The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

The Legend of Shen Li Episode 2 begins with Xing Yun taking Shen Li home. He helps her take a bath. But she bites him when he’s close to her. She flies to the tree after he poured water to her. She decides to stay in house because she thinks the yard can help her recover.

Xing Yun Buys Shen Li Meat

The Legend of Shen Li

Xing Yun prepares dinner for Shen Li. But she wants to eat meat. She persuades him to sell the ginseng to earn money. But he rejects it because he plans to save some people with the ginseng. She plans to help him. She tries to turn the stone into gold.

But she fails. She’s furious to kick the stone. Her foot is hurt. Xing Yun watches it. He takes the money from under the flower pot. He decides to go to buy some meat. She stops him when he’s going to go to the market. She volunteers to join him because she thinks she can turn stone into gold if she gets sunshine.

He reminds her that the people will cook her if she goes to the market with him. He offers to use a rope to tie her. But she asks him to hug her. He hugs her to the market. The butcher asks Xing Yun to buy his meat. But Xing Yu is lack of money.

Shen Li asks Xing Yun to give the stone to her. He comforts her that he has a way. The fortune teller tricks the young master. He asks him for the money when he tells him that he will get a girlfriend. But Xing Yun asks the young master to return home because his house is burning.

The young master leaves with the money because he thought Xing Yun and the fortune teller tricked him. The fortune teller makes a bet with Xing Yun. He promises to give some money to him if he loses. But Xing Yun needs to give the chicken to him if he loses.

Shen Li is furious to have a fight with the fortune teller. Xing Yun protects her. The young master returns. He reveals his mother has been dead if Xing Yun didn’t tell it to him. He asks Xing Yun to accept his meat. Xing Yun accepts the meat. He asks the fortune teller for the money.

Xing Yun and Shen Li return home. Shen Li mentions the fortune teller’s wife beat the fortune teller after he returned home. She asks Xing Yun if he can tell fortune. He admits it but he points out that he needs to drink medicine because the heaven punished him for leaking the secret. Shen Li wonders if Xing Yun added the supplement in the food. He denies it because he has no money to buy the supplement.

The lady visits Xing Yun when she thinks he’s the immortal. But she’s taken away by her brother. She asks Xing Yun to tell her about the whereabouts of her husband before she leaves. We learns that the lady Yun Niang’s husband asked her to wait for him before he left.

Yun Niang’s brother asks Yun Niang not to look for her husband. But she insists on doing so. Shen Li remembers the soldier passed away in the field. His family cried in front of him. Yun Niang begs Xing Yun to tell the fortune to her. But he tells her to leave.

She cries to leave with her brother. Shen Li realizes that Xing Yun saw something. But he denies and returns to his room. Shen Li follows Yun Niang because she sensed the smell on her body. Yun Niang stays in her room alone. Her brother leaves.

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Shen Li sneaks into Yun Niang’s room. She sees her husband. She sneezes when she tries to leave. Yun Niang’s husband sees her. He chases her and hurts her. Yun Niang sees Shen Li. Xing Yun stuns Yun Niang. He walks into her house. He tells Shen Li to leave with him.

The Legend of Shen Li: Episode 2 Ending

Xing Yun prepares the enchantment for Yun Niang and her husband. Shen Li finds out that the two turned into the looks when they’re young. Xing Yun asks Shen Li to tell what she wants to say to Yun Niang and her husband because he cannot maintain the enchantment too long.

The Legend of Shen Li Episode 2 stars Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin.

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