Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 3. Lin Yiyang takes Yin Guo to walk into the restaurant. Wu Wei is waiting for them. He waves at Yin Guo. She’s shy to go to the restroom. Wu Wei complains to Lin Yiyang that he dressed up for eating a bowl of noodles with him.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 3 Recap

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 3.

Lin Yiyang tries to sit with Wu Wei. Wu Wei stops Lin Yiyang. He persuades him to sit across from him. But Lin Yiyang rejects it because he thinks Yin Guo will be embarrassed. He asks the restaurant owner to take out the menu. Wu Wei asks Lin Yiyang about the menu.

Lin Yiyang reveals the restaurant owner made a menu for regular customer. Wu Wei wonders how did Lin Yiyang ran into Yin Guo. Lin Yiyang reveals he ran into Yin Guo in the billiard room. He adds that Yin Guo came to take part in the nine-ball game.

Yin Guo returns. Wu Wei reveals he’s one of the nine-ball game player. He shakes hands with her. She wonders if he and Lin Yiyang are classmates. He reveals he and Lin Yiyang are childhood friends. He plans to return to China with Lin Yiyang if he doesn’t find a job in Finland.

Yin Guo thinks Wu Wei is Lin Yiyang’s best friend because he intended to stay in Finland for him. She wonders why she did see him in nine-ball game. He reveals he has played snooker before. She orders a bowl of noodles. Lin Yiyang leaves with the menu.

Yin Guo reveals she’s looking for a house. Wu Wei volunteers to rent his house to her. He plans to ask the landlord about it if she’s interested in it. But she hesitates because she doesn’t know if there’s a billiard room nearby. He takes her to the house. She takes a look at the house. She thinks the house is pretty good.

He asks Lin Yiyang to take her home. He runs away. Lin Yiyang and Yin Guo are on the way home. Yin Guo sees the couple kissing. She’s embarrassed to avoid them. She mentions the hot dog she ate. She’s surprised that Lin Yiyang ate the hot dog before.

He takes her home and he opens the door for her. He leaves. Yin Guo is surprised that Meng Xiaotian came down. He reveals Lin Yiyang asked him to do that. Because there’s a bar downstairs. He thinks Lin Yiyang worried that Yin Guo would run into a drunkard.

Lin Yiyang goes to the store to buy the hot dog. The salesgirl reminds him that the hot dog tastes bad. It seems that he has known it. But he still buys the hot dog. Yin Guo checks Wu Wei’s social media. She learns that Lin Yiyang has feelings for someone. She’s upset. Her ear is hurt. She applies the ointment on her ear.

Lin Yiyang is on the subway. He sends a message to Yin Guo. He asks her if he hurt her ear. She denies it. He returns home when Wu Wei is doing plank. Wu Wei reveals he intended to post the words. Lin Yiyang eats the hot dog. He thinks the food isn’t bad.

He reveals he wanted to taste the hot dog after someone told him that it tastes bad. Wu Wei wonders if Lin Yiyang has feelings for Yin Guo. Lin Yiyang doesn’t reply to Wu Wei. He goes to wash clothes. Yin Guo persuades Meng Xiaotong to go to rent a house with her.

She receives a message from Lin Yiyang who thinks she doesn’t sleep. She reveals she cannot sleep because the noodles were delicious. Meng Xiaotian wonders who sent messages to Yin Guo. Yin Guo conceals the messages. She tells a lie to him that it was Coach Chen.

She asks him about the house. He tells her to he agrees to it if she and Zheng Yi plan to rent a house. She receives the noodles photos from Lin Yiyang. He tells her that he will buy her the noodles if he has a chance. It makes her happy.

Meng Xiaotian plans to move to Wu Wei’s house. But Yin Guo worries that Wu Wei has a girlfriend. He doesn’t believe it because he knows Wu Wei and Lin Yiyang are single. Lin Yiyang returns his room after he washed the clothes. Wu Wei tells Lin Yiyang that he knows he bought them the noodles because it’s his birthday.

He thinks they should order a lobster. Meng Xiaotian mentions Wu Wei’s post that Lin Yiyang has feelings for someone. He reminds Yin Guo that Lin Yiyang is a good person. But she tells him to go to sleep. She sends a message to Wu Wei. She tells him that she agreed to rent the house.

But the landlord doesn’t make the decision because Yin Guo and Meng Xiaotian aren’t students. Lin Yiyang goes to call the landlord because he helped his son before. Lin Yiyang wakes up. He walks out of his room. He’s surprised to see the people of his brother Jiang Yang.

Jiang Yang lets his disciples call Lin Yiyang uncle. But Lin Yiyang tells them to call him Older Brother Six. But Jiang Yang is against it because he thinks it will make his disciples not know how to call him. Lin Yiyang goes to the restaurant.

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The restaurant owner learns that Yin Guo was the girl Lin Yiyang wished to know when he saw her. He wonders how did Lin Yiyang knew the girl. Lin Yiyang reveals it was the snowstorm night. The restaurant owner wonders why Lin Yiyang didn’t talk with Yin Guo. Lin Yiyang reveals he hurt many people with the words. The restaurant owner points out that the girl won’t know Lin Yiyang’s feelings if he doesn’t confess.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 3 Ending

Episode 3 of Amidst a Snowstorm of Love ends with Lin Yiyang taking Jiang Yang to the billiard room. Jiang Yang mentions Wu Wei’s post. He wonders who’s the girl. Lin Yiyang reveals the girl is a Chinese. He worries that the girl doesn’t have feelings for him.

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