Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 16 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 16. Yan Hui tells Tian Yao that he’s punishing himself. She tells him that it breaks her heart. She hugs him and tells him that the past wasn’t his mistake.

Does Huan King Survive?

Back From the Brink

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 16.

Yan Hui tells Tian Yao to forgive himself because he has punished him for many years. She tells him that she insisted on cross the line because she has feelings for him. He’s startled to step back. She tells him that she wasn’t forced by fox medicine this time.

But Tian Yao cries to tell Yan Hui that he doesn’t have a heart. She smiles to tell him that she’s going to lend him her heart. But he rejects her. He’s heartless to walk away. Yan Hui drinks and falls asleep. Tian Yao gets into her Mind Sea. He gives his power to her. She wishes her to be happy after he took back his body.

Dragon Tooth flies to Tian Yao. Tian Yao holds the sword. He thinks Dragon Tooth came back because he wishes him to protect Yan Hui. But he cannot give up the revenge. Huan Xiaoyan sighs. She wonders when she will heal Huan King. She thinks Huan King feels uncomfortable in the ring.

Bai Xiaosheng tells Yan Hui to change a man. She learns that he wishes her to give up. He tells her that Tian Yao isn’t match her. Tian Yao shows up with Dragon Tooth. Huan Xiaoyan recognizes the sword. Tian Yao saves Huan King with Dragon Tooth.

Bai Xiaosheng asks Huan King to explain the black power to them. Huan King thinks Bai Xiaosheng is devil. Bai Xiaosheng admits it. He blames Huan King for attacking him. Huan King explains to Bai Xiaosheng that he mistook that he was the villain who ruined his clan.

Huan King leaks that the person came from Blue Hill. He adds that the person drew people into Misty Forest for collecting black power. Yan Hui wonders why Immortal Clan and Monster Clan don’t know it. Tian Yao asks Huan King if he remembers the looks of the devil.

Huan King tells Tiao Yao that the devil has a pair of most scary eyes. Bai Xiaosheng asks Tian Yao if he believes what he said. Tian Yao decides to help Bai Xiaosheng since he’s locked up by black power as well. Bai Xiaosheng reminds Tian Yao that he will be killed by him.

Yan Hui tells Bai Xiaosheng that Tian Yao won’t kill him. Bai Xiaosheng flees because he thinks nobody is going to protect him. Huang Xiaoyan notes that Huan King is going to disappear like the people in the forest. She cries. He wipes off her tears.

Huan King tells Huan Xiaoyan that she’s the wish of Illusion Clan. He tells her to wear the ring. He disappears. Yan Hui wonders why Huan Xiaoyan didn’t set up a monument for Huang King. Huan Xiaoyan tells Yan Hui that she wishes Huan King to be freedom.

Huan Xiaoyao asks Tian Yao to go to Blue Hill with her because she wishes to take revenge. He reminds her that the revenge path is arduous. She thinks there’s no justice if she lets the devil go. But Bai Xiaosheng tells Tian Yao and Yan Hui to resolve his problem first.

Yan Hui tells Bai Xiaosheng to wait until Tian Yao takes his body back. She thinks it won’t work because she and Tian Yao aren’t real couple. But Bai Xiaosheng worries that Tian Yao will runs into Su Ying again. Tian Yao promises to help Huan Xiaoyao. But he cannot give up Dragon Valley.

Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 16 Ending

Episode 16 of Back From the Brink Chinese Drama ends with Yan Hui finding Tian Yao. She asks him what happened to the kids. He stabs her and apologizes to her. Dragon Scale gets into his body. Tian Yao flies away. Yan Hui collapses.

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