Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 10. Qi Sile reads the oath that she agrees to be Song Haoyu’s wife. Song Haoyu remembers what Master Qi told him that he wishes Qi Sile to find the man who loves her.

Does Song Haoyu Love Qi Sile?

Please Be My Family

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 10.

Song Haoyu promises Master Qi and Madam Qi that he will take care of their daughter all his life. Master Qi applauds. Qi Sile is moved. She’s asked to put a ring on Song Haoyu. But she doesn’t prepare the ring. Xuan Xuan runs to Song Haoyu. She hands over the ring to him.

Song Haoyu opens the ring box. Qi Sile is shocked when she sees the ring. He tells her that he’s going to make her dream come true. She’s surprised that he made the diamond according to her design. He mentions what Xuan Xuan told him that her works are her treasures.

Song Haoyu tells Qi Sile that he knows she delayed her dream for Xuan Xuan. He puts the ring on her ring finger. He kisses her. She tells Please Be My Family that she believes love at that moment. He looks at the brooch. He remembers he kissed Qi Sile. He keeps the brooch.

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Qi Sile tries to knock at the door of Song Haoyu’s room. She remembers Song Haoyu drank. She tries to return to her room. But she sees Li Xin on Hao Jun’s back. Li Xin tells Hao Jun that she doesn’t wish Qi Sile to leave. But she needed to see Qi Sile’s happiest moment.

Li Xin asks Hao Jun if she was brave. He drops her and tells her to talk about it after she returns to her room. But she tells him not to move. She hugs him and thinks he made her feel safe. He thinks she’s drunk. She tells him that she knows he wishes to be loved.

Li Xin thinks Hao Jun looks like a kid. But he tells her not to smile at him. He tries to kiss her. But the light stops him. Hao Jun goes to Song Haoyu’s room. He tells him to give up his past. But Song Haoyu tells Hao Jun that Qi Sile just accompanied him to act.

Hao Jun thinks Qi Sile and Song Haoyu should live a good life since they’re couple. Song Haoyu tells Hao Jun that there’s no love in their marriage. Qi Sile hears what Song Haoyu said when she intends to give him the noodles she cooked.

Song Haoyu tells Hao Jun that he told Master Qi that he will be nice to Qi Sile because he couldn’t read the oath. He tells him that he can only give a promise to Qi Sile. He thinks he made mistake from the very beginning. Qi Sile cries when she eats the noodles.

Song Haoyu tries to help Qi Sile carry the suitcase. But she rejects it. She leaves with him. Song Haoyu asks Qi Sile what happened to her. He mentions they promised to act in front of people. She tells him that she felt uncomfortable. So he asks her about her health. She tells him that it’s not related to him.

Song Haoyu claims that he’s taking the duty as a husband. She thinks he does it because he promised her father. She tells him that she wishes him to love her. She thinks he cannot give his love to her. She promises to act to be a good wife.

Song Haoyu shows the ring to Qi Sile. He reminds her that she left the ring in the study. She thinks she cannot take care of children if she wears the ring. She tells Song Haoyu that she needs to take Xuan Xuan to the hospital because Xuan Xuan is going to get surgery.

Song Haoyu plans to come home early. But Qi Sile tells him that she just informs him. Qi Sile takes Xuan Xuan to walk out of the hospital after Xuan Xuan got tested. They see Song Haoyu. Xuan Xuan asks Song Haoyu if he came to pick them.

Song Haoyu admits it. He hugs Xuan Xuan and takes her home. Qi Sile tells herself not to be nervous. Song Haoyu comforts Qi Sile that the doctor was very confident. She tells him to leave because she needs to prepare food. He hugs her from her back.

Qi Sile thinks Song Haoyu hugged her because of Master Song came. He tells a lie to her. He walks into her room when she falls asleep. Xuan Xuan calls Song Haoyu. But he tells her not to wake Qi Sile up. He promises her that he will accompany her to beat little monster. She tells her that she will wait for him.

Qi Sile wakes up. She receives the message from Song Haoyu who promises to come back before surgery. Xuan Xuan doesn’t like the patient clothes she wears. Master Song comforts Xuan Xuan that he will buy her anything she likes. She agrees to it and mistakes that Song Haoyu came back. She finds out that it’s another kid’s father.

Please Be My Family Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Ending

Episode 10 of Please Be My Family Chinese Drama ends with the nurse telling Xuan Xuan that she’s going to take her to the operating room. But Xuan Xuan rejects it. Qi Sile apologizes to the nurse. She thinks Xuan Xuan is just nervous. She volunteers to accompany Xuan Xuan to the operating room.

But Xuan Xuan rejects it. She cannot tell Qi Sile the reason. The nurse tells Qi Sile to let the kid prepare for it. She tells her to go outside to sign the agreement. Qi Sile follows the nurse outside. The nurse tells Qi Sile that Xuan Xuan’s heartbeat will stop during the operating.

Qi Sile is upset. Song Haoyu shows up behind Qi Sile. He tells her to leave the agreement to him. He signs the agreement. The nurse leaves. Song Haoyu hugs Qi Sile. He tells her that Xuan Xuan will be fine. Xuan Xuan runs to Song Haoyu. He hugs her.

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