Avatar: The Last Airbender: Who Is Jet?

Avatar: The Last Airbender introduces Jet as a fighter who wants to guard his kingdom. But Katara finds out that Jet plans to kill the king of the Earth Kingdom. Who is Jet? Here is what we know.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Who Is Jet?


Jet is a citizen who lives in Omashu. He trusts the king Bumi very much. But he feels betrayed after his parents were killed by the spies of fire nation. He plans to kill the king. He runs into Katara when she’s going to get into the city with her Avatar Team.

Jet helps Katara and her team get into Omashu because he falls for her. But Sokka doesn’t like the guy because he knows he plans to get his younger sister. Katara and Aang find the airbender Teo. Teo lets them live in his house. He introduces his father Sai to them.

Katara tails Sai. She finds out that Sai is having a deal with the spy of the fire nation. Jet joins her. They have a fight with the spies of the fire nation. Jet takes Katara to his camp. She doesn’t know how to use water bending because she’s not out of the sadness that she lost her mother.

Jet persuades Katara to think about the good moment. She remembers the good moment that there’s a sunrise when her mother works. She uses the water bending. Jet invites Katara to join his team. She rejects it because she needs to accompany Aang to the northern water tribe.

Katara returns to Teo’s house. Sokka tells her that Jet is a bad guy. But she doesn’t believe it. She wants to prove that Jet is innocent so she goes to see Jet. She finds out that Jet’s team member switched Sai’s suitcase. She realizes that there’s a bomb in Sai’s suitcase.

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Jet knows Katara plans to go to stop Sai. He comes to persuade her. He tells her that the king Bumi deserves the death because he doesn’t protect his people well. But Katara points out that there will be many people being killed if Jet kills Bumi. She uses her waterbending to freeze him.

She and Sokka go to chase Sai. She stops the boy when the boy intends to shoot Sai’s suitcase. The king Bumi is watered by Katara. He realizes that there’s a killer. He asks his soldiers to go to catch the spies of fire nation. But the soldiers catch Aang.

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