Dr. Romantic Season 3: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Dr. Romantic Season 3: Episode 6. Byeol arrives at the bus station. She gets off the bus. She gets a call from her mother. But she doesn’t pick up her phone. She asks the bus station employee about Doldam Hospital.

Does Kim Sabu Have A Daughter?

Dr. Romantic Season 3

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Dr. Romantic Season 3: Episode 6.

The bus station employee wonders why Byeol wishes to know the location of the hospital. She reveals her father works for the hospital. He tells her that his nephew works at the hospital as well. He plans to call her father for her.

But Byeol rejects it because her father doesn’t know her coming. The bus station employee tells her how to go to the hospital. She thanks him for his help and asks him about Kim Sabu. Kim Sabu watches the footage. He finds out that the doctor had a fight when he treated the patient.

Kim Sabu remembers what the doctor told him that the patient passed away because he forgot him. The doctor In-Soo gets a call from his wife. She doesn’t pick up her phone because he’s sad. Byeol waits for the bus at the bus stop. She sees the woman crossing the street because there’s a red light. She yells at her and tells her that it’s very dangerous. But the woman ingores Byeol. The truck rushes to her.

The women is sent to the hospital after she was hit by the truck. Byeol gets off the ambulance. She finds out that she’s at Doldam Hospital. She smiles. In-Soo sees the patient. He finds out that her lung was hurt. Eun-Jae takes a look at the patient’s phone. She finds out that she had been sick because she was hit by the truck. Woo-Jin tells the nurse to go to summon Kim Sabu.

Byeol walks into the hall. She’s startled by the statue. She turns around and sees Kim Sabu. He asks her why she came to his place. She reveals she came to see Master Kim. Chief Lee watches the two. He gets a call from his uncle the bus station employee.

Chief Lee mistakes that Byeol is Kim Sabu’s daughter. He reports it to Gi-Tae. Gi-Tae tells the message to Do-Il. Do-Il doesn’t believe it because he knows Kim Sabu well. Myung-Sim throws a fit to Gi-Tae. She thinks he wasted her time.

Gi-Tae glares at Chief Lee. Chief Lee reveals his uncle told the message to him. Do-Il sees the patient. He thinks surgery isn’t a good choice to the patient. But he still agrees to open the operation room. Jin-Man tells Woo-Jin to give up. He reminds him that the patient’s family will report him if the patient passes away.

The patient Yu-Rim’s mother shows up after she heard what Jin-Man said that her daughter is going to die. She cries. Kim Sabu hands over the tea to Byeol. He tells her that the tea will warm her up. He wonders why she wished to see him.

Gi-Tae and Chief Lee watch Kim Sabu and Byeol from outside. They believe Kim Sabu is Byeol’s father after Kim Sabu smiled. Chief Lee worries that they were seen by Kim Sabu. Gi-Tae comforts Chief Lee that they were very fast. Kim Sabu opened the door. He asks the two what they’re doing.

Gi-Tae pretends to fix his shoe. Kim Sabu walks away after he got a call from someone. Chief Lee praises Gi-Tae. But they see Byeol. Eun-Jae asks Kim Sabu to come. She reveals Jin-Man disallowed Woo-Jin to get into the operation room.

Yu-Rim’s mom cries to ask Jin-Man to save her daughter because she thinks something bad happened to her daughter. Woo-Jin tries to tell Yu-Rim’s mom that her daughter can be saved if they operate on her daughter. But Jin-Man stops Woo-Jin. He tells Yu-Rim’s mom that they cannot save her daughter.

Yu-Rim’s mom recognizes Jin-Man. She slaps him and grabs his collar. She cries to tell him that he made her daughter be like so. The nurse reports to Do-Il that Yu-Rim’s saturation level is falling. Do-Il tells Woo-Jin to take care of Yu-Rim with him.

Jin-Man tells In-Soo to take away Yu-Rim’s mom. He runs into Kim Sabu. Kim Sabu ignores Jin-Man. He walks into the ward and asks Woo-Jin about Yu-Rim. Woo-Jin tells Kim Sabu that Yu-Rim is very dangerous. Kim-Sabu walks to Yu-Rim’s mom. He promises to save her daughter.

Jin-Man has a fight with Kim Sabu. He blames him for letting Woo-Jin take the risk. Kim Sabu takes a look at Woo-Jin. He points out that it’s Woo-Jin’s duty to save those lives. Woo-Jin moves Yu-Rim away. Kim Sabu mentions Yu-Rim was his patient before. He swears to try his best to save the patient.

Eun-Jae asks Jin-Man what happened. He reveals he didn’t treat Yu-Rim according to the medical rules. She asks him if he doesn’t wish to treat Yu-Rim because of the medical rules. He complains to her that he doesn’t like Kim Sabu at all.

But Eun-Jae points out that Kim Sabu helped her find her pride. But Jin-Man thinks the world doesn’t care for Eun-Jae’s pride. A-Reum gives a nickname to Dong-Hwa when she eats with him. He’s lost when he sees her off. But Sun-Woong tells Dong-Hwa that A-Reum has a boyfriend.

Dong-Hwa shows up when A-Reum is having a talk with Eun-Tak. He wonders why A-Reum doesn’t wear a ring since she has a boyfriend. He thinks she doesn’t like her boyfriend. A-Reum walks away with Eun-Tak because of the coming of the patient. The patient slaps Dong-Hwa. She asks him to see her.

Dr. Romantic Season 3: Episode 6 Ending

Episode 6 of Dr. Romantic Season 3 ends with Kim Sabu comforting Yu-Rim’s mom that Jin-Man is better than him in lung surgery. But she points out that Jin-Man never said sorry to her. She cries to thank Jin-Man after he promised to try his best to save her daughter.

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