Bitch X Rich K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Bitch X Rich K-Drama: Episode 1. Hye-In thinks she shouldn’t be envy of people because nothing will be changed. The parents protect and ask for closing down Cheongdam International High School. Yool-Hee wonders how long the parents are going to protest when she’s in the car with Woo-Jin.

Is Hye-In Rich?

Bitch X Rich

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Bitch X Rich K-Drama: Episode 1.

Woo-Jin thinks the parents will be happy if he lets their children get into the high school. Yool-Hee laughs to slap Woo-Jin. Ga-Young takes out the expensive bag from the locker. She tells her friend that the bag was bought by her father.

The couple walk into the restaurant. But they’re told that the restaurant is fully reserved. Hae-In eats alone at the restaurant. So-Mang walks into the store. He sees the motorcycle. The seller tells So-Mang to get off the motorcycle when So-Mang rides on the motorcycle.

So-Mang tells the seller that he’s going to buy the motorcycle. But the seller thinks So-Mang cannot afford to buy the motorcycle because he’s just a student. So-Mang takes out his mother’s card. He tells the seller that he’s going to use the card to pay the bill.

Do-Eon gives the present to Hae-In. But Hae-In refuses to accept the present because she feels burdened. He’s furious to throw the present into the trash can. The teacher interviews Je-Na. She mentions she let the rich girls bully poor girls. He tells her to defend herself.

The teacher tells Je-Na that he has the evidence. But the follower reports something to the teacher. The students break into the room. They claim that they were the ones who bullied those poor students. Je-Na tells the teacher that his laptop was made by her company. She tells him that she can give a new laptop to him. She thinks she’s a royal. Hye-In tells Bitch X Rich that she’s going to curse those rich girls. She walks into the lobby and looks at Je-Na. She wishes to be like Je-Na.

Hye-In runs out of the classroom. She gets on the bus and arrives at the house. She finds out that she didn’t dress up well. So she wears the glasses. She rings the doorbell. She tells the maid that she came for the teacher position.

The maid takes Hye-In to see the madam. Hye-In tries to eat the cookie. But the madam tells Hye-In that the cookie is very expensive. Hae-In has to drop the cookie. She mentions the madam’s daughter is going to get into Cheongdam International High School. She takes out the lessons she prepared.

But the madam points out that the exam is based on money and connections. She tells Hye-In that she hires her because she doesn’t wish her daughter to feel stressed. Hye-In runs into the convenience store. She thinks she’s not late.

But the boss tells Hye-In to come ten minutes early. She tells him that she will come early if he pays her more wages. He points at the person who sits behind Hye-In. He tells Hye-In that the woman has waited for her. He thinks the woman is homeless.

Hye-In hands over the food to the woman Sun-Joo. She tells her to wash her hair. Sun-Joo points out that there’s no hot water at home. Hye-In thinks Sun-Joo should be the teacher. She wonders why she likes so since she came from Hanguk University.

Sun-Joo thinks mentioning Hanguk University won’t change the fact that she’s poor. She mentions the doctor passes away as well even if he masters the medical skills. Hye-In has a nosebleed when she studies. The girl tells Hye-In that the teacher wishes to see her.

Hye-In goes to see the teacher. She’s told that she cannot get scholarship even if her grades are good. The teacher tells Hye-In that he gave the scholarship to the student because she has a hard time more than her. He reveals the student’s parents are dead. But she thinks it’s not her business.

Hye-In is on the way to the classroom. She remembers what the teacher told her to let her parents pay the money. She runs into the girl. The girl wishes to get training with Hye-In because she heard Hye-In is going to go to New Zealand. But Hye-In tells the girl that she won’t go to New Zealand.

Hye-In returns home. She notes that her father’s leg hurt again. Hyeong-Koo reveals his leg hurt when he took a short walk. She mentions what she told him to take a taxi. But he tells her to face the reality. But she thinks she will be a beggar if she does so.

Hye-In walks into her room. She finds out that her brother lies in her bed. She tells him to leave her room. Na-Yeon takes photos when Hye-In teaches her the lesson. Na-Yeon thinks it’s basic manners to share the photos after she went shopping.

Na-Yeon asks Hye-In if the bag she just bought is pretty. Hye-In points out that she saw same bag before. Na-Yeon tells Hye-In that the bags aren’t same. She hands over the bag to her. Hye-In takes a look at the bill in the bag. She finds out that the cost can help her go to New Zealand.

Hye-In tells Na-Yeon not to waste the money on the bag. She thinks she doesn’t need the bag. She tells her that she wouldn’t buy the bag if she was her. Na-Yeon tells Hye-In that she’s going to give one of her bags to her. Hye-In tries to grab the bag.

But Na-Yeon takes the bag away. She laughs to mention Hye-In wished to get the bag when she told her that she would get it for free. She thinks she’s a poor girl. She throws away the bag and goes to bathroom. Sun-Joo laughs when she drinks the wine.

Bitch X Rich K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Bitch X Rich K-Drama ends with Hye-In grabbing the wine. She drinks it. Sun-Joo takes her wine back. She thinks Hye-In is insane. Hye-In complains to Sun-Joo that life isn’t fair. She thinks the gods are dead. Sun-Joo tells Hye-In that the world has a petty side to the poor.

Hye-In goes to Na-Yeon’s house. The housekeeper tells Hye-In that Na-Yeon will be late. Hye-In sees the bag. She remembers what Na-Yeon told her that she’s a poor. Hye-In takes the bag. She looks herself in the mirror. She thinks she’s not pretty.

Hye-In takes a photo. She posts the photo and asks her followers if she’s pretty. Na-Yeon returns home. Hye-In puts the bag back. Hye-In arrives at the school. The classmates think Hye-In pretended to be poor. Hye-In goes to the restroom to read the comments of her fans. She finds out that they’re envy of her. Yeo-Jin drags Hye-In to the hallway. She asks her if she’s rich. Hye-In decides to be a rich girl because the world takes rich’s side. She admits to her classmates that she’s rich.

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