Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 2. The goddesses visit Shang Gu with the presents Bai Jue. Shang Gu agrees to help them. Bai Xue is working in his office. But he’s tangled by the goddesses. The goddesses pour the water to Hong Ri when he blocks their way.


Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 2

Bai Jue decides to go to mortal world after Hong Ri failed to stop the goddesses. The goddesses attend Shang Gu’s birthday party with the expensive presents because Shang Gu helped them. Bai Jue eavesdrops on the conversation. He walks into Shang Gu’s palace. He drives the goddess away when he asks them to take away their presents. He leaves Shang Gu’s palace.

Tian Qi passes by. The goddess reports to him that Bai Jue scolded Shang Gu. Tian Qi visits Bai Jue. Bai Jue complains to Tian Qi that Shang Gu accepted the presents. But he’s told that Shang Gu did it for his answer. Shang Gu gathered the love of the goddesses. She found the monsters.

Tian Qi threatens to let Hong Ri be his servant if Bai Jue doesn’t apologize to Shang Gu. He’s furious to leave Bai Jue’s palace. Bai Jue finds Shang Gu outside. She learns that he has high expectations of her. He gives the bracelet to her. But she thinks the present is too light.

He takes her to the yard. He shows her the swing. She hits him after he sealed his god power. But he’s not hurt. Shang Gu begins to study. Bai Jue leaks the love relationships of Zhi Yang because Zhi Yang told a lie to him that Shang Gu is a good girl.

Xuan Yi sends a letter to Shang Gu. He asks her for a meeting up by the Demon Lake. Bai Jue accepts the challenge for Shang Gu. She returns to her room. She packs her stuff because she intends to flee. But he reminds her that Xuan Yi will find her no matter where she goes.

Tian Qi returns to Shang Gu’s room with Zhi Yang. He finds out that Bai Jue took Shang Gu away. Zhi Yang persuades Tian Qi that Shang Gu needs to shoulder the duty. Bai Jue takes Shang Gu to Lookout Mountain. She tries to flee. But she’s blocked by the enchantment.

Shang Gu studies in her room. But the demons attack her. She runs out of her house. Bai Jue is waiting for her. The demons flee after they saw Bai Jue. Bai Jue reveals Xuan Yi was a chaos god. But the guy betrayed god realm. Bai Jue tries to open Shang Gu’s god vein. But he hugs her. She’s happy when she lies in the bed.

She visits him the next day. She intends to let him train her. But she finds out that he’s sick. She’s on the way to the training place with Hong Ri. He reveals Bai Jue was hurt because of her. She volunteers to help him make herb for Bai Jue.

She brings the medicine tea to him. He decides to teach her how to use sword. But he finds out that Yue Mi didn’t teach her anything even if Yue Mi is a sword master. He grabs Shang Gu’s hand to practice sword because she didn’t remember the sword skills. He watches her when she practices sword alone. But she attacks him.

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