The Last Immortal: Who Is Qing Lin?

The Last Immortal introduces Qing Lin as Devil Queen. Who Qing Lin is? Here is what we know.

The Last Immortal: Who Is Qing Lin?

Qing Lin

Qing Lin is a nine-tailed fox like Hong Ruo before she becomes Devil Queen. But she’s not a princess of Fox Clan. So she’s jealous of Hong Ruo. He decides to take the man from Hong Ruo after she knew Hong Ruo likes Lin Mo. She pretends that her core is broken.

She asks Lin Mo to get together with him when she tells him that she’s going to die. She turns into a demon in Devil God’s help. She kills many immortals and monsters. She absorbs their their powers. But what she did is known by true god Yi He.

Yi He sends her to Abyss Prison. She plans to get the power of Phoenix Jade. She lets her followers draw Hong Yi to Abyss Prison. She leaves the prison with Hong Yi. She plants Demon Flower in his body. She intends to take revenge. She chooses Hong Yi’s body.

But Hong Ruo uses her power to protect Hong Yi. So Qing Lin takes Hong Ruo’s body. She uses her body to get together with Lin Mo. She begins her evil plan. She works with the traitors of Immortal Realm Hua Mo and Feng Ming. She kills Lan Feng and the immortals in Great Lake Mountain.

She wrongs Hong Yi as a killer. A Yin believes that Hong Yi is innocent. So she releases him. It makes Gu Jin kill A Yin. Qing Lin confesses what she did to Hong Yi and Gu Jin. Gu Jin knows his aunt did many things for him. But it’s too late. Hong Ruo sacrifices herself for not letting Qing Lin hurt more people. Qing Lin flees after she lost Hong Ruo’s body.

Qing Lin is the villain we hate most. She kills many people and she fools many people. She’s the main reason Gu Jin killed A Yin. She watches the immortals and the monster kill each other. She enjoys it when she gets benefit from it.

But she’s also deeply affectionate woman. She can give everything to Lin Mo if he takes a look at her. But he only has Hong Ruo in her eyes. She uses Hong Ruo’s body to date Lin Mo even if he knows what he loves is the woman she hates most.


Qing Lin is pretty. She’s like a poisonous rose which hurts anyone who’s close to her. She wears a purple dress with a purple crown. Her face is good looking. Her lips are soft. It makes people want to kiss her. But we know she’s evil when she speaks.


She’s very sly. She hates immortal clan and monster clan. She gets the mind of her own. She knows to retreat when her rival is powerful. She’s heartless to kill her rival when her rival is weak.

Who Plays Qing Lin in The Last Immortal?

Qing Lin is played by Liu Li. It’s her first time to play a role in a Chinese drama. Her acting isn’t bad as a rookie. She’s also a single mother. She just had her 21 years old birthday. She will be famous actress if she keeps playing more roles. Because she has a good looking face.

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