Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 19 Recap

This is the recap for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 19. The lady prepares the meal for Jiang Yang. She asks him if his injury needs to get a surgery. He admits it but he plans to wait for a while. She persuades him to get the surgery fast so that he can recover soon.


Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 19

But Jiang Yang reveals he’s very busy. He plans to have a talk with Lin Yiyang after the game. He asks the lady about the medical result of his teacher. She reveals the result was the same. She intends to cook an egg for him. But he wants to leave.

She asks him to take the supplements to Lin Yiyang. Because her mother treats the guy as her son. Lin Yiyang walks into Jiang Yang’s room. He sees the supplements on the table. Jiang Yang reveals the supplements were given by someone else. He asks Lin Yiyang to eat it up when Lin Yiyang realizes that the supplement came from his teacher.

Jiang Yang wishes Lin Yiyang to go to see their teacher. But Lin Yiyang rejects it because he worries that he will make his teacher angry. He leaves Jiang Yang’s room. He walks into the billiard room. Jiang Yang shows up behind him.

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He reveals he chose the best table because he knew he wanted to give the table to Yin Guo. He learns that he had a fight with Yin Guo. He decides to sleep at his place because he knows Yin Guo won’t visit him. Yin Guo cannot sleep when she lies in the bed. Zheng Yi calls her.

Zheng Yi thinks the two had a fight. Yin Guo admits it. Zheng Yi teases Yin Guo. Yin Guo reveals Lin Yiyang wasn’t happy after he ran into her mother. She adds that he didn’t call her. Zheng Yi persuades Yin Guo to contact Lin Yiyang first. But Yin Guo wishes Lin Yiyang to apologize to her.

She reveals she planned to have a meal with Lin Yiyang. Zheng Yi reminds Yin Guo that Lin Yiyang is going to take part in the China Open. She thinks the two won’t see each other within two months. Zheng Yi cheers Yin Guo up. She persuades her to go to sleep.

Lin Yiyang cannot sleep in his room. He takes a look at his phone. Jiang Yang wakes up. He persuades Lin Yiyang to go to buy Yin Guo breakfast. Lin Yiyang leaves his room. Yin Guo has breakfast. She tries to leave. But her grandmother stops her. She persuades her to care for her health. Yin Guo gives her grandmother a hug. She reveals the car of her club is going to come to pick her up. She goes out.

The people of the club are waiting for Yin Guo in the car. The girl gets off the car to welcome Yin Guo. She wonders why Yin Guo asked them to pick her up since her boyfriend came. Yin Guo explains it to girl that her boyfriend has a business. The girl helps Yin Guo take the bag. They get in the car.

Lin Yiyang takes the cab to arrive Yin Guo’s house. He carries the breakfast. Yin Guo looks outside in the car. The girl Wen Xiao wonders why Lin Yiyang didn’t take part in the China Open last year. She thinks Lin Yiyang’s rank isn’t low than Jiang Yang if Lin Yiyang did it. But Yin Guo disagrees to what Wen Xiao said.

Lin Yiyang is by the lake. He texts Yin Guo. He wishes to have a talk with her. He has breakfast. The car arrives at the service area. Everyone gets off the car except Yin Guo. The driver asks Yin Guo watches the car. He goes to have breakfast.

She takes out her phone from the bag. She sees his message. She calls him when he sits on the swing. He reveals she’s outside her house. He brought the breakfast to her. But she reveals she has left the city. He passes by the motorcycle store. He’s interested in the motorcycle. The driver returns. He intends to share the noodles with Yin Guo. But she rejects it. He calls his son. He asks him to take his mother to hang out because he had a fight with his mother.

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