South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 1. Linda takes Zhu Jiu to the house. She asks her if Leo told about the work to her. Zhu Jiu admits it. She wonders why the curtains aren’t opened. Linda tells Zhu Jiu that the master doesn’t like lights. She asks her not to open the curtains of his room.

What Happens In South Wind Knows Episode 1?

South Wind Knows

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for South Wind Knows Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

Linda tells Zhu Jiu to open the table lamp if she needs it. She tells her not to make any noise. Zhu Jiu agrees to it. Linda tells Zhu Jiu to go to greet the master. Zhu Jiu tries to leave. But Linda stops her. She asks her if she fears dogs with bad temper.

Zhu Jiu comforts Linda that she’s a doctor. She walks into the master’s room. She introduces herself as the family doctor. She turns around and sees Fu Yunshen. She apologizes to him. She claims that she just knocked at the door. She recognizes to him. She runs to him. Fu Yunshen tells Zhu Jiu to leave when she tears up. She asks him what happened to his legs. He yells at her. She walks out of his room. She runs into Linda. She leaves. Fu Yunshen tears up.

Fu Yunshen looks at himself in the mirror. He takes a shower and he bikes to company. He gives the shareholders a perfect presentation. Zhu Jiu has a nightmare. She cries in the nightmare. She calls her mother. Zhu Jiu wakes up from the nightmare. She gets a call from Uncle Han who asks her to come to his place.

Aunt Tao tells Fu Yunshen that she has packed his clothes. She tells him to go to take a look at his clothes. But he wants to play with the dog Wu Tong. Madam Fu shows up. She blames Fu Yunshen for going to M Country when she told him not to do that. She thinks he’s against her.

Madam Fu worries that Fu Yunshen will be sick at the place. He comforts her that his brother Fu Xizhou will resolve all of the problems for him. Madam Fu complains to Fu Yunshen that Fu Xizhou got the project when he did nothing. She thinks the company will belong to Fu Yunshen one day. She tells him that she can teach him how to run the company.

Fu Yunshen tells Madam Fu that he won’t come back if she continues to say so. But she’s furious to tell him that Fu Xizhou isn’t a good person. But he thinks Fu Xizhou can take over the company because the guy is his father’s son as well.

Does Zhu Jiu Give Fu Yunshen A Ride?

Zhu Jiu packs her stuff. She arrives at the airport. She asks Chen Le to carry his luggage. He agrees to it. But Fu Yunshen is against it. Chen Le tells Zhu Jiu that their luggage is heavy as well. She takes Fu Yunshen’s arm. She tells him that she’s not a liar.

But Fu Yunshen tells Zhu Jiu that he doesn’t know her. He worries that there’re bad stuff in her bag. She takes out her clothes from the bag. She wears it. She walks out of the airport. She gets a call from Uncle Han. He tells her that he’s going to send someone to pick her up because there’s no cab.

Chen Le falls asleep when he waits for Fu Yunshen. Fu Yunshen wakes Chen Le up. He tells him to call the driver. But the driver doesn’t pick up Chen Le’s phone. Zhu Jiu’s car comes. Chen Le helps Zhu Jiu carry her luggage. He asks her to give them a ride.

But Zhu Jiu rejects it because she worries that there’re bad stuff in Chen Le’s luggage. Fu Yunshen walks to Zhu Jiu. He tells her that he will pay the fare. She agrees to it. But she wants to take a photo of him and Chen Le. He agrees to it after Chen Le persuaded him.

Episode 1 of South Wind Knows ends with Chen Le handing over the banana to Zhu Jiu when he drives the car. He asks her how old she is. But Fu Yunshen tells Chen Le to focus on driving. The car is broken. Zhu Jiu and Chen Le get off the car to fix it. Fu Yunshen stays aside when he holds an umbrella.

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