The Last Immortal: Episode 23 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Last Immortal: Episode 23. Gu Jin fights with demon flowers in Abyss Prison. He feels painful in his heart. He tells himself that A Yin is waiting for him. Bi Bo treats A Yin. He tells her to hang in there.

The Last Immortal Episode 23 Recap

The Last Immortal

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Last Immortal: Episode 23.

Gu Jin uses his soul sword. He gets the demon essence. He tries to leave. Devil God mentions Gu Jin got Great Lake Mountain involved for one person. Yan Shuang and Qing Yi flee in the bamboo forest. Hong Yi hurts them with his Monster Ring.

Qing Yi is furious to rush to Hong Yi. But Hong Yi stuns Qing Yi. He tries to kill him. Yan Shuang blocks Hong Yi’s way. He tries to kill her with his Monster Ring. She cries after she realized that she will be killed by her lover. She wonders if he will remember her when he wakes up.

She thinks he has been a demon. She feels regret for trusting him. She tears up. He wakes up and he’s hurt for stopping Monster Ring. He asks her to take Qing Yi away. She tries to take Qing Yi to flee. But Hong Yi stuns them. Yu Feng takes the immortals to catch Hong Yi.

Hong Ruo passes by. She helps Hong Yi because her demon powers are in his body. Yu Feng is furious to attack Hong Ruo. She blames the immortals for hurting her nephew. The immortal learns that Hong Yi and Hong Ruo worked together to ruin Great Lake Mountain.

He plans to punish the two. He asks the immortals to deal with the two. Hong Ruo is defeated. She flees. The immortals go to Great Lake Mountain. Yu Feng finds out that Great Lake Mountain was ruined. He cries. The immortal wonders why the enchantment still protects Great Lake Mountain.

Yu Feng reveals the people of Great Lake Mountain sacrificed themselves to make the enchantment. The immortal points out that the souls of the people will be gone if they don’t get into Ghost Realm. He finds out that those people gave up the chance to be reincarnation.

Gu Jin lets A Yin absorb God Pill. She recovers. She thinks she has been dead when he hugs her. He mentions what he told her that she will be fine. He asks her to trust him. He cries. He finds out that something bad happened to Great Lake Mountain.

Gu Jin and A Yin return to Great Lake Mountain. They find out that the place is ruined. Gu Jin tries to touch his brothers Xian Shan and Xian Zhu. But they disappear. Hua Shu reveals all of the people of Great Lake Mountain were killed by Hong Yi.

She thinks Great Lake Mountain was ruined because the people protected Hong Yi. But A Yin doesn’t believe that Hong Yi would do so. She cries and she tries to reach Gu Jin. But he walks away. He gets on knees in front of the palace. He opens the seal of true god. He becomes True God.

Soul Sword turns into a human. He pays his respect to his master Yuan Qi. The gods Hong Chou and Chang Que show up. They came to pick up Yuan Qi. The immortals pay their respect to Yuan Qi. Hong Yi is tied up in Lingyu Palace. He wakes up and he sees Gu Jin and A Yin.

He tells the two that Great Lake Mountain is in danger. He asks them to go to save the people. But Hua Mo reveals Great Lake Mountain is ruined by Hong Yi. Hua Shu asks Yuan Qi to kill Hong Yi. Yuan Qi asks Hong Yi what happened in Great Lake Mountain.

But Hong Yi doesn’t remember what happened. He asks Gu Jin to trust him. Hua Mo scolds Hong Yi. He tells him not to try to play a trick. He shows the Truth Mirror to the people. Hong Yi sees himself hurting Yan Shuang and Qing Yi. He explains it to the immortals that he was possessed by the demon.

The immortals ask Yuan Qi to kill Hong Yi. A Yin is against it. She cries to ask Yuan Qi to make the decision after Yan Shuang and Qing Yi wake up. But he asks the bodyguards to take Hong Yi to Immortal Tower. He plans to use Nine Heaven Thunders to hit Hong Yi.

He believes that the demon is in Hong Yi’s body if what he said is true. Yu Feng reminds Yuan Qi that Hong Yi will be killed if there’s no demon in his body. Yuan Qi plans to let Hong Yi repay his sins if there’s no demon in his body.

Chang Que takes A Yin to Sibing Palace. He reveals Yuan Qi wished her to take care of Yan Shuang and Qing Yi. A Yin walks into the palace. She finds out that Yan Shuang and Qing Yi are falling asleep. The scroll drops. She picks up the scroll and opens it. She sees the people of Great Lake Mountain on the scroll.

She remembers her brothers and her sisters gave the presents to her. She cries because she thinks she made a mistake. Hong Ruo flees to Monster Realm. She learns that Gu Jin is true god. She worries that Gu Jin will find the demon powers she left in Hong Yi’s body.

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She asks the monsters to go to save Hong Yi because she worries that Yuan Qi will hurt Hong Yi. The monsters swear to save Hong Yi. They leave. A Yin visits Yuan Qi. But Soul Sword blocks her because Yuan Qi doesn’t wish to see her. She wonders if Yuan Qi is fine. Soul Sword tells her to leave. She asks him to give the scroll to Yuan Qi. Yuan Qi opens the scroll. He sees the souls of Great Lake Mountain on the scroll.

The Last Immortal Episode 23 Ending

Episode 23 of The Last Immortal ends with Yuan Qi thinking everyone in Great Lake Mountain is gone. Hong Chou mentions what Xian Shan said that Great Lake Mountain will block the disaster for Yuan Qi. Yuan Qi remembers Xian Shan told him that Great Lake Mountain will always support him.

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