Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 17 Recap & Ending

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 17 begins with Yin Guo arriving at the hotel. She tries to knock at the door of Lin Yiyang’s room. He opens the door. He smiles at her when he thinks she doesn’t know him. She runs in his arms. They get into the room. The door is closed.

Lin Yiyang Spends Yin Guo’s Birthday with Her

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Yin Guo tells Lin Yiyang that it’s like she doesn’t know him. He mentions they have video chats each day. But she thinks the feelings are different when she meets the real person. She gives the bags to him. He takes her to the couch.

He’s surprised that she wore a skirt. She points out that they knew each other in winter. She asks him if she’s pretty. He takes a look at her. He smiles to tell her that she’s pretty. She offers to wear all kinds of skirts and show it to him when he returns to China.

Yin Guo thinks she’s not close to Lin Yiyang when he grabs her hands. She cries to blame him for releasing her after he hugged her one time. So he kisses her. He tries to kiss her again. But she wants to take a look at the resent first.

He opens the present. He sees the T-shirt she bought him. He shows the T-shirt to her. He hands over her present to her. She opens the present. She sees the card. He reveals it’s the prize of his first championship. He asks her to spend the money. He thinks he will have more prizes when she wishes him to save the money.

She takes him to the bed after knowing he didn’t sleep. She takes off her shoes and she sleeps with him. He reveals he feared to see her when she hugs her. He adds that he worried that she would run away with someone else. But she tells him that she fears it as well.

The takeaway person calls Lin Yiyang when he kisses Yin Guo. Lin Yiyang plans to go to take the takeaway. But Yin Guo volunteers to go to take the takeaway. She goes to the pharmacy. She buys the plaster. She returns to the hotel. She finds out that Lin Yiyang is falling asleep.

He wakes up when she tries to apply the plaster on his arm. She reveals she went to buy him plasters. She applies the plaster on his arm. He asks her if she won the open. She admits it and she shows her money to him. She asks him to tell it to her if he needs money.

He finds out that her sweater is good looking. But the sweater wasn’t bought by him. He wonders if he got her because of his face. She holds his face. She reveals she liked his face. Yin Guo gets a call from her mother. Her mother asks her to come home.

Lin Yiyang takes Yin Guo home. She complains it to him that she’s going to be separated from him. He hugs her. Meng Xiaodong shows up behind them. He asks Yin Guo to go to North City with him for a meeting. He reveals her mother agreed to it.

Meng Xiaodong asks Lin Yiyang to go to North City with him. But Lin Yiyang thinks he has no reason to go to North City. Meng Xiaodong points out that Lin Yiyang is pursuing the beauty of North City. He takes him and Yin Guo to North City.

Yin Guo walks into the cafeteria with Lin Yiyang. She asks him what he wants to eat. He offers to eat beef noodles because it’s her birthday. She goes to the kitchen to look for the ingredients. Meng Xiaodong wonders why Lin Yiyang wanted to eat the noodles.

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Lin Yiyang reveals his teacher’s wife cooked the noodles for him when he took part in the game. Meng Xiaodong tells Lin Yiyang that he tasted the noodles as well. Yin Guo walks out of the kitchen. She reports it to Lin Yiyang that she only found the pasta.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 17 Ending

Yin Guo thinks she’s having an affair with Lin Yiyang when he hugs her at the parking lot. Meng Xiaodong shows up behind them. Lin Yiyang realizes that Meng Xiaodong ended the talk with Lin Lin. Meng Xiaodong asks Yin Guo to leave with her. She shakes hands with Lin Yiyang.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 17 stars Zhao Jinmai, Wu Lei and Wang Xingyue.

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