How Does Aang Save His Friends from Koh The Face Stealer?

Aang takes his friends Katara and Sokka to the spirit world to look for the missing villagers. But Katara and Sokka are caught by Koh The Face Stealer in Avatar: The Last Airbender. How does Aang save his friends from Koh The Face Stealer. Here is what we know.

How Does Aang Save His Friends from Koh The Face Stealer?

Koh The Face Stealer

Aang, Katara and Sokka visit the village after they were chased by the fire benders. Sokka runs into a girl who is scared when she sees Aang and Katara. The Avatar Team follows the girl to her house. They see her father. The father tells the Avatar Team that many villagers disappeared after the fire benders burned the forest.

The Avatar Team decides to go to look for the missing villagers. Aang realizes that the villagers went to the spirit world. He finds the shrine. He knows the shrine can help him get into the spirit world. He begins to prepare for getting into the spirit world.

Katara and Sokka choose to guard Aang. But Aang drags his friends to the spirit world by mistake. Sokka throws a fit to Aang because he worries that he will be hurt. The knowledge spirit an owl tells the Avatar Team that they need to face the truth. She flies away.

Katara and Sokka thinks it’s not a problem to face the truth. They’re attacked by Hei Bai the forest spirit. They’re lost in their pasts. Koh The Face Stealer catches the chance to catch the two when they show their weakness.

But Koh The Face Stealer cannot catch Aang because he’s an Avatar. He recognizes him that he was the one who stole his mother’s statue. He asks him to return the statue to him. Aang is confused. He asks Koh to return his friends to him.

Koh is furious to drive Aang out of his nest. Aang finds a house. He’s surprised to see his friend Gyatso. Gyatso tells Aang to go to see the previous Avatar Roku who lives in the fire palace. He promises to wait for him. Aang goes to the fire palace.

He finds out that the great sage has betrayed Roku. He sees Roku in someone’s help. Roku tells Aang that he didn’t defeat Koh but he stole Koh’s mother’s statue. He tells him that Koh cares for his mother very much even if he’s a demon.

Aang walks out of the fire palace. He finds out that the great sage has been stunned by the bounty hunter. June catches Aang and she hands over Aang to Zuko. Because Zuko was the one who hired June. But Admiral Zhao takes Aang away from Zuko.

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He takes Aang to the base of fire nation. Zuko goes to the base to save Aang. Aang returns to the spirit world. He returns Koh’s mother’s statue to Koh. Koh releases Aang’s friends. Aang goes to the house to look for Gyatso. But Gyatso disappears.

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