Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 31-32

In the 31-32th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Wei Yingluo takes revenge empress for Imperial Concubine Gao by using iron melt to burn her back during the show. Imperial Concubine Gao commits suicide, and tells emperor the true reason why she has to be his empress.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 31

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 31-32.

Imperial Concubine Xian thinks there is no one to pick the lotus root in the moat, it is wasteful. The proposal was praised by queen, who said the queen’s previous management of the palace was focused on saving money, but the she knows opening source. With the support of the queen, Imperial Concubine Xian takes the chance to offer relief for refugees, which was appreciated by the queen even more. Imperial Concubine Gao sees Imperial Concubine Xian is so competent, and is very discontent, but Imperial Concubine Xian has queen’s support.

Imperial Concubine Gao was very dissatisfied with Imperial Concubine Xian, and thinks she took efforts to take down empress, but Imperial Concubine Xian robbed the fruit. Nalan Chunxue understands it, and decides to get rid of Imperial Concubine Xian when she goes out to relieve the disaster to win Imperial Concubine Gao’s favor. Imperial Concubine Xian honors the ladies of the palace and calls everyone together to relieve the disaster. Wei Yingluo is sick, and coughs more than before, the Madam removes her task of disaster relief. Yuan Chunwang thinks Imperial Concubine Xian is a sly woman, but Wei Yingluo ignores his words. He sees she is sick seriously, and carries her to take rest, making Jin Xiu jealous even more.

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Hong Zhou wants to stay at the tomb for three years to show his filial piety, but his actions made the emperor angry. The emperor said frankly that he had acted foolishly before, only obeying his mother’s words, but did not think of himself as a prince. He thinks he destroyed himself by making a fool of himself. After listening to the emperor’s words, Hong Zhou realizes that his brother has high hopes on him, and couldn’t help but feels guilty. The emperor asked him to think about if he would go back to his filial duty or think about what contribution he could make for the country.

Hong Zhou stumbles out of the palace gate and runs into Imperial Concubine Xian who comes to discuss with emperor about disaster relief. She sees his eyes are red, and goes to comfort him, inviting him to be relief with her to benefit people. He is more devoted to her than before, and praises her kindness afte she left.

Wei Yingluo was seriously ill, lying in the house coughing. Jin Xiu intentionally evades disaster, and returns to harm Wei Yingluo. Imperial Concubine Xian takes charge of the disaster relief outside the palace, the number of victims of the disaster are too many, and the scene is chaotic. Nalan Chunxue pretends to be a victim of the disaster, and publicly accuses Imperial Concubine Xian mixing sand in her charity, encouraging the rest of the refugees to mutiny. Seeing the scene go out of control, Yuan Chunwang immediately killed the refugees who led the trouble, and publicly pointed out that the rioters were dressed in luxury were not refugees at all. The refugees are in panic after seeing some people were killed, fortunately Hong Zhou arrived in time, leading the soldiers to seize the rioters, so the disaster relief was able to proceed smoothly. They do not know which one is the real refugee, so Yuan Chunwang offers a solution.

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The grandpa and grandson are beaten by the servant for poor practice, and the grandson cries and feels that they can not go home. The scene is very pitiful. Wei Yingluo tells them that they can go home safely if they take her advise, but the scene is seen by Jin Xiu.

Imperial Concubine Xian follows Yuan Chunwang’s advice and tells the victims that they could only get their rations to set up the soup kitchen. The victims are angry, and feel that they don’t have enough to eat, and the lady wants to torment them. But Imperial Concubine Xian wants to tell them no pain no gain, and screens out the real refugees, because the real homeless refugees don’t care about work once they get the foods. Sure enough, the actual victims are helped. Hong Zhou is more appreciation of Imperial Concubine Xian, which is what she wants, and Yuan Chunwang gets promoted.

Er Qing sees Fu Heng falling asleep outside, and puts a coat on him. He is waken up, and declines her kindness, turning around to leave. She asks him what he thought about his grandfather requests the emperor to give marriage to them, but he doesn’t care, and refuses her politely, hoping that she can choose another person. Er Qing is gaffe in front of Imperial Concubine Chun after hearing his words. Imperial Concubine Chun loves Fu Heng as well, and asks herself if her spending is worth it.

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Jin Xiu knows Wei Yingluo is going to attack Imperial Concubine Gao, and writes a letter to tell Imperial Concubine Xian about it. But Imperial Concubine Xian doesn’t take action since she wants to take benefit from it. Emperor hears that Imperial Concubine Xian did a good job in relief, and praises her. She catches the chance to mention that Imperial Concubine Gao preapared a show for queen’s birthday party.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 32

Imperial Concubine Gao performs the show for emperor since he is interested in it, and walks to the stage. But the spark was moved by Wei Yingluo, and Imperial Concubine Gao is burned. Imperial Concubine Xian is burned as well for protecting emperor.

Emperor thinks assassins are intention to do it, and asks his followers to search the palace. Hai Lancha thinks Yuan Chunwang looks weird when he takes a tumbrel to pass through. But he gets nothing, so he searches Wei Yingluo’s house. Imperial Concubine Gao refuses to be applied ointment because she is afraid of scar. So emperor forces her to get treatment, and Ye Tianshi finds out she isn’t damaged by iron melt but manure water.

Yuan Chunwang warns Wei Yingluo to be careful after he recognizes the assassin is her friend. But she denies, and tells him not to interfere business. Emperor tells Imperial Concubine Xian that the assassin is vicious to pour manure water on Imperial Concubine Gao, and makes her get infected. Imperial Concubine Xian is pleased.

Imperial Concubine Gao is anxious, and thinks she is going to die. Imperial Concubine Xian tells her the skins on her back are festers, Imperial Concubine Gao threatens to take revenge. Imperial Concubine Xian tells her she added manure water in the iron melt, and claims it doesn’t work to inform emperor as she saved him.

Imperial Concubine Gao asks maid to call emperor, and does the farewell to him. He tells her to take a break, but she wants to dance for him. She leans in his arms, and begs him to let her mother sleep in her family’s grave. This is why she wants to be empress.

Gao Bing wants to see Imperial Concubine Gao, but she denies, and kills herself with a cloth. Emperor feels guilty as he never loves her, so she pretends to be tough. Imperial Concubine Xian smiles after taking revenge.

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