanzhou tells Sun Lang to set off.

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