Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are 1-2th episodes of Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap, Jin Mi is the next goddess of flowers, but her mother doesn’t want her take the title, and takes the falling pill for her, and wishes she won’t confused by love. But Jin Mi’s fate is changed when she meets Xu Feng.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

Ashes of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Episodes 1-2.

Mu Dan kneels to get Zi Fen’s baby, and Zi Fen asks her to take the falling pill for her baby. She says she will forget her love once she takes the pill, and remembers the wedding scene of god of water and goddess of wind, and hopes her baby won’t be confused by love. She gives the name Jin Mi to her baby, and asks her followers not to let Jin Mi to be goddess of flowers. But they doesn’t want the flower realm without ruler, so Zi Fen lets 24 angels to control the seasons of flower. She focuses on her mind, and knows Jin Mi has love disaster within 10,000 years, and locks her in the water mirror realm.

The carrot tells story to fairies, and hears Jin Mi’s grunt. Mu Dan arrives, and wants to test Jin Mi’s magic arts. But Jin Mi fails, so Mu Dan refuses her will of going out of enchantments, and reminds her today is the memorial day of goddess of flowers. Jin Mi is punished to kneel, and cannot unlock the roots. The beast of pool Yan You saves her, so she has to fix his body with her spirit.

It’s the last day Xu Feng to be a phoenix, so his mother Di Hou asks Liao Yuan to protect him. The god of darkness Run Yu wants to break into since there is an assassin. But Liao Yuan stops him, and the phoenix flies out.

Jin Mi finds a dying crow who broke the enchantments, and drops water on him. She decides to stew him since he doesn’t recover, but the crow transfers into a human. She remembers immortals have pills inside their body, and takes a blade to stab his belly. Xu Feng wakes up, and is furious. Jin Mi is scared, and claims she saved him. He is curious why she has so many mana, and sees the hair pin of locking mana. He stretches his arms, and gets a gold rob since she keeps call him as crow.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Jin Mi takes Xu Feng to the fountain, and he drinks the water. He is furious when she is washing her feet with the springs, and calls her as savage beast. She sees he wants to leave the realm of flowers, and asks him to take her to pay off her saving. Fairies discover there is a bird trying to break the enchantments, and go to catch him. Jin Mi kicks him into the springs to avoid to be caught, but Xu Feng knows nothing about swimming, and passes out. She takes her mouth to get his breath back, and feeds him her treasures. He promises her to take her to heaven.

The Prince of Gu Cheng hears the god of flame get lost, and the Lord of Heaven sent 10,000 warriors to look for his son. The devil king thinks it’s a chance to attack heaven. Tian Di comforts Tian Hou, and tells her that he sent his followers to Xu Feng. She catches the chance to ask him to give the title of crown prince to Xu Feng, and badmouths Run Yu. But he claims Run Yu is a good person.

Xu Feng takes Jin Mi into her pocket, and flies away. The enchantments are broken by him, Hai Tang goes to catch him, but is defeated. Mu Dan finds out Jin Mi disappears, and Lao Hu finds the feather of bird tribe. She thinks the leader of bird tribe Hui He kidnapped Jin Mi.

She visits bird tribe, and confronts Hui He. Hui He asks Que Ling to interrogate their followers, and devil tribe is attacking heaven. She ignores Mu Dan’s request, and hurts her. So Mu Dan has to stop providing bird tribe the foods.

Xu Feng takes his arrows to shoot the Prince of Gu Cheng, but his daughter Liu Ying wants to challenge him. She fails, so the devil king fears Xu Feng as well.

Di Hou finds the ice crystal Xu Feng left, and reports it to Tian Di. He scolds Run Yu, but Run Yu doesn’t admit. Xun Feng runs into Hui He at the heaven, and she finds Jin Mi, and takes her out. Jin Mi tells her that she saved him, so Hui He gives her some magic pills as repaying. Jin Mi knows Xu Feng is a phoenix.

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