Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 3-4

In the 3-4th episodes of Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap, Jin Mi leaves flower tribe in Xu Feng’s help, and becomes his disciple. But she is greedy to eat rosefinch eggs, and lost her magical power of 300 years. Meanwhile Mu Dan fears Jin Mi’s love disaster, and allies with dark force.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

Ashes of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Episodes 3-4.

Emperor scolds Run Yu for hurting his brother, but Run Yu shows his wound to emperor, and claims he wasn’t intention to murder Xu Feng. Jin Mi wants to get Xu Feng’s mana after knowing he is a phoenix.

Xu Feng explains to emperor that he was attacked by ice crystal, and fell into wilderness. Emperor is pleased after knowing he defeated 100,000 devils, and wants to give the title crown prince to him. But Xu Feng claims he doesn’t want any reward, and Queen is furious.

Xu Feng cures Run Yu’s wound, and thinks the assassin is tough since he can damage Run Yu. Run Yu is curious why the assassin knew water spell, but didn’t fear flame spell. Queen hears Xu Feng and Run Yu get along well, and fears her son gives the throne to Run Yu. She orders her follower to watch on Run Yu.

Jin Mi sees a beast falling asleep, and goes to touch him. But the beast transfers into a boy Yue Xia. She talks with him about Xu Feng, and knows he is his uncle. He invites her to his office, and she accepts it.

She asks him about Daluo Jin Deity, and wants him to get her friend Rou Rou’s life back. Yue Xia tells her to stay at his office, and practices her magical arts to save her friend.

Jin Mi asks Yue Xia to pick flower honey for her, but he tells her the goddess of flowers destroyed all of the flowers at the heaven, so emperor had to use cloud to replace flower. He borrows the book “Tianxiang Mitu” to Jin Mi since she knows nothing about love. But she is only interested in increaing her magical power.

Jin Mi is bullied by Run Yu’s pet, and she thinks his job is to raise beasts. She gives a gift to him, and thinks he has good future. Jin Mi made flowers with Yue Xia’s red threads, and draws immortals lining up to visit her. Xu Feng’s follower wants the flower as well, and gives her two rosefinch eggs as rewards, and claims it will increase magical power of 300 years.

But she gets sick after eating the rosefinch eggs, and asks Yue Xia a favor. Xu Feng saves her, but she lost her magical power of 300 years at the same time. Yan You sneaks into the god of flame’s palace after sense Jin Mi was in danger, and sees her having nightmare of losing Rou Rou. Xu Feng isn’t happy after knowing the appointment of 100 years between Jin Mi and Yan You, and returns the magical power to Yan You for her.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

Xu Feng agrees Jin Mi to be his student after Yue Xia teached her to pretend to be weakness. The people who hurt Xun Feng and Run Yu want to ally with flower tribe, but Mu Dan doesn’t want to be involved into the war. She worries about Jin Mi’s love disaster, and agrees the ally. But she has to tell the people that Jin Mi’s true background.

Xu Feng teaches Jin Mi the spells, but she grumbles. He tells her not to take shortcut, and sits face to face to train. Hui He visits Xu Feng’s palace, and bribes Jin Mi with magical pills, wish she can ask Xu Feng about his will to Hui He. Jin Mi is curious why fairies like Xu Feng, and they asks her to deliver love letters to him. Xu Feng is cold to Hui He, but he is interested in her foods.

Jin Mi runs into Xian Shi who calls her as immortal. She is pleased, and gives him a red thread as gift. Jin Mi asks Yue Xia how to confirm the man’s feelings. He thinks she wants to confess to someone else by mistake, and gives her the dating books. Xu Feng test Jin Mi’s magical spell, but she isn’t improvement, and trips to lean in his arms when giving him the dating books.

Yue Xia runs into Run Yu, and ties a red thread on his. Run Yu tells him not to waste time on him, and reveals he has engagement with god of water and goddess of wind’s daughter. But they live separately, and Run Yu’s fiance is too far to him. He asks Yue Xia about new fairy in his office, and knows her name is Jin Mi.

Xu Feng keeps transferring Jin Mi into other substances, and she is furious to move to Yue Xia’s house. Kuang Lu works at Run Yu’s palace, and he thinks she is a spy. So he bullies her, but Kuang Lu is pleased in her works.

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