Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 3. Bai Jue returns God Realm. He asks Tian Qi and Zhi Yang for the god items. He reveals he has opened Shang Gu’s god vein. Zhi Yang gives the god items to Bai Jue. He persuades him to protect Shang Gu because Shang Gu’s trial is going to come.


Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 3

The demons show up when Shang Gu practices sword in the bamboo forest. She goes to fight with the demons. Bai Jue returns to the bamboo forest. He sees the thunder trial. He blocks the thunder for Shang Gu. He makes a sword. He returns to his house when she’s waiting for him. He gives the sword to her. But he passes out.

Mo Yu reports to Xuan Yi that Shang Gu defeated the demons. Hong Ri gives Bai Jue a treatment. Shang Gu takes out the sword Bai Jue made for her. Hong Ri reveals Bai Jue blocked the thunder for Shang Gu. Shang Gu lets Hong Ri set up the enchantment.

She takes care of Bai Jue and she returns his power to him. The demon reports to Xuan Yi that the enchantment of Lookout Mountain didn’t run well. Xuan Yi decides to go to meet with Bai Jue. Bai Jue wakes up. Shang Gu accepts him as her master. He agrees to work with her. Hong Ri reports to Bai Jue that the demons came to attack them.

Shang Gu and Bai Jue walk into the bamboo forest. They see the demons. Shang Gu is kidnapped when Bai Jue fights with the demons. She’s taken to the lake. Bai Jue protect her when she fights with the demons. She sees the demon flowers. Xuan Yi shows up.

He takes Shang Gu to the house after he locked Bai Jue in the realm. He prepares the shadow play for her. He thinks Bai Jue has feelings for her. Bai Jue breaks the enchantment. He finds Shang Gu. She persuades him to have a talk with Xuan Yi because she thinks Xuan Yi isn’t a bad person. But he hugs her and he tries to kiss her.

Bai Jue shows up. He ruins the shadow. He’s furious to take Shang Gu away. But Xuan Yi chases them. Bai Jue lets Shang Gu to go to look for Zhi Yang. He stays in the Demon Realm to deal with Xuan Yi. Shang Gu runs into Tian Qi and Zhi Yang. She asks the two to go to save Bai Yue. But she learns that it was Zhi Yang’s plan.

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Bai Jue, Tian Qi and Zhi Yang work together to seal Xuan Yi. Xuan Yi swears to take revenge. Shang Gu gets angry after the battle because she thinks Bai Jue used her. Xuan Yi wakes up from the Binding God Stage. We learn that it was Xuan Xi’s plan. He plans to let Shang Gu be chaos god. But his follower worries that Shang Gu is weak. Xuan Xi thinks it’s not a problem because he believes that the gods will ask him a favor. Bai Jue learns that Shang Gu gave her power to him. Hong Ri worries about Shang Gu. Shang Gu gets angry. She regrets for saving Bai Jue.

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