Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 5-6

In the 5-6th episodes of Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap, Xu Feng is injured by Qiong Qi to save Jin Mi, and she kisses him while feeding him with medicine. Jin Mi doesn’t have any feeling because of falling pill, but Xu Feng is flurried.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 5

Ashes of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Episodes 5-6.

Jin Mi gives the letter to Xu Feng like before, but he returns it to her, and says the letter is for her. Xing Shi kisses Jin Mi when she is reading the letter, and leaves. Jin Mi steals a bag of rice dumplings to supply herself with magical power, but she finds out she only got one year of magical power after eating 20 rice dumplings. She is furious to blame God.

She hears Xu Feng hasn’t eaten his rice dumpling, and wants to steal it. He asks her to steam the rice dumpling with her spell. She says that it tastes terrible to him since she wants to eat it, but he is interested in it after hearing her words. She promises him the flower cake to exchange the rice dumpling, and feels powerful since the it contains 500 years of magical power.

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Ji Du asks Jin Mi to marry Xing Shi since she kissed him, but he flees after Xu Feng pulled out the hair pin from Jin Mi, and he transferred into a female.

Yue Xia hears Jin Mi is a girl, and prepares a red clothes for her. He sees goddess of flowers Zi Fen after she changed the clothes.

Xu Feng is stunned by Jin Mi’s new looks, and Hui He thinks she is too flaunting. Xu Feng invites Jin Mi to watch drama at the marriage house, and she tells him not to go the place with fairies. He is pleased, and thinks she fell for him. But she just wants to get more magical power from him. He takes her to see the monsters he shot, but she thinks he wanted to give her a lesson.

Lao Hu seeks refuge with Yue Xia after he was driven away by Mu Dan, and recognizes Jin Mi. He wants to take her to complete his task, but Yue Xia doesn’t want her to quit. Just then the monster Qiong Qi appears, and Jin Mi goes to take revenge her friend. Run Yu shows up to protect her, and Xu Feng shoots Qiong Qi.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 6

Xu Feng is hit by Qiong Qi to protect Jin Mi, and emperor shows up, and defeats Qiong Qi. Emperor is curious why Qiong Qi shows up after being sealed over 900 years. Xu Feng thinks it’s related to devil king, and volunteers to go to devildom catching Qiong Qi. Emperor gives him the sword of heaven to arrest Qiong Qi.

Xu Feng is frustrated after knowing after knowing she is going to quit, and agrees her to take away some of his spell books. But he vomits blood, and needs to take rest to recover. Jin Mi thinks he pretends to be tough, and takes off his clothes to check the wound. He tells her not to take off clothes for others, and she wants to give him the Frosted Ganoderma.

The Frosted Ganoderma is a rare medicine, so he promises her 300 years of magical power if she can grow it. But she did it then. He is curious why a fairy could grow the rare medicine. She fears his regret, and bites the Ganoderma to feed him. She doesn’t have any feeling to the kiss because of falling pill, but he is flurried.

Jin Mi decides to go to devildom with Xu Feng, and hides in his sleeve. But the boatman asks her to catch the ship, so she has to goes out. He tells her there was a woman who looks like her, arguing with a man when she was going to drink the Wang Chuan water.

Jin Mi wants to buy a rabbit ornament, but the seller asks her to exchange with her magical power. Run Yu shows up, and pays it for her with his magical power. Xu Feng ‘s face falls, and gives more magical power to seller. Jin Mi knows Run Yu isn’t fishman, but god of darkness.

Jin Mi wants to feed his deer with grasses, but Run Yu points out that his pet only eat dream, and explains to her the dreams he ate. The deer vomits a yellow ball after Run Yu went to have meal, and Jin Mi sees Xu Feng kissing a fairy who has same looks with her from the ball. But the ball is broken by Liu Ying.

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