Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 39 Recap

This is the recap for Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 39. Xiao Yuehou walks into the palace. He sees Ling Buyi. He wonders if Ling Buyi recovered. Ling Buyi denies it. He reveals he needs to talk about the business. Emperor Wen persuades Xiao Yuehou to let his son marry Fifth Princess.


Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 39

Xiao Yuehou doesn’t want to accept the marriage. Emperor Wen forces him to accept it. Cheng Shaoshang walks out of Empress Xuan’s palace. She runs into Crown Princess. She reveals she came to look for Madam Liang. She sees Liang Shang and his wife Qu Lingjun.

The couple comes to greet Fifth Princess and Crown Princess. Qu Lingjun thinks they should leave because Emperor Xuan’s birthday party is over. Crown Princess mentions Qu Lingjun’s child. Qu Lingjun and her husband are embarrassed. Crown Princess laughs. She thinks there would be a prince if Qu Lingjun married Crown Prince.

Fifth Princess introduces Cheng Shaoshang as Ling Buyi’s wife to Qu Lingjun. Qu Lingjun is happy to reveal that Ling Buyi only eight years old when she knew him. Liang Song tries to leave. But Crown Princess keeps him. She wonders why he and Qu Lingjun didn’t go to East Palace.

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She mentions Qu Lingjun and the princess were friends. Qu Lingjun claims that she won’t go to East Palace. She thinks it’s good for everyone. Crown Princess is happy to leave. Fifth Princess tries to have a talk with Qu Lingjun. But Qu Lingjun leaves with her husband.

Fifth Princess feels bad for Qing Lingjun because she thinks Qing Lingjun’s husband isn’t good. She wonders if she lived well in Liang family because she saw her husband being rude to her. Cheng Shaoshang comforts Fifth Princess that Qu Lingjun lived well because Liang Shang is a good officer.

Liang Shang tries to take Qu Lingjun away. But the eunuch stops Qu Lingjun. He tries to give the present to her. But she doesn’t want to accept the present. He refuses to take back the present. Liang Shang accepts the present for Qu Lingjun. The eunuch leaves. Liang Shang opens the present. He’s furious to get in the carriage. He drags Qu Lingjun into the carriage. He bullies her. Crown Princess watches it from the city wall. She smiles.

Ling Buyi walks into Empress Xuan’s palace. He reports to Empress Xuan that Qu Lingjun killed her husband. He reveals Qu Lingjun did it at noon. Crown Prince doesn’t believe Qu Lingjun would do that because he was seeing her at noon yesterday.

Yuan Shanjian tries to take away Liang Shang’s dead body from Liang family. But his uncle stops him. Yuan Shanjian thinks it’s not a family business. He orders his followers to take away Liang Shang’s dead body. But Liang Shang’s mother stops him. She cries to tell the people that Yuan Shanjian helped Qu Lingjun.

We return to Empress Xuan’s palace. Crown Princess blames her husband for dating Qu Lingjun. Crown Prince reveals he went to see Qu Lingjun because Qu Lingjun had been beaten by Liang Shang for ten years. He blames Crown Princess for giving his handkerchief to Qu Lingjun.

He thinks Qu Lingjun was beaten because of her. She complains to him that she wasn’t happy when he thought of Qu Lingjun. He mentions there’s nobody liking her in the palace. She’s furious to ask him to go to Qu Lingjun. He yells at her when he swears to clear Qu Lingjun’s name. He tells her to get lost. She wishes Qu Lingjun to pass away in the prison because she hates her very much. She claims that she won’t help Qu Lingjun when she glares at him. She leaves Empress Xuan’s Palace.

We return to Liang family. Liang Shang’s mother reports to the people that Yuan Shanjian beat her. Yuan Shanjian swears to invite a person to talk about the family case. He leaves with his followers. Liang Shang’s mother blames Qu Lingjun for killing her son when she cries.

Liang Xia swears to go to report Crown Prince. But Lord Liang stops him. He lets the bodyguards lock the door. He thinks it’s nothing even if Qu Lingjun had an affair with Crown Prince. He threatens to look into how did Liang Shang’s mother became madam. Liang Shang’s mother yells at Lord Liang when she intends to fire him and Qu Lingjun from the Liang clan. She leaves with her son Liang Xia. Qu Lingjun asks Lord Liang not to help her because she actually saw Crown Prince.

Emperor Wen kicks Crown Prince in his palace. He lets him go to jump into the river. Crown Prince gets on his knees to Emperor Wen. He cries to tell his father that he worries that Qu Lingjun will be wronged even if he’s dead. Emperor Wen swears to depose Crown Prince.

Crown Prince claims that he didn’t have an affair with Qu Lingjun. Emperor Wen points out that nobody is going to believe Crown Prince. Crown Prince doesn’t care for it. It makes Emperor Wen think Crown Prince cannot be the crown prince.

Empress Xuan cries to ask Emperor Wen to trust his son. Emperor Wen lets Ling Buyi go to look into the case. Ling Buyi walks out of Emperor Wen’s palace. He finds out that Cheng Shaoshang is eavesdropping the conversation. He stops her and she asks him to take her to look into the case.

She claims that she does it for Empress Xuan. Ling Buyi thinks Crown Prince is a bad crown prince because Crown Prince chose a wrong crown princess. But she wishes to help Crown Prince and Qu Lingjun because she thinks the two are good people.

Ling Buyi agrees to take Cheng Shaoshang to go to look into the case. But he asks her not to bring trouble. He holds her hand and he leaves with her. They go to Liang family. They walk into Liang Shang’s room. Liang Xia reveals Qu Lingjun has confessed that she killed her husband.

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