Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 8. Su-Hyeok greets Yoo-Jung when he has a video chat with her. She invites him to their housewarming. She wonders why Bo-Ra puts the belt on her neck. She puts the belt on her head.


Bo Ra! Deborah

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 8.

Bo-Ra invites Su-Hyeok to her housewarming. But he rejects it. She closes the laptop and blames Yoo-Jung. Yoo-Jung mistakes that Bo-Ra blames her because of the present Jin-Woo bought her. She claims that she should use it since it was bought by her lover.

Bo-Ra thinks Yoo-Jung came to show off her bag. It makes Yoo-Jung believe that Bo-Ra is jealous. Bo-Ra worries that they don’t have anything to eat. Yoo-Jung tells Bo-Mi to order some foods. Bo-Ra volunteers to order the foods. Someone rings the doorbell.

Yoo-Jung thinks it’s Jin-Ho. Because she asked him to move the bed. Bo-Mi goes to open the door after she was told that Jin-Ho is very handsome. Yoo-Jung introduces Jin-Ho to Bo-Mi after Jin-Ho got into the house. Bo-Mi and Jin-Ho recognize each other.

Yoo-Jung asks Bo-Mi if she knows Jin-Ho. But Bo-Mi denies it. She tells Jin-Ho that she doesn’t wish the people know that he knows her when they’re alone. Because she doesn’t wish the people know that she encountered him at a club.

Someone rings the doorbell. Bo-Ra mistakes that her food came. She goes to open the door. She sees Su-Hyeok. She’s startled to close the door. She opens the door again and welcomes him. He walks into the house and sees Yoo-Jung’s bag. He mistakes that she’s going to leave.

Yoo-Jung explains to Su-Hyeok that her husband bought her the bag. Su-Hyeok thinks it’s a good news. He shakes hands with Jin-Woo. Bo-Ra gets a call from someone. She tells Yoo-Jung that the food was sent to her previous house.

Bo-Ra walks out of her house with Su-Hyeok. She feels sorry for bringing the trouble to him. He’s surprised that he was the only one who drove the car. He gives her a ride and brings up the day. He claims that he doesn’t remember anything because he was drunk.

Bo-Ra and Su-Hyeok return home after they got the food. Jin-Woo tries to take away Yoo-Jung’s bag. But she rejects it because the bag was given by her lover. Bo-Ra wonders why Yoo-Jung did it to Jin-Woo. Yoo-Jung mentions what Bo-Ra told her that Jin-Woo will buy her bag again if she enjoys it.

But Bo-Ra tells Yoo-Jung that she did it too much. She thinks the hoodie is small to Jin-Ho because she had a hoodie before. She asks him about his Ms. Destiny. She wonders if he took her advice. She tells him to look for another Ms. Destiny because she thinks the girl didn’t contact him.

Bo-Ra thinks the girl is a player. But Jin-Ho disagrees to what she said. He thinks she will like the girl if she sees her. He tells her that he likes the girl very much. Yoo-Jung looks at Jin-Ho’s eyes. She thinks he’s blinded by something. She mentions Jin-Woo had the eyes before.

Bo-Mi tries to recommend Bo-Ra to Su-Hyeok after knowing he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Bo-Ra stops her younger sister. Yoo-Jung leaks that Jin-Ho fell for a pyramid scheme before. Su-Hyeok pours Bo-Ra a drink. She’s very happy. They take a group photo.

Bo-Mi goes to take out the garbage. Jin-Ho helps Bo-Mi. But she blames him for falling for the pyramid scheme. She thinks he’s a fool. He asks her if she has a boyfriend. She denies it. He’s happy to tell her that he wishes to contact her.

Su-Hyeok tells Bo-Ra that he believes she will like his present. He reveals the present is a reading lamp. She’s happy to play the lamp when she lies in the bed. She buys herself a necklace. She works at the cafe. He finds her at the cafe. He asks her about her plan when she’s eating the snack.

Bo-Ra thinks Su-Hyeok only cares for his business. She tells him that she’s think about her plan. He doesn’t believe that she has the ability to flirt with a man. He asks her to show it to him. She flirts with him. But he laughs to tell her that she failed.

Su-Hyeok tells Bo-Ra that they cannot publish her book if she doesn’t come up with a plan. She tells him that she plans to break up with Ju-Wan because she thinks her previous breakup isn’t good. She mentions the impression was terrible when her ex-boyfriend dumped her.

Su-Hyeok learns that Bo-Ra wishes to change the impression through the breakup. He thinks it’s interesting. They leave the cafe and walk on the street. Bo-Ra thinks she needs to see Ju-Wan before she dumps him. She plans to make a chance encounter.

Bo-Ra walks into the restaurant. The restaurant owner is happy to see Bo-Ra because she thinks she came with Ju-Wan. But her smiling is frozen when she sees Su-Hyeok. Bo-Ra mentions Ju-Wan comes to the restaurant often. She thinks Ju-Wan won’t forget the noodles even if he forgets her.

Su-Hyeok believes that the restaurant is the best place when he eats the noodles. Bo-Ra asks Su-Hyeok about the impression he left to Yu-Ri. He leaks that he gave the cold medicine to Yu-Ri after she had broken up with him. Bo-Ra thinks Su-Hyeok left a terrible impression to Yu-Ri because he was nice to Yu-Ri.

Su-Hyeok remembers Bo-Ra told him that he will think of her when he lies in the bed. He doesn’t believe that he will do so to her. But he cannot sleep because of her. He goes to the company. Sang-Jin wonders why Su-Hyeok has the long face.

Su-Hyeok confesses that he didn’t sleep well. He asks Sang-Jin about the last impression he left to his ex-wife. Sang-Jin leaks that they were at the court. Jin-Ho texts Bo-Mi. He tells her that he wishes to eat pork cutlet with her.

Bo-Mi agrees to it. It makes Jin-Ho happy. Yoo-Jung stares at Jin-Woo when he works. She asks Bo-Ra if her husband is attractive. Yoo-Jung thinks many girls like her husband because he owns many restaurants. Bo-Ra realizes that Yoo-Jung loves Jin-Woo very much. She laughs.

Jin-Ho tells Bo-Ra that he’s going to go out with the girl he loves. He asks her what he needs to do. Yoo-Jung tells Jin-Ho to confess his feelings to the girl in front of people. But he worries that the girl will dislike it. Yoo-Jung tells Jin-Ho that there’re many girls wishing to get the confession. Bo-Ra agrees to what Yoo-Jung said.

Jin-Ho is excited to run away. Yoo-Jung sees Jin-Ho off. She believes that he will get rejected by the girl. Bo-Ra agrees to what Yoo-Jung said. She thinks the girl will run away. Su-Hyeok shows up. He hands over the proposal to Bo-Ra. She reads the proposal. She praises him.

Su-Hyeok asks Bo-Ra about the ending she’s going to write. She reveals the ending is about La La Land. She tells him that she plans to make the man sad. She takes Su-Hyeok to mall to buy the black dress. He wonders why she took him to the place since she’s good at choosing dresses.

Bo-Ra tells Su-Hyeok that she wishes him to give her advice from men’s side. Sang-Jin remembers Su-Hyeok asked him about the last impression he left to his ex-wife. He remembers his ex-wife told him that he will be lonely all his life when he asked her to eat with him.

Sang-Jin calls Su-Hyeok. He asks him to eat with him. Su-Hyeok is lost when he sees Bo-Ra walking out of the fitting room with the black star dress. She tries to return to the fitting room because she thinks he doesn’t like the dress as well. But he stops her so that she bought the black dress.

Sang-Jin doesn’t wish to eat alone. U-Ri shows up. She asks Sang-Jin if he had lunch. He denies it. So she tries to give her food to him. But he rejects it and intends to step outside since she’s going to have lunch. But she comforts him that she’s fine.

U-Ri makes a heart on the food. Sang-Jin thinks U-Ri likes hearts. She denies it and tries to confess her feelings to him. But the employees return to the company. Bo-Ra runs into Yu-Ri. Yu-Ri is happy to see Bo-Ra. She tells her that she worried about her.

Yu-Ri sees Bo-Ra meeting with Su-Hyeok before she leaves. Jin-Ho sings a love song for Bo-Mi and confesses his feelings to her. He tries to hand over the flowers to her. But she doesn’t accept his flowers and she walks away. She returns and runs to him. He’s happy to hug her. She scolds him and tells him to leave with her.

Jin-Ho explains to Bo-Mi that her older sister and Yoo-Jung told him to do so to her. She thinks he bragged the girl he saw again. He denies it and tells her that he likes her very much. She tells him to continue to like her. She asks him to take her to have lunch.

Jin-Ho follows Bo-Mi. He tells her that he wishes to hold her hand. She holds his hand and asks him if he’s happy. Su-Hyeok remembers Bo-Ra to him to pick her up. He goes to pick her up. But she walks slowly. She gets in his car to wait for Ju-Wan.

Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 8 Ending

Episode 8 of Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama ends with Su-Hyeok asking Bo-Ra about the feelings after she broke up with Ju-Wan. She tells him that she wishes to sing. So he takes her to the Karaoke Club. He tells her to sing. But she worries that she will cry.

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