Battle for Happiness K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Battle for Happiness K-Drama: Episode 1. A woman kills herself at home. She’s sent to hospital. Mi-Ho takes a look at the woman’s photo. She complains that the woman drank the wine at the bar when she doesn’t have money to pay her sister’s lesson.

Is Ji-Yul Allergic to Peanuts?

Battle for Happiness

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Battle for Happiness K-Drama: Episode 1.

Mi-Ho has lunch at the restaurant. Mi-Ho’s mother calls Mi-Ho. She asks her if she took medicine. Yoo-Jin cooks at home. She shows the snacks she just cooked to the maid. The maid flatters Yoo-Jin. Yoo-Jin posts the snack photos. She tells people that she made some snacks for her children.

Yoo-Jin visits Jung-A and brings the snacks. Jung-A tastes the snack. She goes to her room. Yoo-Jin is unhappy when she sees the snack Jung-A just ate. Jung-A comes back and gives the presents to Yoo-Jin. She tells her that she bought her children the presents when she went shopping.

Yoo-Jin goes to see Na-Young. She gives her the snacks as well. Na-Young thinks Yoo-Jin could bought the snacks. Yoo-Jin reminds Na-Young that she cannot buy homemade snacks. Na-Young takes a photo with Yoo-Jin. She sends the photo to her husband.

Na-Young tells Yoo-Jin to wait for her downstairs. Yoo-Jin gets in the elevator. She sees the scar on her face. She receives the message and finds out that Jung-A posted the snack photos without mentioning her name. She blames her for doing so to her. She sees the ugly photo Jung-A posted. She tells her to use better photo.

Yoo-Jin arrives at the kindergarten. She finds out that her daughter Ella hid in a cabinet. Ella walks out of the cabinet. Yoo-Jin asks Ella if she played hide-and-seek with Ms. Jo. She tells her to go to play with her friends. Yoo-Jin smiles at A-Ra. She asks her if Ji-Yul did well in school.

A-Ra tells Yoo-Jin that Ji-Yul is very smart. But she found out that Ji-Yul seem depressed. She tells Yoo-Jin to care for Ji-Yul. But Yoo-Jin tells A-Ra to care for Ji-Yul in the school. The teacher tells the mothers that she summoned them because of the upcoming performance.

The teacher reveals they plan to perform a musical Red Shoes. She adds that the one who plays Snow White will be photographed by a famous photographer. But Jung-A thinks her son won’t like it because a girl is the main role. But Yoo-Jin thinks the principal will try her best to be fair.

Na-Young thinks the one who sings best will be chosen. She decides to let her daughter take the musical class. Principal comforts Na-Young that the audition will be fair. But the mother brings up the case which happened two years ago.

Principal comforts the mothers that the audition will be managed by the experts. Na-Young agrees to what Principal said. She tells the mothers to have fun. The teacher sees Yoo-Jin off. She thinks there will be a chaos. A-Ra joins the teacher. She asks her what happened.

The teacher reveals the mothers redid the audition after So-Won was chosen to be the child model. She mentions someone gave peanut candy to Ji-Yul. A-Ra thinks Ji-Yul won the audition. But the teacher tells A-Ra that the winner was someone else.

Yoo-Jin returns home with her children. She remembers what the other mothers said. She laughs. Ji-Yul notes that her mother laughed. She asks her why she did so. She tells her that she wishes to do Peter Pan instead of Red Shoes.

But Yoo-Jin tells Ji-Yul to focus on Snow White. She reminds her that everyone will be jealous of her if she posts her Snow white photo. Mi-Ho hands over the papers to the director. She tells him that they will chose a winner from the papers.

Mi-Ho sees Yoo-Jin’s photo from those papers. Mi-Ho remembers the past of her and Yoo-Jin when she’s in the restroom alone. She cries. Jin-Seob asks Mi-Ho about Yoo-Jin. But Mi-Ho reminds Jin-Seob that he will be late for the gathering.

Mi-Ho returns home. She tries to drink. But she sees the family photo of her and her mother Gang-Sook. She takes a look at the group photo of her and Yoo-Jin. She thinks Yoo-Jin hasn’t changed. She places the photo on the table. She drinks up the wine.

Jin-Seob tells Mi-Ho to call the clients. But she excludes Yoo-Jin. It makes him believe that she was upset because of Yoo-Jin. But she tells him not to cross the line. The director tells Mi-Ho to call the rest clients because Jin-Seob is very busy.

Mi-Ho has to call Yoo-Jin. But Yoo-Jin pretends not to know Mi-Ho. Jung-A calls Yoo-Jin when Yoo-Jin is stealing Na-Young’s package. Yoo-Jin tells Jung-A that she cannot attend the gathering because her daughter is sick. She gives the lines to the mothers.

The mothers like the lines of Snow White. But Ji-Ye only knows to eat the food. She tells Jung-A that she wants to make sure if the audition is fair. Yoo-Jin tears Na-Young’s dress to make sure her dress is unique. Ji-Yul sings the song. Yoo-Jin takes a photo of Ji-Yul. She tells the mothers that her daughter practices the song. She thinks her daughter will be the snow white.

But Jung-A worries that Ji-Yul won’t achieve her goal because she’s shorter than other kids. Mi-Ho remembers Yoo-Jin pretended not to know her when she called her. She thinks she’s a bitch. She tells the director to do a photoshoot with the winner when he asks her about her plan.

Mi-Ho thinks the president will like it if Yoo-Jin posts the photoshoot on her social media. The director likes Mi-Ho’s idea. But he thinks the grand prize winner is better than Yoo-Jin. Jin-Seob kicks the vending machine because it ate his coin.

Mi-Ho gives her coins to Jin-Seob. He tells her not to work hard because he thinks they became slaves. He asks her about the relationship of her and Yoo-Jin. He thinks she looks like that she was dumped by her ex-girlfriend. But she tells him not to write the novel. She finds out that she saved Yoo-Jin’s number. She blames herself for doing so.

Ji-Yul gives the best performance when she does the audition. Principal praises Ji-Yul. Na-Young is jealous because her daughter cried when she sang. Yoo-Jin invites Na-Young to her party. But Na-Young tells Yoo-Jin that she has another plan.

Ji-Ye asks Yoo-Jin to let her daughter So-Won join the rehearsal. Yoo-Jin agrees to it. So-Won cries in the car. She thinks she sang better than Ji-Yul. Ji-Ye agrees to what So-Won said. Na-Young believes that Yoo-Jin stole her daughter A-Rin’s dress. She’s furious to break into Jung-A’s office. She tells her to do something.

Na-Young thinks her husband won’t stand it if he finds the truth. Jung-A reminds Na-Young that she has a husband as well. She asks her if she wishes her to do the do-over. She asks her about her reason. She leaks that Principal hired Jung-Hwa.

Na-Young remembers the magazine Yoo-Jin hold. She thinks Ji-Yul took Jung-Hwa’s class. But Jung-A thinks she cannot deal with Yoo-Jin because Yoo-Jin has more followers than Na-Young. She still decides to do something because the audition wasn’t fair.

Yoo-Jin posts the swimming photo of the kids. She tells the mothers to join them. She tells Ji-Ye to order the snacks because the children are hungry. Yoo-Jin finds out that Mi-Ho followed her when Ji-Yul is eating the snack. She remembers she pushed Mi-Ho over.

Ji-Yul coughs after she ate the snack. Yoo-Jin walks to Ji-Yul. She asks the mother what happened to her daughter. The mother reveals Ji-Yul ate the peanut by mistake. Yoo-Jin shows the snacks to the mothers. She asks them who ordered the snacks.

Ji-Ye cries to tell Yoo-Jin that she forgot that Ji-Yul cannot eat peanut. Yoo-Jin asks Ji-Ye if she intended to kill her daughter. She tries to take her to hospital. But Ji-Yul swallows the snack. Ji-Ye asks Yoo-Jin if her daughter is actually allergic to peanuts. Yoo-Jin takes Ji-Yul away. Ji-Ye smiles.

Yoo-Jin takes Ji-Yul to the car. She blames her for not spiting out the snack. But Ji-Yul tells Yoo-Jin that she’s not allergic to peanuts. Yoo-Jin is furious to close the car door. She passes by the hospital. She takes a photo of the hospital.

Yoo-Jin posts the photo. She tells people that her daughter went to see a doctor. Mi-Ho is waiting for the bus at the bus stop. She remembers Jin-Seob told her that Yoo-Jin married a rich husband. She goes to the hospital to see her mother Gang-Sook.

Yoo-Jin finds out that nobody replied to her after she posted the photo. She runs into Na-Young who tells the mother that Yoo-Jin told a lie to them. Yoo-Jin gets a call from Mi-Ho. Yoo-Jin hangs up. Mi-Ho takes a look at Yoo-Jin’s social media. She finds out that she lived well.

Battle for Happiness K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Battle for Happiness K-Drama ends with Jung-A thinking they should give Yoo-Jin a chance to explain it. Mi-Ho gets off the elevator. She runs into Yoo-Jin. Yoo-Jin tells Mi-Ho that she wishes to have coffee with her.

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