Avatar: The Last Airbender: Who Is Sai?

Avatar: The Last Airbender introduces Sai as the traitor of earth kingdom. But he has a deal with the spy of fire nation for protecting his son Teo. Who is Sai? Here is what we know.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Who Is Sai?


Sai is a mechanist who lives with his son Teo in the earth kingdom. He works for the king of the earth kingdom because of his talent. But he chooses to sell his airship to fire nation. He thinks what he does won’t hurt anyone. But Admiral Zhao uses Sai’s airship to attack the northern water tribe.

Admiral Zhao uses his knife to kill the moon spirit. It makes the water benders of the northern water tribe lose their powers. Many of water benders are killed by the fire benders of fire nation. Aang and his friends arrive in Omashu.

He sees a guy flying in the sky. He mistakes that the person is an air bender. But he finds out that the person Teo just used his aircraft to fly. Teo introduces Aang to his father Sai. He reveals his aircraft was made by his father.

He tells Aang that his was a brave person. But his father lost his guts after his mother was killed by the fire benders. Teo is excited after knowing Aang is the Avatar. He takes him to the cave where the fire nation spies hid bombs. But they find out that the bombs were created by Jet.

Katara tails Sai. She finds out that he’s having a deal with the spy of fire nation. She reports it to Sokka. But he has a fight with her because he thinks Jet is a bad person. Sai admits it to Teo that he sold the airship to the spy of fire nation.

But he doesn’t believe that the fire benders can use the airship to attack the earth kingdom. Teo is disappointed in his father. Aang is caught by the soldiers of the earth kingdom. Because they mistake them as a spy of fire nation.

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Katara and Sokka plan to get into the palace of the earth kingdom to save Aang. They ask Sai to help them. But Sai tells the two that he cannot take them to the palace. But he provides them a tunnel for them. It makes Katara and Sokka save Aang when Aang is having a fight with the king of the earth kingdom Bumi.

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