Behind Your Touch K-Drama: Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Behind Your Touch K-Drama: Episode 12. Ye-Bun goes to see Ju-Man. But she sees the killer approaching Ju-Man. She finds out that the killer is Jong-Bae. Ye-Bun stops Jong-Bae before he follows Ju-Man to his office.

What Happens In Behind Your Touch Episode 12?

Behind Your Touch

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Behind Your Touch K-Drama: Episode 12.

Jong-Bae tears up. His hand shakes when he holds the knife. Ye-Bun takes over the knife from Jong-Bae. She meets with him. She gets a message from Jang-Yeol who asks her to come. But she rejects it and she asks Jong-Bae why he was outside Ju-Man’s office. Jong-Bae confesses to Ye-Bun that he went to kill Ju-Man. He thinks Ju-Man deserves to die.

It flashes back. Ju-Man tricks Jong-Bae’s father to buy the land. Jong-Bae’s father was furious to grab Ju-Man’s collar. He asks him to return the money to him. But Ju-Man throws Jong-Bae’s father away. He points out that he didn’t force him to buy the land. He tells him to go home. Jong-Bae returns home. He finds out that his father killed himself through hanging himself. He hugs him and asks him what happened. His mother cannot accept the strike. She passes away as well.

Jong-Bae tells Ye-Bun that he wanted to punish Ju-Man. She begins to look into Mujin redevelopment case. She finds out that her mother covered the news. She goes to see Ok-Hui’s father. She mentions Deok-Hyeon had a hand in the redevelopment case.

Ok-Hui’s father leaks that people didn’t sue Deok-Hyeon because there was no evidence. But Ye-Bun mentions the confidant she read that there was a person who went to testify. But he points out that nobody showed up. She asks him if Ju-Man was on Deok-Hyeon’s side.

Ok-Hui’s father admits it. He mentions Ju-Man inherited the area from Deok-Hyeon. Jang-Yeol goes to the convenience store. He runs into Jong-Muk. He wonders why he’s at the place. Jong-Muk claims that he came to look into the murder case.

Does Jong-Muk Believe that Seon-Woo Is the Killer?

But Jang-Yeol points out that there’s nothing at the place. He runs into Jong-Muk again when Jong-Muk tries to knock at the door of Seon-Woo’s house. He stops him and he takes away. He asks him to speak out what he found. Jong-Muk mentions the chairperson of Mujin redevelopment case. He leaks that Seon-Woo is the chairperson’s son.

Jang-Yeol learns that Seon-Woo moved to Mujin because of Ju-Man. Jong-Muk asks Jang-Yeol to tell him what he found to him. Jang-Yeol tells Jong-Muk that he thinks Seon-Woo was related to the murder cases. Jong-Muk asks Jang-Yeol for the evidence. But Jang-Yeol doesn’t have any evidence. He asks Jong-Muk if he believes in aliens.

Jong-Muk tells Jang-Yeol not to believe in aliens because he’s a cop. Jong-Bae goes to the church to pray. Jong-Muk sees him. He wonders why he’s at the place. Jong-Bae confesses to Jong-Muk that he came to see a priest because he committed a terrible sin.

Jong-Muk complains to Jong-Bae that someone went on about psychics. He thinks the world is crazy. Jong-Bae realizes that what Jong-Muk meant is Jang-Yeol. Seon-Woo is off duty. He leaves the convenience store. Jang-Yeol tails him until he returns home.

Seon-Woo is surprised that Jong-Bae is packing his stuff. Jong-Bae tells Seon-Woo that he’s going to go to see his master in the mountain. He tries to leave. But Seon-Woo stops Jong-Bae. It makes him nervous. Seon-Woo asks Jong-Bae about the frozen dumplings.

Jong-Bae returns the frozen dumplings to Seon-Woo. He’s scared to run out of the house. But he runs into Jang-Yeol. He returns home. He’s startled by Ye-Bun when she’s waiting for him. She asks him to look into her mother’s case. Mr. Kang eavesdrops on the talk. He reports it to Ju-Man.

How Does Ye-Bun Know Her Mother Didn’t Kill Herself?

Jang-Yeol checks the papers of Ye-Bun’s mother Mi-Ok’s case. He goes to the scene where Mi-Ok killed herself. Ye-Bun joins him. She wonders why the police thought her mother killed herself. Jang-Yeol leaks that the police did that because of Ju-Man’s testimony.

Ju-Man confessed to the police that he recommended a clinic to Mi-Ok because she had a hard time. Jang-Yeol tells Ye-Bun that the police thought it was a suicide because her mom accepted the treatment. Ye-Bun returns home. She sees Ju-Man who bought her family chicken.

Ju-Man tells Ye-Bun that the chicken is only bought by father. He shares the chicken with her and Ui-Hwan. He asks her about the hospital. He promises to buy a building in front of the hospital so that she will get more clients. Ui-Hwan thanks Ju-Man for doing to for them.

Ju-Man mentions the anniversary of Mi-Ok. He tells Ui-Hwan that he will come. He mentions Ye-Bun has seen Jang-Yeol. He thinks he’s going to hear good news. But she denies it. He wonders why she hung out with a cop. Hyeon-Ok asks Ju-Man to have a drink.

But Ju-Man rejects it. He tells Hyeon-Ok that he’s going to leave. He throws the chicken to the table. She throws the chicken to the trash can after he left. She complains to Ye-Bun that the guy fooled them. Ui-Hwan tries to say goodbye to Ju-Man. But Ju-Man sees the photo of Ye-Bun.

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Ju-Man thinks Mi-Ok should listen to Ui-Hwan to go to a veterinary school. She thinks Ye-Bun takes after Mi-Ok. Ui-Hwan is furious to blame Ju-Man. He thinks he knows Mi-Ok didn’t kill herself. But Ju-Man thinks Mi-Ok killed herself because Ui-Hwan gave her a lot of stress.

Ui-Hwan is furious to grab Ju-Man’s collar when he cries. But Ju-Man pushes Ui-Hwan away. The dog barks at Ju-Man. Hyeon-Ok shows up with Ye-Bun. She asks Ui-Hwan what happened. Ui-Hwan denies it. Ju-Man leaves. Ye-Bun hugs the dog when he barks.

Ye-Bun touches the dog. She sees what Ju-Man did to her grandpa. She walks into Ui-Hwan’s room. She thinks her mother didn’t kill herself. She asks Ui-Hwan to tell her the truth. She reminds her that Mi-Ok is her mother. But he claims that the case is about his daughter.

Ui-Hwan thinks it wouldn’t happen if Mi-Ok didn’t encounter Ye-Bun’s father. He thinks he should be the only one who cares for the case. But Ye-Bun tells Ui-Hwan that she will take care of her mother’s case on her own. She thinks they’re not family.

Episode 12 of Behind Your Touch ends with Ye-Bun going to the hospital to see Ui-Hwan. But the cops block her. Jang-Yeol tells the cops to let Ye-Bun pass. He tells them that he will take the duty. Ye-Bun walks into Ui-Hwan’s ward. She cries when he lies on the bed. But he grabs her hand. He passes away. Jong-Bae is arrested by police. Because he’s suspected to kill Ui-Hwan and Ju-Man.

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