Behind Your Touch K-Drama: Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Behind Your Touch K-Drama: Episode 11. Jang-Yeol tells Ok-Hui that Seon-Woo is the killer. She asks him to arrest Seon-Woo. But he thinks Jong-Muk will arrest him instead if he tells him that Seon-Woo is the killer.

What Happens In Behind Your Touch K-Drama Episode 11?

Behind Your Touch

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Behind Your Touch K-Drama: Episode 11.

The episode begins with Jang-Yeol telling Ok-Hui and Gwang-Sik that they need solid evidence to catch Seon-Woo. He asks Ye-Bun to touch Seon-Woo. She remembers Ju-Man stayed with her mother before her mother died. Seon-Woo plays the shooting game with the kid Justin.

Behind Your Touch episode 11 mentions Ok-Hui tells Justin that his father is looking for him. She takes him to see Jong-Bae. Jong-Bae is happy when he sees his son. He finds out that Justin got a teddy bear. Seon-Woo leaks that he won the teddy bear for Justin. He asks Jong-Bae if he was looking for his son.

Jong-Bae denies it. Ok-Hui explains to Seon-Woo that she mistook that Jong-Bae missed his son because Jong-Bae’s eyes were getting teary. She asks Jong-Bae if he misses his son. He admits it. She asks him to go to take a look at the photos with her.

But Jong-Bae needs to take care of the booth. Ok-Hui tells Seon-Woo to do it for Jong-Bae. He agrees to it. Jong-Bae leaves with Ok-Hui. Seon-Woo takes a look at the chair. He walks to the chair and he watches the holes on the chair.

Jang-Yeol shows up. He tells Seon-Woo that he was looking for him. He asks him to have a seat on the chair. But Seon-Woo rejects it. Jang-Yeol heard Seon-Woo made the chair. He asks him if he learned woodworking. Seon-Woo tells Jang-Yeol that nobody taught woodworking to him.

Jang-Yeol wonders why Seon-Woo worked at the convenience store. Seon-Woo confesses to Jang-Yeol that he wanted to kill people. He thinks he wished to hear the answer from him. He wonders why he keeps suspecting him. He thinks he didn’t do anything wrong.

Jang-Yeol tells Seon-Woo that he did it because of his instinct. Seon-Woo points out that Jang-Yeol doesn’t have any evidence. He leaves. Gwang-Sik eats the noodles with Jang-Yeol. He volunteers to go to touch Seon-Woo. But Jang-Yeol is against it. He worries that Seon-Woo will hurt Gwang-Sik. He intends to catch Seon-Woo on his own.

Jang-Yeol walks Ok-Hui out of the police station. He thanks her for helping him. But she claims that she did it for Ye-Bun. Ye-Bun tries to leave with Ok-Hui. But Jang-Yeol stops her. He asks her if something happened to her. She denies it and she walks away.

How Does Ye-Bun Know Ju-Man Had Feelings for Her Mother?

Hyeon-Ok drinks alone at home. She remembers she saw Mi-Ok’s cover when she met with Jong-Muk in the car. Ye-Bun returns home. She tries to go to her room. But Hyeon-Ok stops Ye-Bun. She’s happy to run to her. She hugs her. She admits to her that she’s drunk.

Hyeon-Ok tells Ye-Bun that she’s proud of her. She thinks she’s an outstanding woman. She asks her if she wants to go to see her mother. Ye-Bun nods. Hyeon-Ok and Ye-Bun go to see Mi-Ok with flowers. Hyeon-Ok tells Ye-Bun that she’s like her mother.

Ye-Bun wonders what her mother was like at her age. Hyeon-Ok leaks that Ye-Bun’s mother helped many people. Ye-Bun wonders why her mother killed herself. She wishes to read her mother’s mind. Hyeon-Ok points out that nobody knows what Mi-Ok thought because she didn’t leave any note.

Ye-Bun wishes her mother to tell something to her. Hyeon-Ok leaks that Mi-Ok told Ju-Man that she has a hard time. She thinks Mi-Ok didn’t tell it to them because they’re her families. Ye-Bun realizes that Ju-Man and her mother were close.

Hyeon-Ok reveals Ju-Man had feelings for Mi-Ok when he was young. The madam is called to the police station. She complains to the cop that she knows nothing. Jang-Yeol shows up. He wonders why the people are at the police station.

Deok-Hee leaks that the people came because of Ji-Suk’s murder case. Jang-Yeol tells the people to leave. Jong-Muk scolds Jang-Yeol when he stops him. Jang-Yeol explains to Jong-Muk that he thinks the people didn’t kill Ji-Suk. Jong-Muk tells Jang-Yeol to find to real culprit if he’s sure.

Mi-Ran reports to Jong-Muk that Chief Lee wants to see him. Jong-Muk walks into Chief Lee’s office. Chief Lee is happy to give Jong-Muk a hug. He asks him to have a sit on his chair when he tries to drag him. Jong-Muk stops and he asks Chief Lee what happened.

Chief Lee thinks Jong-Muk should take his seat because he’s not going to catch the killer. Jong-Muk denies it. He tells Chief Lee that he hasn’t return home for three days. Chief Lee believes what Jong-Muk said. But he kicks his knee.

Jong-Muk goes to see the redevelopment protester. He takes out a photo and he asks her about the woman in the photo. She recognizes the woman and she tells him that the woman is the chairperson who takes a kid in Behind Your Touch. He wants to contact the chairperson. But she tells him that the woman passed away.

Does Ju-Man Tell A Lie to Ye-Bun?

Ye-Bun returns home with Hyeon-Ok. They run into Ju-Man’s driver. Hyeon-Ok wonders why Ju-Man visited them. Ju-Man meets with Ui-Hwan. He wants to thank him for helping him win. But Ui-Hwan rejects it. Hyeon-Ok shows up. She sees the presents Ju-Man brought. She’s very happy.

Ju-Man tries to leave Ui-Hwan’s house. But Ye-Bun stops him. She mentions what Hyeon-Ok told her that he was close to her mother. She asks him about her mother’s hard time. He leaks that her mother suffered from depression. He thinks her mother didn’t wanted her to worry about her after knowing her mother didn’t tell her that she took medicine.

Ju-Man thinks he should care for Mi-Ok when she had a hard time. He reveals he hadn’t seen Mi-Ok before she passed away. But Ye-Bun sees him staying outside her mother’s car when her mother was in her car. He tells her to call him if she needs his help. He drives away.

Hyeon-Ok wonders why Ui-Hwan looked into Mi-Ok’s case. He reveals Mi-Ok didn’t kill herself. She’s very happy. Deok-Hee hands over the report to Jang-Yeol. Jang-Yeol finds out that Seon-Woo’s mother was missing. He sneaks into Seon-Woo’s house after Seon-Woo left his house.

Episode 11 of Behind Your Touch ends with Jong-Muk and Hyeon-Ok visiting the madam. Jong-Muk asks the madam about Eun-Suk. The madam remembers the woman who took a son. She reveals Eun-Suk didn’t live well. But Jong-Muk mentions Eun-Suk got a lot of money from the compensation. But the madam tells Jong-Muk that Eun-Suk was very poor. She doesn’t know where Eun-Suk went as well. Ju-Man gives a speech in the classroom. Seon-Woo is furious to leave the classroom.

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