Who Is Baek Hyun-Woo in Queen of Tears?

Baek Hyun-Woo is an orchard prince in Yongdu-ri. His parents send him to study in Seoul. He gets a degree from a law school. He joins Queens Group and he runs into a girl Hong Hae-In who’s not good at using photocopier. He makes a proposal to her. He marries her in Queen of Tears.

Planning A Divorce

Baek Hyun-Woo Queen of Tears

Hyun-Woo hesitates before he marries Hae-In. But she comes to him and she promises not to let him cry if he marries her. He believes in her. But he becomes a slave of her and her family after he married. He’s the son his mother loves. His mother never asked him to do any housework. What he needed to do was to eat.

But he needs to prepare the memorial service for her grandmother when her family does nothing. He’s even asked to give a birth. The baby won’t take his last name if he’s born. But she doesn’t help him when he’s bullied. Grace Go visits Hyun-Woo. She asks him to help her friend win the lawsuit. But he rejects it. She reveals Hae-In wrote a will which made him not get money from her if she passes away. He decides to get a divorce with Hae-In because he thinks she never trusted him.

Hyun-Woo tells it to his family after he skipped his father’s 60th birthday. Her sister Mi-Seon is against it after knowing his decision. But she cannot stop him. He takes out the divorce papers and he goes to Hae-In’s room. He’s going to tell his wife about the divorce.

Knowing Hae-In’s Disease

Hyun-Woo tries to tell Hae-In that he wants to get a divorce with her. But she reveals she has a brain tumor and she’s going to die within three months. He’s very happy after he heard the bad news. Because he doesn’t have to divorce her.

He will get the inheritance from her if she dies. What he needs to do is to make her change her will. He begins to be nice to her. He gives a pair of running shoes to her after her leg was hurt by her heel. He puts his suit on her when she’s outside because he worries that she will catch a cold. He holds her hand and he takes her away in front of people when she has a fight with her mother Seon-Hwa.

But what he does looks suspicious. Hae-In thinks Hyun-Woo plans to get the inheritance from her. But she puts his doubts to rest after she saw him trying to find a way to save her. She thinks he’s the only one who cares for her. She decides to be alive for him. She plans to fund a hospital overseas for healing her disease. But it’s not what he wants.

Rival In Love

Hae-In attends the party for letting Mr. Hermann join her department store. But her enemy reminds her that Mr. Hermann cares for the relationship of his partner. So she texts Hyun-Woo and she lets him come. He comes to the party and he finds out that the guy Eun-Sung is close to his wife. Eun-Sung confesses it to Hyun-Woo that he liked Hae-In. He notes that Hyun-Woo doesn’t care for Hae-In.

Hyun-Woo is jealous after Eun-Sung provoked him. Eun-Sung is invited to the hunt of Hong family. Hae-In is close to Eun-Sung because she needs to use him. She ignores Hyun-Woo when he tries to have a talk with her.

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